Letters of Pappu And Champa- 6

10 Apr

This is Champa’s reply to Pappu after his previous letter. What does Champa says?? Has she melt to the love of Pappu or reluctant like before, or she is in a dilemma herself? Let’s see…

Tujhko pyaar se samajh nahi aata

mujhko tu kyun bhool nahi jaata

karti hun main baat 1 sacchi

btati hun aaj, jo baat mann mein thi rakhi

mujhko nahi itni azaadi

ki pyar karun main chori- chori

tujhko darr dikhlaya hamesha

par hai sach, ki khud hun darti

mere bhai hain bade protective

rakhte hain pehre effective

akele main kahin ja nahi paati

baat kisi se kar nahi paati

itni hai bandish mujhpe

sapne me bhi ud nahi sakti

ab tu samajh ja meri haalat ko

rehem kar mujhpe, ye jaan kar to…

Today, Champa has written a letter giving a reason or rather an emotional answer to the questions of Pappu. Will Pappu after knowing Champa’s position in her house leave her or try to free her from the web of her relations…

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