The First Date!!

9 Jul
So, two of my blog series have finished, so that a new one can be started. This one is about a terrible date. No One would ever like to meet with such dates. The series has something to offer to both the genders. But as the saying goes, “Ladies first”. So, this post will be discussing about the man, who completely lost it and what happened was….
Before the date starts, let me tell you that these two people met on facebook and they are now meeting for the first time in reality. Lets see what happens!!

Man: You looked like Aishwarya Rai in the pic… and you do look like her but the one with chicken pox… by the the way are you non- vegetarian?

Woman: Oh.. that was quite a compliment… and no i am not…

Man: Good… Because chicken is too costly in here…

Woman: Oh.. didn’t saw that…

Man: No really, tell me something…are u really pretty or its Shahnaz Hussain?

Woman: Well.. i don’t use her products, so maybe I am pretty!! And to be frank, you are quite handsome too.

Man: Oh really??

Woman: Ya, seriously, what is there to doubt about it…??

Man: Its just that, there was a time i felt i am gay, because no girl liked me.

Woman: Oh… I see…

By that time they had finished the snacks which they had ordered and now the girl had no further patience to wait for lunch, so…

Woman (looking at the watch) : Oh I am sorry but time flew like air, talking to you… I have some urgent work … i need to go…

Man: Oh… that’s okay… let me make the payment…

He searched for his wallet and..

Man: Oops, i think i forgot the wallet…

Woman: Its okay.. this can happen with anyone… I will pay.. not a big deal…

Man: Oh… you are so understanding…

Woman: 🙂

Man: Well before we say bye for now.. i just want to let you know that i enjoyed the time… thanks for the same… oh what’s your name again??

Woman: Well.. never mind!!

It would have looked like this..

It would have looked like this..


2 Responses to “The First Date!!”

  1. sharmavarun210varun July 10, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    well i wasgoing to make a good comment but I think it has to wait. Don’t take any offense but since its just starting you can expect better response on coming blogs. though its a good starting. it really shows you are a creatigentt with all that aishwarya rai and shehnaz hussain. good luck better keep going.

    • harshdamangal7 July 10, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

      ya thanks and there was nothing offensive… moreover i would like to impress you with the next blog of this series… 🙂 😛

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