Act Of God???

5 Jul

Well! This post relates to the recent flood havoc that visited Uttarakhand in India. The natural tragedy took place on 14th day of July and the human made tragedy is still going on. I am deeply moved by the quantum of fury that nature can bring but what I am surprisedof is the human behavior. I don’t understand why at such times, some strata of our society becomes so inhumane and emotionless.

Following is the account of what happens in India at such times and how it becomes a reason to laugh on it or cry over the matter:

The scene is of a news studio. The anchors are getting ready for their show which is going to start in about 5 minutes. Of the two anchors, one is a girl who would be facing her life’s first LIVE show. Th other one is a male who has ample experience of such  shows.

Lady anchor: Sir, I am too nervous, I mean this issue that we are discussing today is so delicate matter and i am going LIVE  for the first time… see I am trembling.

Male anchor: See, Jaya… I would say you are too lucky. This is a debate which the country would be actually watching. You have such a good luck to start you career with such a hit issue. You know, we are expected to receive great TRPs today. Calm down, and it would be great!!

The spot boy comes into the picture and tell both the anchors to head towards the camera room.

They both go there, and the show starts with 5,4,3,2,1,…

Male Anchor: Welcome to “News with Wine”. Today, we have with us Ms. Jaya Parekh, my co- anchor and the spokesperson of the ruling party, Mr. Nagdev and of the opposition party, Mr. Kaldev. And with all these we have the question of which every Indian today seeks answer, and that is, “How Much Safe We Are In the Land Of God?”

Now, what a news is without a viewer. So, Ms. Mangal, in her apartment switched on T.V. and as there is nothing good coming on any entertainment channels, she switched to this one. She is passing comments on the news anchor and this is what follows:

Ms. Mangal: What crap!! Seriously is this the only question left??

Male anchor: So, Mr. Nagdev, what do you have to say about all this??

Nagdev: What is there to say?? I mean that’s an act of God.

Kaldev: Huh.. this would not have been your approach if it would have been our government there. You see… its all because of their negligence. that was a simple rain… but they couldn’t manage that too…

Ms. Mangal; like you would have…

Jaya: Sir, you said that its manageable but the same kind of situation arose in Mumbai a few years ago and you were in government then.

Kaldev: Oh young lady… see at that time we had no sufficient techniques but things have changed now…

Nagdev: Its has been only 2 years since the disaster she is talking about… and this recent one is the act of god.

Kalev: So what?? technology is improving every day…and you should have taken a lesson from what went wrong earlier..

Male anchor: Gentlemen, this brings to us one more important question…. what is the level of our technology?? Don’t you think we are lagging behind in that aspect??

Kaldev: Yes, we are and all because of this existing lazy government. they don’t promote science…

Ms. Mangal: As if his son is a scientist…

Nagdev: First of all i want to make it clear through this channel that what happened in Uttarakhand is an act of god… and talking about science… what did you did when you were in power?? As far as I remember one of the Science Centers was closed down because it was not earning money. They are so materialistic…

Kaldev: Mind your language….

Jaya: Please… sir … maintain the decorum… its not Parliament… Well as we approach to the end of this meaningful discussion, I would like to thank both our guests for joining us and we should not forget that our people are still stuck in those hills and trenches, so if you want to help them kindly make your contribution by sending your checks to http://www.wewill(ab)

The show ends on this note.

Jaya: Sir, how was it??

Male Anchor: You were really good. I am proud of you… hope that the TRPs boost up like anything…

In her apartment, Ms. Mangal: “Oh God… what will happen to our country, if debates and politicians like these continue to exist.”  Her eyes suddenly fell on the clock. “Oh God, its 7?? I hope ‘Emotional Atyachar’ has not yet started….” and  she changes the channel.

So, this is how it goes in our country. Not a good situation indeed, but it would be necessary to accept the reality to work towards change. The real question is not as to when would the change happen. The real question is that when would we accept the reality??







4 Responses to “Act Of God???”

  1. sharmavarun210varun July 5, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    hmmm…… nice observation of the context. well it may not be any true event but it just resembles actual situation of our country about which everybody knows, but no one talks. apart from the humour it is the cruel reality of our media politicians. and i don’t think even now anybody would give a good consideration to such an event. ( and I am not talking only about politician a or media) Before asking these people we would have to ask this question to ourselves…when would we accept the reality and work towardt the betterment of this planet. Enough of this moral bakwas….
    It was really a good presentation. again speechless.

    • harshdamangal7 July 5, 2013 at 7:49 pm #

      ya… while reading to the commnet i was thinking ki yebakwas kab khatam hogi 😛 😀 and thanks again

    • Sonam July 7, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

      14 July .. !!

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