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24 May

I lost a pen and a pencil

The hair clutcher and the flower clip

The loss was minor, but I cried like a baby

As those were the things to make me a fairy


I lost my marks, important things at time

I lost my car keys along with the subject file

I lost a bird to that cat in the backyard

I lost one relative in the emergency ward


Then I lost the memory to forget these things

And my mind blew away, I lost my wings

It seemed I lost everything I had

And so lost the sanity, that I once had


I lost the fairy and the bird

But I had you there, you became my world

I had lost you too, but you never did

You were the one I could laugh and sing with


But, today I lost you, the greatest loss of life

The cream- smoothed world now cuts me like a knife

I will bear the pain, but it’s not easy

As now I am truly lost, when you left me!


The Last Of It

11 Nov

The Last Minor

HI… A very very good evening!! I know I have been very lazy on blog nowadays, I know you are expecting the next chapter of The Link very badly and I know that you miss the sarcastic jokes even more… yeah yeah… I know all of that. But what you don’t know is that it’s the last year of my college. That in next year by this time of the year, I would have become a law graduate, I would have taken a step further in becoming a writer and I might have taken up a job (anything but law :P) . So, now you know… And so.. from today I am starting a new series which would be called “The Last Of It”, featuring the last day of the college, the last project, the last exam, the last conversation with a teacher and many other things. The series starts today as today was my last minor exam.

Let me explain the scheme of examinations in my college in a nutshell. Every subject is evaluated out of 100 marks. An exam of 10 marks is taken every month, 5 marks are in the hands of teacher and we need to give a big semester exam for 75 marks at the end of the session. These 10 marker exams are mid- term, which are generally called ‘minors’. So, I gave my last minor. Last minor of the law course. Although I have a whole semester running from January to May too, but in the last semester we only have to intern for six months at some legal firm or the like.

So, today, the feeling that it’s the last minor exam was … na… not there :P. The exam was at 3. I met my friend at Rajiv Chowk to go to Dwarka.

She: What are the topics that are coming?

Me: Don’t really remember… but I have the book… once we reach college… we will ask someone. Waise bhi… how does it matter… it’s the last minor.”

And then since neither of us knew the syllabus, we talked about ridiculous things for an hour till we reached our college.

We reached there at 11 and the exam was at 3. So, we had ample time. A friend who stays in the hostel came to the place where we were sitting. She enlightened us about the syllabus. The syllabus was very easy, we had read it previously. So, we didn’t felt like reading it. So, after that, we talked endlessly about future plans, wedding plans, honeymoon destinations, someone even suggested me the names of my future kids, and so on and so forth. Well… it was 12:30, that we realised that it’s out last minor and we should crack it well. So, we took a break from our talks, brought out our lunch boxes and did the most important thing for which we come to college. We savored on two lunches, two coffees (I don’t drink coffee) and one samosa.

It was 1 when we finished the lunch and again it was time for some bakar. The topic shifted from here to there… flowing from professional life to personal lives and how each of us would be after 5 years. I know that is pure girls talk, a talk which every girl says “we don’t do” 😛 and that’s the fun that it is done by everybody… sometimes (many a times) by the boys too.

Anyway… It was 2 when we started studying with the note that “it’s the last exam, we should perform the ritual of studying”.

We went to the examination hall at 2:50 and settled down at our places. The invigilator came at 2:56 and distributed the sheets. I asked the person sitting behind me, “What’s the date today?” He answered “How does it matter, its the last minor”. But then he told me.

The exam was pretty easy ( Yes! my family follows this so… ) Yes the exam was awesome and more awesome was the feeling that the last minor was over.

We came outside the exam hall. One of the classmates asked me “How was the exam? And i responded “How does it matter? It was the last minor”. She gave me a weird look. Coming out of the college I felt like fleeing the subject notes in the air above  the playground. But then the thought stuck… the 75 mark exam is yet to be given. So, I postponed the plans for next month.

So, this was all about the last minor. Many such stories coming down the lane as the last of the law college happens gradually. Till then, Bye!!

Oh, not till then, because you never know… “The Link” is not over yet… right?? 🙂 Have a good day 🙂






Second Saturday!!

10 May

Hi… fellas… So… this happened… every word that follows actually happened… (not today although)… tragic for me… par aap maze lo…

So, on a fateful Thursday I planned to visit court. I asked one of my friends from law school to accompany me (timepass) and she agreed. We decided to go to Tees Hazari Court. I was very excited, as in Tees Hazari, many matrimonial (masala) cases come up for hearing. The court opens at 10 a.m., and we decided to meet at the court at ten only. The dedication, the excitement and the expectations ( of getting to hear gossip cases) was high.

On Saturday, I woke up at 8, got ready by 9 and boarded the Metro to Tees Hazari at almost 9:15. By 9:55, I reached the desired Metro Station. I called up my friend to know her whereabouts. She told that she would reach in a minute or so. After she came, we went outside the station and suddenly something stuck her… “Aaj to second Saturday hai…” the thing didn’t stuck me or maybe it had, but the disbelief caused me to ask


“Dude… its second Saturday… courts are closed…”


“Because its second Saturday..”


“See… this all started when man started designating a particular day… they settled for seven days in a week and then…”

“Ohkay… got it… I got it that we came to the court to hear the proceedings and it’s closed… what the f…”

I became quite angry, and then sad, and then kind of depressed and then I suddenly laughed.

I laughed for almost 320 seconds. My friend knew about my “once started, never ending” way of laughter. I was laughing really hard standing on the pavement outside the court and my friend was standing beside me, giving a look to the world that said, “Dude… I am waiting for the bus… I don’t know her”.

After I stopped or rather the passerby’s look forced me to. I asked,

“So.. what do we do??”

“March home..”

“I am not in a mood to go home. I had announced so proudly about today’s plans and when they would come to know that this happened, they all would first burst out into laughter and would always bring that up in front of everybody.

“So… what should we do? Oh.. there is a cool mall in NSP… why don’t we go there..” She suggested.

“Have you been there earlier?” I asked.

“Na.. but one of my friends has… ans she said that’s really good.”

I had no other options. And as they say, beggars cannot be choosers. So, we boarded the Metro and reached NSP in some other 30 minutes. We de-boarded, and went to a mall which was seeming to be nearest the Metro Station.

“Are you sure this is it??

“Ya… I can’t see any other mall here…”

“Okay…”. We reached there. At the entrance, the guard told us that the mall shall open at 11 a.m.. We had reached at 10:30..

So, we waited outside the mall for half- an- hour. We talked about boyfriends(of others), girlfriends (obviously of others), parents (of our own) and at a point about someone who has nothing to do with our lives.

Well… after half- an- hour of tanning, we went inside to find out that only three  floors of that ‘building’ were tagged as mall. The other almost nine floors were offices. And in those three floors, there was no food court. Ya… I mean what’s a mall without food court?? But I guess for these situations someone has said “You never know…”

I gave my friend a “cool mall? Huh??” look.

She was already remembering her friend and I was complementing her friend’s relatives my own way.

We came out after 10 minutes that we had entered. Now, we realised that the world is not accepting us. The spiritual gyan crossed the mind that the world is shunning out its doors for us. And then the second thought, ‘what the fuck’. We went to the Metro Station again. There was a so- called ‘SALE’ of foot-wears. And if you are a girl, you know what SALE means and if you are a boy, you are the unfortunate one, not to understand it’s value and if you are a boy who has a girlfriend, then I do pity you. Well… coming to my own story, we entered the shop. The foot-wears we liked were not on sale and those which were on sale were just too good to be purchased at that price. We wasted another twenty minutes of our aimless lives and then boarded metro to our respective homes.

You will say, why I shared this on the blog. Well, are you upto reasoning? Please get out..!!images


And the award goes to…

5 Apr

Hello everybody… I guess stars are showing favour on your favorite blog, that is, Creatigentt… How?? Well… just yesterday it collected 1337 likes, more that 18500 views and innumerable valuable comments which keeps on motivating and inspiring me to continue this nonsense.. 😛

Well, a new achievement just added, as  Danger_DX™ presented me with the following award:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

So, thank you very much for this honour and keeping the award speech for the last… I would first list out the rules of this award.

Rules for the Award:

1-Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

(done that in the last)

2-Write a post about the blog(s) you have chosen (there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required) and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.(Will do that very briefly with their names in the last)

3-Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!) (will do that after having finished with the post… I mean is there any hurry? :P)

4-Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:  http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/blog-awards-2-/blog-of-the-year-2013-award/
(Will do it… don’t ask me when)
5-You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogoftheYear to share your blog posts with an even wider audience. (Wider audience.. you said?? Already done.. :P)

6-Finally, as a winner of the award, please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award-and then proudly display the award on your blog- and start collecting stars! (Will do this after posting the post… i mean this is what is required)

So, the nominations are… Tantana…

  • Maxima – Beautiful poems, emotional and deep worded
  • dilipnaidu – believes in living life “less serious”
  • eMORFES – excellent photographer
  • rejistephenson – new to blogging, but impressive and knowledgeable posts
  • Piyush Mishra – In the About page, told all about his educational and career qualifications in detail, but in the end using the blog to be just him…
  • Kamalpreet – says a thing without writing, actually through pictures mostly 😛
  • Arindam Saha : the best for the last… if you know hindi… one visit is must, if you don’t know hindi… then also visit for random articles in english 🙂

And now the speech… (in tears… khushi waale) Thank you very much to the dear blogger who actually recognized the true value of this velli blogger and inspired her to be more velli.. 🙂 😛


The Link-14- The One Where She Meets Herself

12 Mar

On the right side of the Reader Page was the notification icon, which was blinking in orange colour.

She remembers the image that she remembered from her past. Some part of the image that she remembered and some part of the image that was before her were similar. She clicked on the orange blinking notification icon. There were 8 bloggers who had liked the post “I AM NOT THAT” and 2 had commented.

The first comment was from a guy named Jeremy “I think the problem and the issue you have raised in this story is really a big one but a very small one to identify… so congratulations on your keen observations… Good day”

The second comment was from howdoyoudo and it said “Nice post”

She clicked on the link to that post.

The whole post was before her. She read the whole of it and wondered if she was the one who wrote that all. In the end she found that actually 11 people had liked the post and three had commented. And the first one to comment was not Jeremy, but Abhigyan.

“Abhigyan…” she shrieked out. Her mother came running to the room.

Nidhin who was sitting beside her the whole time, moved away as soon as he realised that Abhigyan has been traced, at least to some extent.

“Where is he? Who is he?” Her mom asked.

“I have only seen his name here… I have found that image that I remembered… I … I have got it… I have unveiled the mystery… now I know from where do i remember that image…” she was talking and blabbering as she could no find the way to express the emotions that were quarreling amongst themselves in her mind.

“So… what is this?” She asked.

“you.. you… know i write… I write stuff… I don’t exactly know what and why… but I just read something that I had written… and you know… I liked it… i liked reading it… and see Abhigyan has commented…” she was still blabbering.

Her mother got quite tensed about her behavior. She called her husband and told about it to him.

“Okay… I am coming” he said and put off the phone.

He reached his home after about half an hour.

“Where is she??”

“In her room… she has gone crazy… I mean she is over excited about the fact that she has got the guy… I don’t know… she has never behaved like that…”

“Hmm… let me see…”

He went to Kriti’s room. Nidhin was still there, but sitting quietly in the corner.

Mr. Roy saw him and asked him in gesticulation about the situation.

Nidhin just shrugged his shoulders indicating that he does not know anything.

Mr. Roy saw his child totally absorbed in the laptop, she even didn’t realised that someone has entered into her room and someone else was sitting there for almost an hour.

“So, i heard that you find the guy?”

“Which guy??”

At this counter question, both the men were surprised.

“The man you have been talking about since the time you woke up…” said Nidhin.

“Oh… ya… I kind of traced him… not found him…”

“By this time you must have got his details through his blog…” Nidhin asked in a tone of displeasure.

“Um… well no…”

Why?” This was Mr. Roy.

“Umm… well I was just checking out about myself… I mean i finished reading the “About Me” and ‘Hello World” of myself and then I read these very early posts… “The Thing that Happened”, You know me better” … you know I am quite funny and humorous and quite depressed as well.. i mean all the shades in one post… seems like i am kind of incredible… and you one of the commenters even said that…and …” she stopped telling as she noticed a kind of amazement and distrust on her father’s face.

“Dad… what happened..?”

“No.. nothing… i am just wondering as to why wold you write in the first place?”

“Ummm…. In the About Me page I have said that I am starting this blog because writing gives me happiness and i feel contended.”

“ohkay…” he said gulping the word “whatever” in his mouth

“Umm… maybe I should leave now…” Nidhin said.

“Oh… ya… maybe you should… but… stay for some snacks na…” Kriti said.

“No… i will prefer that at my home… Byei… Bye sir…”

“Ya… if you wish the chauffeur will drop you at your place.” Mr. Roy extended a help.

“No thank you Sir… Bus stop isn’t too far from your home.” He left having said this.

“So… what do you plan to do now?”

“I am not really interested in Abhigyan yet… I mean I can know about myself from the world that I have created that maybe I wouldn’t need Abhigyan… you see… I have just started realising that he is just a very small part of the  virtual space I have created… so when i have access to the whole space… why should I be concerned in the bits of it…”


The Link- 13- The One Where She Accesses It

22 Feb

Previously on THE LINK: Kriti, a blogger from Delhi, lost her memory in an accident. The only thing she remembers is an image, where the only striking thing seems to be one name ‘Abhigyan’. She starts a journey within, where she encounters herself as a rudely introvert person. One college friend, Nidhin, is helping her to trace the past as close as possible and in this venture, he had successfully cracked the password of her laptop, and now was the turn for her gmail account.


“So… he is going to hack it?” Kriti’s father asked in a casual tone.

“Yup…” said Kriti, munching the biryani at the dinning table.

“Well… I had also researched about WordPress in the office today… and it was quite strange.”

“What was strange about it…”

“I mean it’s a blogging platform…. where people write articles or share their photography work or cooking lessons…. you know… I mean you never told us something about anything like this…”

“Well…. I don’t know the reason…. but Nidhin knows a bit about it…. so I guess you must be knowing atleast something about it…”

“Well…. If you ask me… I just know that every time you would say that you are working on WordPress… you would be typing or smiling….”

“Ohkay…. so you never asked me what am i typing?”

“You never told…”

“What kind of person am I??”

“… ”

“Well… I hope Nidhin will crack your password tomorrow and we all would know what stuff you have over there…: Mr. Roy said to break the ice of silence.

The next day:

Nidin reached at the Roys’ Mansion at about 9 in the morning.

“why are you always late?” Kriti said in excitement.

“I am not late… but maybe you want me at your disposal at your call…” said Nidhin, sounding quite rude.

“So… you are him…. are you sure would be able to do it right?” Asked Mr. Roy.

“I will try my best, Sir…”

Kriti handed over her laptop to him. While he opened the site, the whole family was gazing at the laptop and at every key he was pressing, the watchful eyes of Roy family was doing its job.

Nidhin felt quite irritated by this.

“”If you don’t mind… can I do this work alone…?”

“oh … okay…. u need space… I understand…” Said Mr. Roy.

But Kriti and her mom were still there, gazing at every movement.

“Kriti… when I said alone… i meant it…”

“Oh… mom… please..” She said.

“Not only her, but you too…”
“But, that’s my laptop…. and you are already doing something which is called unauthorised, I can’t give you that much liberty…”

“Ohkay… the deal is… I don’t understand partial trust… either you have none or you have full… u decide…”

“okay… just get the damn thing opened…” she said while leaving the room

After an hour or so… Nidhin called her.

She picked up the call quickly.


“Come fast… I have opened your email account.”

“oh… wow… ohkay…”

“She came after 5 minutes or so…

“So… wordpress?”

“No… just your mail id…”

He opened WordPress on the other tab. He clicked at the “forgot password” option. The site asked for the email id as earlier. Nidhin provided the same, and within fractions of second a mail on Kriti’s id popped. It was from WordPress, it stated that the password of her WordPress account was “solace”.

“Oh… that was easy? What did you do??” She asked Nidhin.

“It’s a secret, girl..” He said smiling.

“Whatever… so… its solace…. why?”

“How would I know?”

“Hmm… so what do you say? I should open the account?”

“Why?? You don’t want to?? I guess, this is the only thing you wanted to do, since you have woke up from the accident.”

“Ya… but now i feel it… I don’t know what awaits… I mean…

“Get over it…”

Hmm… she took a deep breath and slowly typed her password on the WordPress bar.

It took about 20 seconds to open the site. The first thing that opened was her “Reader” page.hacker

The festival of words…

4 Feb

These days, a lot of literature festivals are being organized in different parts of India. The most glamorous and talked about of these is the Jaipur Literature Fest. It is the most recognized among others, because it has a history of about 9 years. The other States started organising such a fest only after the latter’s success. Recently, Literature Fest in Kolkata was held for the first time, and Delhi would be having it for the second time, on this weekend.

But, the festival, I am gonna talk about relates absolutely nothing to what I wrote above. (That’s how lawyers write 😉 )

I am talking about today. Basant Panchami. For those who don’t understand Hindi, Basant means spring and Panchami means the fifth day. So, today is the fifth day of the season called spring.

It’s a tradition here in India to wear yellow colored clothes on this day. Yellow signifies optimism and cheerfulness.

The day is also significant from the point of view of students, teachers and everybody who knows the importance of knowledge.

It is celebrated to be the day of Goddess Saraswati. It is an adage that after Lord Brahma had created the world, there was chaos all over. The God was confused, when a divine voice suggested that only knowledge can bring every thing in order. And then, from Brahma’s mouth, Saraswati originated as the goddess of knowledge.

But, I wonder, why it was a lady? A female? to come out of his mouth and given the responsibility to spread the light of knowledge? Why not a male…

Ya… the obvious answer might be that maybe… Brahma was not sure if such a herculean job could be performed by a male… but on a serious note… why?

I think Brahma is very clever. He gave the Education Ministry to his consort. He is himself well- versed in every language… in every kind of knowledge, but he chose to delegate the most important task of teaching others to his wife.

Now, if we come to the current situation, we see in many texts that women were not allowed to read or write. It was not considered their job. Well, this is what I call hypocrisy… praising the woman of knowledge, while ignoring the bread maker in the family.

It’s a reality that in every household, people want Laxmi and not Saraswati. That’s tragic, and that’s funny at the same time.

Saraswati… the symbol of purity dressed in white, is also a symbol of silence… silence of every girl who was not able to study because her brother went to school, she is also a symbol of sacrifice, which every girl has to make when choosing family over career; her veena is symbol of ragas and music, but it is also a witness of people calling its master a “gaanewali” with sheer disrespect; the lotus in her hand is a symbol of true knowledge, but it also reminds of the dirt of world from which the world itself expects her to rise above;  the text in her hands signifies words and letters, but it also signifies a warning that you can only hold them… don’t dare read them; the peacock sitting beside her symbolises grace… but it also symbolises that to grab attention… you would have to be naked…sar

Just praising her, and writing dedicated songs for her will not make her happy… if you can’t hear the silence of the Saraswati, living next door; or maybe in your own house….





The Link- 10- The One With The Password

31 Jan

pwThe next day, Kriti had to get up early, so as to try to return to her normal life. She had put the alarm on phone at night and tried to get a sleep. But, she couldn’t. Many questions surrounded her. She wanted to avoid these questions, but had no wayout. She took her meds and tried to sleep. But, again, there were questions. The most prominent one being… Abhigyan… He was a mystery, a curiosity… that was growing day by day.

The morning that followed was bright and the sun was scorching high. She got ready for the college much before time and waited for Nidhin to pick her up.

Nidhin reached the Roys’ mansion at the agreed time, but since Kriti was waiting for him, she felt that he is late.

“Why are you late?”

“I am not late… I am here on time… see it’s just 7:35.”

“So… you are five minutes late…”

“Hahaha… you have changed… I mean you were the person who would always reach the class after half of it was already done… how many times teacher had not let you enter in the class… because for the 10 o’ clock class… you would be entering at 10:45…”

“Wow… I am like that?”


“Okay… then…” she sat down on the sofa and ordered one of the maids to bring coffee for the two of them.

“What are you doing… aren’t you getting late now…?”

“I am just trying to be me… I am in the habit of being late… U forgot?”

Nidhin just smiled… He had realised that Kriti is not completely lost…

“Well… ummm…. what were you talking about WordPress, that day?”

“Oh…ya… I just remember that image… I hope you know…”

“Ya everybody knows… your mom and dad were telling everybody in the party.”

“Mmm… saved my work… well… so do you know anything?”

“Well… I have already told you what i knew…”

“And you were saying something about the password for your laptop?” Asked Nidhin.

“Ya… but…” Before Kriti could complete her sentence, Mrs. Roy came in with the coffee.

“Namaste aunty…” Nidhin greeted Mrs. Roy.

“Namaste beta… how are you…”

“I am good and you..”

“How can I be fine… she said looking at Kriti…

Nidhin was dum stuck at this. he didn’t knew what to say or ask… so he looked at Kriti and asked “shall we go now… i mean we are adequately late…”

“Oh… ya… okay…”

Mrs. Roy was not very happy with her decision to join the college so early… but she had no say… in the lives of her own family.

“Just take care of her… she is not in a position to do that…” Mrs. Roy told Nidhin in a requesting tone.

“Don’t worry Aunty… she has trusted me for the first time… and I bet… the moment she meets her friends and teachers… she would regain her memory…”

“Well… I can only hope..”

“What are you two talking about… Nidhin… please let’s go…” Kriti screamed from inside the car.

Nidhin sat beside her on the back seat. Mrs. Roy waved Byei to Kriti… till the time the chauffeur took the car out of her sight.

Kriti’s college was just at a distance of 15 minutes.

As soon as they reached there, some looked at her with disappointment, some with hidden laughs, some with amazement but mostly with despair, as if they want to say, “bechaari ka kuch nahi ho sakta…”

By this time, Kriti had gone used to all these kinds of reactions. She may not understand herself, but she could clearly make out the script written on every face…

“hi….” A girl colored all in pink, almost came rushing towards Kriti and hugged her without any prior notice.

“Ohh… ohkay…” Kriti said while desisting her.

“How are you?” she asked..

“Well before that… who are you?” Kriti asked.

“Oh My god… you don’t remember me? I am Snidha….” the girl gave a look as if ‘how can you forget me’…

“Ohkay… Snidha… I am fine… I will see you later…”

“Ya… ya…” she said in that in an accent and gave way.

After she was gone, Kriti asked Nidhin.

“Who was she… i mean were we best friends?”

“No… actually she is just a classmate… you rarely talk.”

“Really? I mean her conduct…”

“I am sorry, but i must say that i am enjoying this…” He said… trying to resist his laughter.

“You know, it’s not funny.”

“Ya… i know… but still…”

“So are we having any class?”

“I guess no… she was roaming around… and I don’t believe her… But I just got a message that we don’t have a class till 10. We had a two hour lecture, but the professor is on leave… in the meantime… do you want to meet your friends?”

“Umm… actually no… can we sit somewhere… where nobody would disturb me… i don’t think I am ready to meet people.

“Okay… then let’s go to the class… we can sit there… there is no class right now… it would be empty.”

They reached their class, and true… there was no one.

She asked Nidhin, where she used to sit.

He pointed at the third desk.

“Ohkay… you know… it’s strange… I mean I myself am feeling ‘how dumb’…”

“No… it’s not dumb… it’s the curiosity… and it’s good…”

Kriti smiled.

“So, while were are free for almost 2 hours… what are we gonna do…” she asked.

“Well… you were telling something about the password… i didn’t get it… i mean which password…?”

“There are many, but to start with… the laptop password.”

“Oh… let me see…”

Kriti took out the laptop from her bag… and gave it to Nidhin.

“Hmmm…” with this sound he opened the flap and switched the On button.

The laptop asked for the password. Nidhin clicked at the ‘Help’ button.

The question or rather the hint that appeared was… “No one can steal, no one can copy, it’s the thing that determine my writing”

“Hmm…  this looks tough…” Said Nidhin. “no one can steal… or copy… umm… what can it be?”

“No idea…”

“Life… love…. intelligence…? that determines your writing… you write… mostly about college… about social issues, and sometimes friendship…”

“So, we sink the two… no one can steal life and you write about issues relating to real life… let’s try life…” he was calculating.

Nidhin entered the 4 letters… but it was wrong.

Kriti was sitting beside him, but her focus was not on the password, she was quite nervous about the possible things that she would know about herself, once the laptop opens… she was rather scared to explore herself. She was scared of herself now…

The Link- 9- The One With The Routine

20 Jan

The next morning, Kriti woke up at 10. She had troubles sleeping the last night. Not that she was thinking about the failed party or her mom’s burst out. She was thinking about the image. The only link she had from her past. And from that image, her attention was pulled over by Abhigyan. Who is he? Where is he? Were we friends? Why do I remember only about him? Was he important? But if he was, then why does nobody else knows him? She had questions, a lot of questions going on in her mind, but the answers, she even didn’t knew, where to find them.

Her nurse had helped her in getting bathed and dressed… after that she was marched towards the dining room to have breakfast. She saw Mrs. Roy who was quietly serving her bread and omelet.

“Mom.. I am really sorry about what happened yesterday… I shouldn’t have screamed on you…”

“It’s okay… eat your food..” She answered as if nothing happened.

Kriti didn’t stretched the topic further and asked where the dad was.

“He has an important meeting to attend… he has gone to office.”

“How is his leg…? ”

“He must be fine… and if not.. he would be.. he doesn’t like to be around the house..”
“He really loves his work, I guess..” Kriti said as she didn’t noticed the sadness on Mrs. Roy’s face.

“Well… I don’t know what I should do… but I think, as the doctor had asked me to try to catch up with my normal life… what do I do.. I mean what’s my routine?” She asked.

“Umm.. for the weekdays like today… your day starts at 7 a.m.. You go to your college and then you come back at 5 or 6 in the evening. Then, you restrict yourself to your room and laptop and that’s it…”

“Oh… that was not helpful” … she said smiling…. “I don’t spend time with you?”

“You don’t have time for me… I mean you are too busy with your social life and laptop…”
“What do I do in laptop?”

“Mostly your college projects and study and in the leisure time you chat with people on facebook and other sites…”

“So, you want to say that I don’t have time for you, but for people I barely know.”
“Ya.. that’s the kind of person you are..”

“Hmm… umm you imagesdon’t feel bad.. that your own daughter shuts out from you?”

“No… you are my daughter… I can’t feel bad because of you…”

Kriti just smiled as she didn’t knew what to say more. She was really pressing her brain to remember the person she was.

“So… i think I should start going to college from tomorrow… I will try to return to the routine… with some modifications.”

“What kind of modifications?”

“That instead of locking myself behind the doors of my room, I would come to you and talk to you for a while.”
“That sounds good… I like the idea..” Mrs. Roy smiled.

Kriti had finished her breakfast and she went to her room. She found a mobile on her bed.

What’s this?” She asked Pihu, who had accompanied her to the room.

“It’s your new mobile… the earlier one got damaged in the accident… the good thing is that it has the previous SIM… so all your contacts are intact.”

“Hmm…” she said trying to figure out how to start the phone.
“You may go… I think I have found today’s indulgence.” She said.

Afetr Pihu left, Kriti switched on the mobile and started going through the various apps and other like things.

She went into the contacts list and found Nidhin’s contact. It was the only person she had known after her parents. So, she called him.

Nidhin picked up the phone.

“Hello… Kriti??”

“Ya… Kriti… You are Nidhin.. right..?”

“Ya… is everything alright?”

“Ya… actually I just got a new phone with the old SIM. And in the whole contacts list, it is only you to whom I can talk at this moment..”
“Ohkay.. what do you want to talk about..?”

“Oh… i just wanted to tell you that I am joining the college from tomorrow,so can you pick me from my house? So, that when I reach there, I would know atleast one person.”

“Ya sure, I will reach your home by 7:30? If that’s fine..”

“Ya.. it’s perfect… one thing more I wanted to ask you… do you have any idea about my laptop’s password?”

“Umm.. no…But you bring your laptop tomorrow… we can try by logging in different words…

“Hmm… I hope that would help..”

“Don’t you think that you should get  rest in your home only? I mean you don’t remember anything… you would go crazy here.”

“Well.. i have to face the world.. sooner the better.. and i have noting to lose… so anything happens to me… i will definitely gain something.”

Happy Diwali ??

3 Nov
Happy Diwali to all the co- blogger friends.. May this Diwali bring prosperity and happiness in your life… because from my house it is somehow gone… so if you catch her… bring them back to my house…
Now, you would wonder, why am I saying so?? To know more. read the following 🙂
This post is written by me, but from the point of view of an Indian home maker. This homemaker’s character is inspired by my mom… and this is a true account of what happened with her this Diwali…
Not This Time...

Not This Time…

“Madam JI…..”

This was my maid. Yes, she “was”… she left my home one day before Diwali, the day of lights, but with her leaving, my house was in chaos and my mind… despaired.
Now, you would ask, why did she left? If you are a female, you know how important maids are, and if you are a male, You get to know how important she is when she leaves ( because then you are honoured to do her job)…
So, this started 3 days before Diwali. She was doing her usual job of cleaning, when I went up to her and humbly asked:
“Will you wipe those door panes??
She gave a terrified look and said, “Where do I have the time??”
I looked at her. Yes, where does she has the time… she is 10th fail, her husband working in a factory, an illiterate women is more busy than me, a M.A. degree- holder in Sanskrit, wife of a government officer, but dependent.
But, with her plain reply, I made a decision that if she is not ready to work extra for Diwali, why should I pay her any kind of bonus or ‘bakhshish’.
The second day, when she came, she had a huge basket with her. Out of curiosity i asked,
“What’s this??”
“This is the Diwali gift, Gupta madam gave me… She bought a saree for me and a big toy for my kid.”
“Oh.. good”, I wanted to avoid any further discussion over this, but the topic was all out…
“waise.. madam.. what are you planning to give me this year?”
“What is there to plan about it… the sweets and one saree…”
“Ohho… you are saying as if this is some tradition… you can raise the standard…”
“If you want me to raise the standard, then first raise the standard of your work…”
“Why… I do such great job… what problem do you have about it..?”
I knew, she would never understand, because she already knows… but when the things had come out, I asked her…
“Waise… by what gift would you see the standards raising?”
I think she was ready with her answer,
“Maybe a mobile phone would do…”
What??… Well this is what my mind said, my tongue asked another question
“I mean, mithai aur saree to hoga hi…
Then she started off with her work, giving me no chance to defend my side…
After she finished her work, she came up to me in Kitchen and asked…
“So, what have you thought??”
“About my phone..?”
‘See.. I am not gonna give you any phone as gift… you never did any such work with which i was happy… and gifts are given when you are happy with someone”
She didn’t replied and went away…
Maybe she took me and my stupid philosophy so seriously that the next day, she sent her oral resignation through one of her friends reasoning out that my home was so messy to clean…
Well… I don’t know if that’s true… I hope my husband would have known by this time 😛 (just kidding)

You know she is important... when she is gone... :P

You know she is important… when she is gone… 😛

So, this is the gift my mom got for this Diwali… waise what have you got??  😛  😉

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