Letters of Pappu and Champa-5

6 Apr

After Champa warned Pappu again, not to send her letters, does Pappu adhere to what she says or is still trying to impress her.. ??

Mujhse hai aisa kya panga

mujhme tujhko kya nahi janchta

saari raat hu main ab jagta

din me bhi bus taare ginta

teri chahat mein ho gya aadha

mujhko ishq ke rog ne maara

doori to gairon se rakhna

main to hun ab tera apna

free mein ladka mil jaega

dahej ka kharcha bach jaega

20,000 per month hun kamaata

golden chance hai, tu mat gawaaane

tu jitni bhi gaali dede

ye ashiq na karega doori

jitna door bhagayegi tu

main mein basta jaega ye… 😉

Now, here Pappu has declared his salary and asked Champa about what she thinks about him now. Would Champa be stubborn or the figure of Pappu’s salary change her mind? Or there would be something else?? Hang on to the next post to find out the same!! :)https://creatigentt.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

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