Letters Of Pappu And Champa- The last one!!

3 Jul

This one contains no letter, as this is the last post of this series and the climax of the same is revealed here. How would it end doesn’t matter because the series is ending, the love is not!!

The previous letter of Champa was caught by one of her brothers and the whole love story came out in public. Champa was shivering with fear. She was standing in front of her eldest brother who had raised his sister like his daughter.

He: (in a rough and loud voice) What is this?? This is why we let you attend the primary school??

She: (still trembling, but knows that if she doesn’t say anything today, it would be a bad shot) bhai, i was going to tell you…

He: When?? huh?? He is sending you letters, you are replying and we don’t know anything… this is why we put so much  trust in you so you can break it like this….

She: I am really sorry that I hide all this from you…

He” But you are not sorry for what you did?? HUH??

She remains quiet.

He: I am expecting an answer here. You keeping mum will no help the situation. Open your mouth and tell what you want to.

She: Ji, bhaiya, I am not sorry, because I don’t think I have done anything wrong.

Champa’s brother was highly surprised by the attitude of his sister.

He asked his younger brother to call Pappu from neighborhood.

Pappu arrived in the house. He was not trembling, nor nervous about what was going to happen, because he was already mentally prepared for it.

Champa’s brother: So, you are it. Tell my sister that you were just fooling around with her and you have no intentions of doing what you promised in these crappy letters.

Pappu: Sir, I am not gonna tell any lies. I always meant what I wrote and…

Brother: So, if I say that you take her with you right now and marry her, would you do that??

Pappu: If she is ready, then yes..

Brother: And if your parents object??

Pappu: They wouldn’t, because I know that they love me and they wouldn’t hurt me by taking away my love.

Brother: So, you want to say that if we don’t let her go with you, then we don’t love her??

Pappu: No, you love her but you expect her to do what you want… that’s possessiveness…

Brother: I never knew that you would have such guts to talk so frankly in front of me…

Pappu: Never did I…

The brother turned to Champa and asked her: Are you sure you want him as your husband??

To this question, both Champa and Pappu experienced a streak of shock. What is he asking?? Is he asking for real or just kidding?? How can he so easily agree for this??

Brother: Why are you looking at me like this?? Oh, you would have thought that I would go against you and go in Panchayat and declrae you to be brother and sister and then kill you?? Well, I am not one of those. I just want my sister to be happy. That has been the most important thing for me, it is and always will be.

Pappu: So, you are not mad at us and accept this??

Brother: To be honest, have you left any choice?? tell your parents to be ready tomorrow, we are coming over your house to discuss about the marriage.

Worked for them !!

Worked for them !!

So, this is how it ends here. You would say, what a simple end. But, simple is beautiful and necessary.


2 Responses to “Letters Of Pappu And Champa- The last one!!”

  1. sharmavarun210varun July 4, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    Nice ending. I’d say perfect ending. after so much drama and confusion nobody would’ve thought it would end like this. still nice one. nothing could’ve been better.

    • harshdamangal7 July 4, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

      Thanks… i wanted to keep it simple… most of the endings in my stories are surprising… but this one was simple from the very beginning 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation..

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