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The Hanging!

1 Aug

For everyone who thinks that the recent hanging of a convict involved in Bombay… oops! Mumbai Bomb Blasts was cruel, undemanding and inhumane might have never known or never needed to know what a bomb blast is. I don’t claim to know what it is either but being a lawyer… I have seen what losing a dear one can mean to someone. How it affects the living and the non- living.
I think these people belong to the group who see the live coverage of a bomb affected site, participate in the candle light march at Jantar Mantar or India Gate, come home and the next morning when the wake up, they don’t remember the previous day. Now, I am not mocking anyone. But, I fail to understand as to why do we have such short- lived memory. 1993! Two hours of serial bombings all around the city. Blasts that took almost 250 lives and ruined uncountable breaths that remained to weep. Two hours… that displaced more than one thousand people living on streets and moved even those who resided in skyscrapers. Two hours of terror, twenty years of recovery… and counting.
No one was joyous when he was hanged. No one danced. Even those who were most directly affected by the blasts were not happy to celebrate because they know the void that is created when one leaves. They know that his family may have no fault but they would have to live with the consequences.
Many of us are questioning the Supreme Court’s ‘hurried’ decision on his hanging. “Hurried” they say. They say that it was for the first time that to pronounce a decision, Supreme Court worked at the peak of night. It was for the first time too, that in 1993, Mumbai was shaken. It was only for the first time , the concept of ‘serial blasts’ was introduced to this country. The judiciary just continued this ‘first- time’ convention in his honour.
The debate is revolving around two hours of bomb blasts v/s two minutes of hanging. It should have been revolving around its consequences. It is all about justiciability. It should have been about the aftermath. He was not a hero. But, I am quite sure that after 10-15 years a movie based on his life would be released and earn more than 100 crores, might win a National Award too.
The hundreds who died are dead, but he would be kept alive.
In the last, it all boils down to a mention in General Knowledge books in varied forms, and THAT is the most tragic of all.



Truth At Our Convenience

25 Jun

So a blog post after a long long time, and that does not mean that this one is good. 😛 I believe in maintaining the quality standards, so this one too is the same old quality.

Truth, is deceptive and we who speak it are the biggest lairs. Yes!! because the one who speaks truth would expect truth from the other side, without understanding his situation. People tend to judge others based on their position and so if they can tell a truth and the other cannot, they quickly judge that person without understanding the other side. Only a person who lies can understand you.
Also, most of the people treat themselves as an exception. When someone fails, they have a criticism to make, but if the failure is own then we have a lot of explanations and excuses to stand out. To show off that we were differently placed and that we didn’t fail but such and such situation lead to the failure.
Also, we expect only others to follow the path of righteousness and truth, but we rarely try to implement those good set goals on ourselves. Take an example!! While driving a car, we always whine over buses who take over and drive speedily. But when we are in the same bus, we never care about its speed and if it jumped the red light. We never ask the driver to be within the prescribed limits of speed nor do we ask what is the hurry to jump the red light. Instead, in our minds we thank him for being in a hurry as he would carry us to the destination earlier. And when we are on this topic of jumping red lighs, I seriously don’t get it. Why do people do it? What is the restlessness about? As in what would you achieve by saving those 30 or 40 seconds of your life.

Now , with this, I am reminded of one more issue. The way weddings take place in India. Every  parent want that their son should be wedded to a girl as beautiful as Aishwaya Rai totally forgetting the fact that they are not as wealthy as Bacchans. They want a handsome dowry for their not so handsome son. They want the other party to give a lavish party, spend heavily on ceremonies and a grand reception. And when its their daughter’s time to get married, they want to enforce anti- dowry laws.

Just imagine, one MBA graduate girl earning 18 lakhs per year has to marry a simple engineer holding a degree from an unknown private college but drawing 20 lakhs per year and on that pay him almost 25-30 lakh. I mean, ultimately, it all boils down to getting married to a person whom she would not have even befriended if they would have met in college. Ultimately, it boils down to pay grades and to number of digits in salary. Recently, one of my known persons got married. He was shown girl’s photo and he rejected her saying that he liked her only 80 per cent. The bride’s parents kept on increasing the amount of money ;they were ready to give as ‘gift’ and ultimately now after their settlement, that girl is his 100 per cent legally wedded wife. But, in future at the time of his sister’s marriage, this same boy would expect the other party to be polite and respectful. He would give his share of excuses and say that his case was different.

Everybody’s case is different. Everyone’s case is the same.

So, don’t stand out. Sometimes be a part of crowd. Don’t be an exception. Be general, owe up to what you did wrong. Don’t be an excuse.
So, the whole purpose of this post was to:
1. write something… anything 😛
2. Umm… ok I forgot… 😛

Na Bhooli Hun, Na Bhoolungi…

4 May

College ki bus mein thus-thus kar jaana

driver ke “peeche bohot jagah hai” keh jaana

pehle din dean ka “this is the best college” btana

humara bhi majaak mein haskar, mann mein proud ho jaana

lekin ragging ke darr se jaldi ghar bhaag jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi.


Crimes ki class ke liye subah 9 baje aana

har class ko attendance ke liye attend karna

Saloni ka classes me Dan Brown padh jaana

har semester ke shuru me AC class ko hathiyanana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Contract law ke lecture mein “doosri” class me jaana

Ritu ma’am ka “shaant rahiye” kehkar halka sa smile kar jaana

1st semester ka finally result aana

result aane ke time pe paper kaun kaun se diye the, ye bhool jaana

champu hairstyles se step cut  ka daur aana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Dean- students ke protest mein, semester kya hota hai ye bhool jaana

VC office, kabhi library, kabhi playground ke saamne dharne par baith jaana

fourth -semester ke baad third-sem ka result aana

aage ke semesters mein teachers ka “protest mein gye the aap log?” puch jaana

humara bhi haan bharke poora lecture tapaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


har project viva mein next student ka “kya poocha, kya poocha” question uthana

Rahul- Digvijay ke saath woh silent vivas dekar aana

Apurva ka har exam se pehle “fucked up” keh jaana

Nidhi ka har semester exams mein ek nya tv-show start karne ka exam ritual nibhana

na bhoooli hun, na bhoolungi


Tez baarish me sneh ke saath bheegte hue jaana

Saloni ko har semester me detention ka darr dikhana

Shikha ka “tujhe pta chala?” style me gossip sunaana

humaara bhi interest lekar doosre din bhool jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Saloni ka “At 8 at RC… don’t be late” message karke 8:45 par aana

Abhishek se har paper se pehle photocopy karwana

Sneh ka “2 saal baad pata lagega tumhe ki main kya kar rhi hun” keh jaana

Kanika ka “yaar mera kya hoga” soch ke yuhin tensioniyana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Varun ka har serious baat ko majaak banakar keh jaana

Kokila ka cute cute cheezon ka pradarshan kar jaana

pen kho jaane par gham manaana

par kisi aur ka bhi pen ghum hua, ye jaankar usi ke saamne hans jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


CrPc ke viva me Ma’am ka “beta padh lo” keh jaana

mere viva ke reaction se sonali ka darr jaana

exam time me metro me chakkhallas karte hue aana

college aakar lunch aur coffee gatakane ka prime motive poora kar jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


aansoo to nhi, khushi hai

koi gham nhi, sirf hansi hai

kuch peeche reh jayega, aisa koi darr nhi

kyunki jiye hai aise, jiski koi umar nhi…


IF I have offended anyone or made anyone happy, I am truly sorry for both because that’s who I am and that’s how I want you to remember me. You guys can add lines if you want. I know this is not the way it should end, but it should begin.

I wouldn’t complain because if what we were wanting to happen would have happened then what actually happened wouldn’t have happened and what happened was more beautiful than we could ever thought of happening.


Lonely Crowd

1 Mar

“How dare you touch me? Can’t you sit properly?”

A shrilling voice in the midst of routine murmurings  turned the attention of every single person present in that coach. It was almost 9:30 in the morning. The city folks were rushing to reach their workplaces. That Metro was witnessing the usual crowd, the daily passengers, the daily musings and the boringly routine passage of stations. But, the voice turned everybody’s attention. The young brigade pulled out the earplugs from their ears and the ‘grown ups’ rested the Candy Crush Saga for a while. That shrilling voice which halted everything was a girl. A girl in yellow suit and black sweater. Seemingly in her late 20s, she was screaming over a man who must be in his early 40s.

“There is so much rush… I didn’t intend to…” The man tried to explain.

“Oh, everybody is standing in the rush…  this man behind me… is also standing… he didn’t touch… you are comfortably seated…” The girl shouted.

“So what?? Huh… why are you creating a scene? First of all, I didn’t touch you… and even if you felt it… I am sorry for the mistake…”

“Oh mistake? Just because I am pointing it out to you… You feel it’s a mistake… otherwise…” A man who was standing beside the lady now interrupted.

“What is the problem?” He asked the lady.

“This man is continuously touching my legs with his feet… not once but thrice he did so… and I know its not co- incidental.”

The whole coach was listening to the details. They wanted the voices to be raised, so that they could get the audio clearly. There was a consensual silence and the only voices that could be heard were coming from that side.

“You are seeing the crowd na… maybe he is right and by mistake…”. The man tried to put off the matter.

But the lady continued… “If you again touch my feet, you will be solely responsible for the consequences.” She warned the man in the seat.

By this the so- called framed accused also started shouting and warned the girl that if she does not shut her mouth he would do so by slapping her.

Now, the dumb but definitely not deaf crowd came into senses and tried to peace out. There were voices from all over the coach.

“Someone hand over both of them to the police.”

“Someone just shut them off.”

A teenager commuting along with his friend told him, “This is the first time I am witnessing such ‘interesting’ dispute in the Metro.”

Some were giggling over the issue, while some were advising everybody to do this or that so that peace could be restored. Some were talking to themselves as to why ladies travel in the general coach when they have a ladies compartment (Not realising that about 10,000 lady personnel were recruited by DMRC to keep the men out of the ladies compartment and even after that, a fine of almost Rs. 25,000 is received every month by DMRC by way of men’ travelling in ladies coach).

Well, it’s not an uncommon sight. It’s not an uncommon incident. The only reason I shared this incident was (a)to applaud the girl who voiced up. As i read somewhere in this regard, Its their shame not ours. Instead we should be proud of ourselves to voice up at the right time for the right cause and (b) to ask a question (to myself too) that ‘would you be the uncommoner to step up and help in reducing such common incidences’?Now, you would ask HOW? What can we do? If nothing more for example in this case, the people who were occupying the seats could have offered one to that lady… pretty simple… right?Now, you would again argue.. “the lady might be acting”. Sure… she might be.. but what if she is not? It was 9:30 in the morning… I guess everybody was not tired.

Anyways, the incident is over or might be continuing in some other Metro, in the presence of a different crowd, with different type of shrills, everything different except the common tragedy.

But the question remains, would you give an answer or become one yourself?


That crowd where you stand alone !!


3(+)7= 1(0)= One Life

10 Dec

The Government today announced a very critical decision to decriminilize the offence of attempt to suicide. This particular act is punishable with imprisonment upto ten years and fine in the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

According to this law (Section 307 of Indian Penal Code, 1860), if a person  has the intention as well as knowledge that an act committed by him would result in his death, he would be guilty of murder and be liable to imprisonment extending upto 10 years and fine.

This particular provision has been highly criticised, at times, and has remained one of the controversial and debatable legal provisions that exist in this centuries old law. One the face of it, it suggests a further punishment to an already ill person. Why would someone take his own life? Obviously, if there are circumstances in life that forced him to take such a barbaric step for himself. When an individual is out of options and every hope of better days leaves his mind he takes such a decision. When  things go absolutely out of hand and there is nothing to control, they are forced or rather pushed by circumstances to kill themselves. A person jumping from the cliff of a ten- story building… who pushes him? His circumstances and the despair. Yes, its strange to know how a hopeless attitude towards life can generate hope for death.

The law makers implemented the 210th Report of the Law Commission on  “Humanization and Decriminalisation of Attempt to Suicide” wherein the experts suggested that this particular provision should be deleted as it is inhuman to punish a person who is already distressed. There was a unison voice against this law as it seemed to inflict double punishment on a person who suffers agony because of his failure to commit suicide.

The law makers have understood that what these people with suicidal tendencies need is not punishment but treatment and care.

But the debate does not come to an end with the end of this provision. New challenges would arise. some of them being… how would you judge if a person is actually depressed and so unhappy that he has got reasons to die. We have teenagers who try to risk their as well as others’ lives for fun… would that tendency be encouraged? People who are extra- sensitive or emotional in life take their lives on very trivial grounds, would that be encouraged?

The repeal of this law is a step towards reformatory theory of crime but at the same time seems to be a step back in preventive theory of crime. It is to be observed if this measure encourages life or death.

In the end, I would just like to say that yes… there are times when you want to die and in those times remember of the days when you lived and remind yourself of the life that you had always wanted to live. Ask a question.. have you lived that life? If not… then you might be having a thousand reasons to end it but that one reason to live is much stronger to continue.

A student asked his teacher, “If life becomes brutal, unfair and a burden to carry endlessly with no hope of better days, isn’t it prudent to end such a life?”

The teacher replied, “Yes… it might seem to be the only option. But what’s left after death? Even if it’s brutal and burden and most unfair, still you are alive to experience it, to feel it, to weep, to cry loudly and to remain silent… do you experience all this after death?”

But what if a person has got no other choice? The student asked.

“There is always a choice.”

As one of my friends says “Don’t let society fuck up your only life”. I say, don’t let anybody, not even yourself  do that to your life. After all, its your only life 🙂


The Last Of It

11 Nov

The Last Minor

HI… A very very good evening!! I know I have been very lazy on blog nowadays, I know you are expecting the next chapter of The Link very badly and I know that you miss the sarcastic jokes even more… yeah yeah… I know all of that. But what you don’t know is that it’s the last year of my college. That in next year by this time of the year, I would have become a law graduate, I would have taken a step further in becoming a writer and I might have taken up a job (anything but law :P) . So, now you know… And so.. from today I am starting a new series which would be called “The Last Of It”, featuring the last day of the college, the last project, the last exam, the last conversation with a teacher and many other things. The series starts today as today was my last minor exam.

Let me explain the scheme of examinations in my college in a nutshell. Every subject is evaluated out of 100 marks. An exam of 10 marks is taken every month, 5 marks are in the hands of teacher and we need to give a big semester exam for 75 marks at the end of the session. These 10 marker exams are mid- term, which are generally called ‘minors’. So, I gave my last minor. Last minor of the law course. Although I have a whole semester running from January to May too, but in the last semester we only have to intern for six months at some legal firm or the like.

So, today, the feeling that it’s the last minor exam was … na… not there :P. The exam was at 3. I met my friend at Rajiv Chowk to go to Dwarka.

She: What are the topics that are coming?

Me: Don’t really remember… but I have the book… once we reach college… we will ask someone. Waise bhi… how does it matter… it’s the last minor.”

And then since neither of us knew the syllabus, we talked about ridiculous things for an hour till we reached our college.

We reached there at 11 and the exam was at 3. So, we had ample time. A friend who stays in the hostel came to the place where we were sitting. She enlightened us about the syllabus. The syllabus was very easy, we had read it previously. So, we didn’t felt like reading it. So, after that, we talked endlessly about future plans, wedding plans, honeymoon destinations, someone even suggested me the names of my future kids, and so on and so forth. Well… it was 12:30, that we realised that it’s out last minor and we should crack it well. So, we took a break from our talks, brought out our lunch boxes and did the most important thing for which we come to college. We savored on two lunches, two coffees (I don’t drink coffee) and one samosa.

It was 1 when we finished the lunch and again it was time for some bakar. The topic shifted from here to there… flowing from professional life to personal lives and how each of us would be after 5 years. I know that is pure girls talk, a talk which every girl says “we don’t do” 😛 and that’s the fun that it is done by everybody… sometimes (many a times) by the boys too.

Anyway… It was 2 when we started studying with the note that “it’s the last exam, we should perform the ritual of studying”.

We went to the examination hall at 2:50 and settled down at our places. The invigilator came at 2:56 and distributed the sheets. I asked the person sitting behind me, “What’s the date today?” He answered “How does it matter, its the last minor”. But then he told me.

The exam was pretty easy ( Yes! my family follows this so… ) Yes the exam was awesome and more awesome was the feeling that the last minor was over.

We came outside the exam hall. One of the classmates asked me “How was the exam? And i responded “How does it matter? It was the last minor”. She gave me a weird look. Coming out of the college I felt like fleeing the subject notes in the air above  the playground. But then the thought stuck… the 75 mark exam is yet to be given. So, I postponed the plans for next month.

So, this was all about the last minor. Many such stories coming down the lane as the last of the law college happens gradually. Till then, Bye!!

Oh, not till then, because you never know… “The Link” is not over yet… right?? 🙂 Have a good day 🙂






Creativity Reserved!!

26 Apr

Hello friends…. today I was going to publish the next chapter of the ongoing novel, but one of my friends turned my attention to the fact that today is the World IP Day… so let’s talk about the event… very briefly… because I am going to publish the next chapter today itself 😛

What is IP? (Most of you might have already googled that :P) But for those who didn’t; it’s Intellectual Property. Now what is that? These are basically legally recognized rights to creations of the mind. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of creations, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and even words, phrases, symbols, and designs. The rights are exercised through copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design, etc.

The main question is why do we need such rights and is it a correct trend to monopolise the use of something that someone created.

Yes… in my opinion we need such rights. I write stuff on Creatigentt… how can I say that it’s written by me? It’s because I have the copyright. I can sue anyone if (s)he publishes the articles written by me in his or her name or even in my name but without my permission… how? Because I have the copyright. But, IP rights are not just about morality and identifying the true owner. They are based on the principal that the one who takes the pain to create something should savour the gains out of it and if i speak more specifically, we are talking about the economic gains involved.

The second objective is to “promote progress”. If a thing is created by me… and does not give me any kind of return, why would I take pains to work in that direction.Why would anyone?

IP rights also ensure economic growth and harmony.

Today on World IP Day, the WIPO tries to offer an opportunity to consider how IP contributes to the flourishing of music and the arts and to driving the technological innovation that helps shape our world.

This year the theme of the day is Movies- A Global Passion. WIPO has refered to the great actor, director and producer, Charlie Chaplin for the innovation and creativity that he brought to every field in which he worked. Movies involve creativity at each step of their making, be it script writing, acting, camera recording or the special effects. Movies from all over the world, of all times, attempt to provide entertainment, pleasure and passion in one form or the other.

Providing such a right is like reserving the creation, restricting it for some time, but if we study the concept in depth we would realise that it is necessary for development… and development is necessary for the existence of human race…



Badhai Ho…

16 Apr

Ajay is a 24 year old person working as a call attendant in the BPO of a big MNC.
Shweta is a 19 tears old, residing in a small room in the interiors of GB Road working as a sex worker.
Sumedha is a vagabond who keeps travelling from one train to another and asks for money during the journey from passengers and gets down at the next station.
What is common among the three people mentioned above??
Well!! All of them have had the same kind of lives. All of them face exactly the same kind of treatment from people when they introduce themselves. All of them have felt the same agony towards society, which does not even treat them as a part of society. These are the ‘outcasts’.
Ajay, Shweta and Sumedha are transgenders. The confused sex… Outcasted from their own houses, from society, from places where they even dare to look upon and, ultimately, from their own identities.
Ajay tells that when he had appeared for the job interview, the first question that the lady sitting in the panel asked, “Do you really think that you would suit the job?” “It felt like she was asking, how do you even dare to think that we will hire you” he tells. “But… you see… it’s the usual for me.” He added.
Shweta who is doing her graduation course from correspondence tells that her customers get amazed when she tell them about her dreams. “I want to lead a respectable life… just because I am a sex worker now, doesn’t mean that I have to be the same for the whole of my life…I know I am not born for this… no one is…”
The very recent Supreme Court  judgement on rights of transgenders has created waves… higher than that of  ‘elections’. SC has recognised transgenders as the ‘third sex’ different from male and female. It’s implications being, that now while choosing your gender in the birth certificate, college forms, ration card forms, a third option would also be available. The recognition of transgenders as a particular sex by the judiciary is a big step towards the upliftment of this class in the society.
The Supreme Court has also directed the government to make necessary provisions for the reservation of seats for transgenders in schools and colleges as they are among the  educationally and socially backward classes of society.
(For further details please click this: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Supreme-Court-recognizes-transgenders-as-third-gender/articleshow/33767900.cms)

For those who want to read the whole judgement: http://www.legalcrystal.com/1137428)

So, the apex court of the country has determined the fate of this class, which has been welcomed by all.
As Sumedha tells, whenever there is a marriage or child birth, we go to that house, sing and dance and get some money. People consider it as a good omen. But, we are not even treated like  humans, by the very same people if we meet them outside or without such occasions.


Will change in law, bring in the same positive change in society?? Will, with this SC judgement, the struggle of a class of humans end or it’s something that can never end??
Would the lives of Ajay, Shweta and Sumedha change?  I guess it would… only if we change…
In the end, I welcome this SC judgement and to all the candle bearers of human rights and particularly to transgenders,


And the award goes to…

5 Apr

Hello everybody… I guess stars are showing favour on your favorite blog, that is, Creatigentt… How?? Well… just yesterday it collected 1337 likes, more that 18500 views and innumerable valuable comments which keeps on motivating and inspiring me to continue this nonsense.. 😛

Well, a new achievement just added, as  Danger_DX™ presented me with the following award:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

So, thank you very much for this honour and keeping the award speech for the last… I would first list out the rules of this award.

Rules for the Award:

1-Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

(done that in the last)

2-Write a post about the blog(s) you have chosen (there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required) and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.(Will do that very briefly with their names in the last)

3-Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!) (will do that after having finished with the post… I mean is there any hurry? :P)

4-Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:  http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/blog-awards-2-/blog-of-the-year-2013-award/
(Will do it… don’t ask me when)
5-You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogoftheYear to share your blog posts with an even wider audience. (Wider audience.. you said?? Already done.. :P)

6-Finally, as a winner of the award, please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award-and then proudly display the award on your blog- and start collecting stars! (Will do this after posting the post… i mean this is what is required)

So, the nominations are… Tantana…

  • Maxima – Beautiful poems, emotional and deep worded
  • dilipnaidu – believes in living life “less serious”
  • eMORFES – excellent photographer
  • rejistephenson – new to blogging, but impressive and knowledgeable posts
  • Piyush Mishra – In the About page, told all about his educational and career qualifications in detail, but in the end using the blog to be just him…
  • Kamalpreet – says a thing without writing, actually through pictures mostly 😛
  • Arindam Saha : the best for the last… if you know hindi… one visit is must, if you don’t know hindi… then also visit for random articles in english 🙂

And now the speech… (in tears… khushi waale) Thank you very much to the dear blogger who actually recognized the true value of this velli blogger and inspired her to be more velli.. 🙂 😛


Interviews- 2- The One With A Scientist

28 Feb

imagesSo, the interview is here. But, before you start reading it, a few Disclaimers:

  • it is in Hinglish… that is a mixture of English and Hindi…
  • if you are searching for any serious stuff here because the word “scientist” was used as a tag, then get out…. because… the whole conversation is weird and humorous
  • and the last one…. please sit with a coke and popcorns because you are so gonna enjoy this (who am I fooling… well the two things will help you in staying awake.)

Now a small bio of the boy who was screwed even more than whatever happened in the scholarship interview.

Arindam Saha ( naam to pehli baar suna hoga :P) studying in IISER, Kolkata…Academically he wanders around the space where Physics enters the realm of mathematics.He is currently interested in the mathematical structure of non linear dynamics and chaos.( and yes! I didn’t understood the technicalities involved 😛 and again yes… this line came from his “Hello World”)

Ab bahut bakwaas ho gayi, no the time for the real bakar…

Me: You are aspiring to become a scientist now, but had you always thought to do so?? (i had repeated this question thrice)

Arindam: …. umm…. ya…. sort of… uuu…. papa scientist the…. to… to… ( mujhe lga internship to lagwa hi denge dhang ki jagah)… so… usi direction me raha… plus… science ke alaawa zaada kuch aata nahi hai…. basically kuch bhi aata nahi hai… to jin logon ko kuch nahi aata wo to scientist bante hain…

Me: Jin logon ko kuch nahi aata wo scientist bante hain??

Arindam: Bilkul… scientist log … duniya ke sabse nikamme log scientist log hote hain… matlab science ek aisa field hai jisme bina kaam kiye paise milte hain… theek hai…( shit… profs na padh lein)

Me: Kaam to karna padta hai… you may say that even if you don’t achieve anything, you are paid… but you do have to do some work na….

Arindam: Na… nahi…. main bata rha hun na(sun to le… bolne to de) jaise theoretical scientist log jo hote hain… do type ke scientist hote hain…. experimental and theoretical…  to matlab theoretical scientist log ko kuch kaam hi nahi hai… wo subah aate hai… mail check karte hain… aaa… chai peete hain… fir waapis aate hain… fir mail check karte hain… student se kuch karwaate hain… fir khana khane ka time ho jaata hai… to effectively aap chaho to science me bina kuch kiye survive kar sakte ho… (yaar ye zaada vella na samajh le)

Me: (sigh) Well… next question… when you took up science… the most obvious option you would be having after 12th was b.tech.  so what inspired you to go for this research thing?

Arindam : aa… ummm…. okay…aaaaa…. uuu… isme inspire karne jaise to kuch hai nahi… maine to pehle hi bola ki science ke alawa kuch aur aata nahi tha… drawing arts mujhse hoti nahi… commerce ka zaada pata nahi tha us waqt… to it’s natural…

Me: But after 12th you could have also gone for b. tech. na… I mean b. tech is less padhai… more money ( naukri bhi jaldi lag jaati) … you are not so much into money?

Arindam: Umm… okay… umm…. money ka chakkar ye hai ki… money… zaada chakhi nahi zaada… (gharwalon ki kirpa abhi tak barsi nahi)… haan… so… chalta hai…. see ultimately agar aap finally ISRO me scientist bante ho to wo bhi sarkari naukri hi hai(and that’s a sweet dream too)… ultimately khane ke liye kaafi paise mil jaate hain…

Me: (Yaar jo poocha tha isne uska jawaab ab tak na diya… par 1 thing is evident… moh maaya tyagni padti hai…) Okay… next… why IISER?

Arindam: IISER… oh… kyunki… IIT me rank bahut bekar ayi thi…plus… IISER me ek aur fayda hai… paise milte hain…(IIT ne to tod diya tha)

ME: to study?

Arindam: Kitne??

(there was some problem with  telephone)

Me: No… no.. I am not asking kitne… I am asking … do you get money to study( I mean if that be the case, I will sue my university)

Arindam: Ha…. I mean IISER me ghusne ke liye admission base hai… scholarship chahiye the mujhe… wo clear kiya tha… to… so… IISER plus… plus… IIT me nahi hua tha…

Me: (Oh… scholarship …. not my cup of tea) Next… Can you tell more about the scholarship?? So that the young people reading it would know more about it… (mere chote bhai beheno ka jeevan sawar jaega)

Arindam: oh… ye to serious waala question ho gya( ye to peeche hi pad gayi) ye scholarship ka naam Kishore Viagyanik Protsahan Yojana… isme ek written exam hota hai … wo pass kiya tha ( pta nahi kaise) aur …fir interview hota hai… interview me bahut buri maari jaari hai( meri bhi maari gayi thi) aaa…. aur… aur… haan… almost 250 people are selected at a time… plus agar aap 1 ladki ho to aapko bahut bada advantage hai ki agar aapne written pass kar liya to aap interview bhi clear kar lete ho… ye… ye… ye… verified fact hai…

Me: Acha… ye serious hai ya mazaak hai?

Arindam: Nahi… its serious… serious (laughs)… officially nahi bolte hain lekin.. data kaafi acche se match karta hai… aur… aur.. bus.. scholarship hone se accha rehta hai… matlab aapko scholarship milti rahegi… 1 pointer maintain karna hota hai… wo to ho hi jaata hai… aur … aur haan… book wagerh ke paise mil jaate hai…travelling ke liye paise mil jaate hai..to pursue internship…

ME: (matlab he is the most eligible personto have a girlfriend… kharche to hain nahi iske) … travelling plus books… that’s good…

Arindam: Main bola than na tujhe… ye… uu… uu… 28000 milte hain… and uske saath aap jo chahe kar sakte ho( finally maine bta hi diya bandi ko apna scholarship amount… shayad ab impress ho jae)

Me: Okay… what was your family’s reaction about you taking up science??

Arindam : Bahut jhamele hue the… There was a time jab … papa roz sham ko 7:30 baje ghar aate the aur main unse roz dedicatedly 1 ghanta jhagda karta tha ki science lena hai ya engineering…

Me: So… the first reaction was not very welcomed by you??”

Arindam : Nahi… matlab wahi hai… science hai… research hai… kar paoge ya nahi… yahan par sab log engineering  kar rahe hain… aaa…. umm… so IIT se nahi hua to kya hua… NIIT wagerh bhi hai…(now i realise… papa sach kehte the)

Me: What are your plans for future?

Arindam: kaun sa kya?? (had hai… ye ye kya hota hai…accha wo jiske liye papaji kehte hain ki mera hai nahi) okay… chalo… oh…. mere plans for future… chalo… Phd… then post doc… fir kahin par naukri…

Me: okay( jitni der me isne bola itni der me to kar ke bhi aa jaata) … so matlab kahan pe naukri karne ka vichaar hai… matlab 1 dream to hota hai na ki yahan pe mil jae…

Arindam: Okay…okay… dream nahi hai…. 1 hi dream ha… India me naukri karunga… haa.. bahut saare reason hain India me naukri karne ke…

Me: No to NASA??

Arindam: Na…SA???(America… na yaar… wahaan badi thand padti hai…)  Oh… NASA … NASA ….NASA me na… ISRO accha hai… desh tarakki karna chahiye yaar… NASA me kya rakha hai….(aur sabse badi baat ISRO waalon ki kirpa ho jae wohi bahut hai)

Me: Who was your first inspiration to take up R and D as a career??

Arindam: Aa… father…

Me: He is also a scientist…??I mean in the same field like the physics field??

Arindam : No… no… no… papa jo kaam karte hain wo bahut bakwaas kaam karte hain… mujhe bilkul pasand nahi hai… chemistry ka koi sir pair nahi hai… aur chemistry ko main science ka part nahi manta… so… so… wahi hai… according to me papa not a scientist….

Me: (ab pta chala kyun jhamele hue the) Chemistry is not a part of science… why??

Arindam: Chemistry is not a part of science because it is illogical … bahut ratna padta hai… aaa… aaaa… aaaa… so basically it’s not science…

Me: Why is it illogical??

Arindam: (ye to chadhe hi ja rahi hai) Basically kyunki saari chemistry physics se aati hai aur chemistry ko physics ati nahi hai…. So ye mera personal vicahaar hai… iske upar bahut logon se debate kar chukka hun… (jute bhi padne waale hain) aur… aur is conclusion pe pahucha gya hai ki chemistry ka na sir hai na pair hai… aur agar aapko science karni hai to physics to karni padegi…

Me: (hadd hai…iska kuch nahi ho sakta) What do you like and dislike about your institute??

Arindam:  Dislike ye hai ki  sabse pehle… science me ladkiyan itni acchi nahi aati… ye sahi baat hai… accha… dusri baat ye hai… serious note…. politics hai… har jagah hota hai… aur liking ki baat ye hai ki science me innovation hai… aur 1 aur liking ki baat ye hai ki kya kehte hain… kaam nahi karna padta… science is a lazy person’s job… dislike ye bhi hai ki… zaadatar science institutes gaon me base hain… to… to… to… dislike bhi hai… like bhi hai….

Me: What is the research topic you have worked on or aspire to research on?

Arindam: (Ye to gandi waali le rahi hai… itne technical sawaal to aaj tak sirji ne bhi na pooche)…  accha research topic… haan… wo… wo… basically… aa… ye duniya ka sabse kathin sawaal hai… kisi bhi scientist keliye …. tu itna samajh le ki….aa…aa.. (aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai) … computer programming karta hun…aaa.. physics karta hun thoda… jaise… example… maine nerve cells jo hote hain na… me kaise…. electrical impulses jaate hain… uspe study kiya tha… to main jo hai… basically… physics, bio, maths and programming ye chaaron ke intersection pe kaam karta hun…

Me: Do you think that government is doing it’s job properly to encourage research and development..?

Arindam: Aaaa… nahi… umm… but situation is improving… aaa… jaise ki pehle ke parallel koi system nahi tha… IIST, Bangalore ke alawa… ab IISERs bane hain… inka long term aim hai IIT ke tarz par ye utne capable institutes banenge… to abhi it’s increasing… now it is increasing…

Me: No… do you think that adequate encouragement is provided from the side of Government…I mean a sense of security is not there…

Arindam: aa…schools tak to fir bhi theek rehta hai… problem hai ki science me bahut zaada din tak padhna padta hai… to abhi economically acche background se hun… to science kar pa raha hun.. soch koi gareeb ka beta hoga to… 10 saal tak kaam nahi hoga to ghar kaise chalega…. so that incentive should increase, the bharosa that you are doing science and R and D so you are secure… that sense of security…and obviously the money should increase…

Me: Scientist are considered to be geek and nerds… what do you think about this…

Arindam: (ye to lagta hai sab scientists ko Sheldon samajhti hai… ise kya pta main Leonard hun) aaa… okay…. scientists are not geek, not nerds…. matlab this answer cannot be objectively answered… kyun… main bta rha hun…

Me: ( maine to pucha hi nahi…)

Arindam: see… a nerd in a nerd environment will not be cosidered a nerd… so…actually chakkar kya hai(ki chakkar chala lo)… ki logon ko science samajh nahi aati… jo cheez samakj nahi aati wo difficult lagne lagti hai…lekin aisa nahi hai… haan… aur dusra baat ye hai ki… image bana hua hai ki scientist log bahut todu phodu kaam karte hain… kuch nahi karte … normal insaan hote hain…

Me: Laughs and laughs and laughs on the last statement

Arindam: haan to bahut bhaav de diya jaata hai… aur koi baat nahi hai…(ye kab bhaav degi)

Me: Ohkay… so… now I am out questions… the interview was very cool… thank you very much for your time…

Arindam: (Out of questions…finally)

So… the torture is over… if the popcorns and coke didn’t served the purpose… I know, not their fault… 😛

Byei for now… will come back with this series soon… with an interview of who knows… you.. 🙂

Thank You for reading 🙂

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