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Honey- Positively Sweet

9 Jul

Have you ever wondered what goes into your tummy when you take a cup of tea? Almost 43 units of calories. And that is just one cup. Now you would be wondering, why the always giggling blogger bothered about your cup of tea. Well! Frankly I am not. I am writing about this issue, because I am trying to shed off some extra fat from my belly. The reason being the approaching dates of engagement. Engagement is a function to create first impression on a lot of strangers. It is a social gathering to let people know that you are going to be screwed and that your good days are left less. The engagement is within one month and I have to perform the herculean task to get the belly in shape. To drape a saree, you need confidence that you are looking good and  that the saree is not revealing your good taste for butter and other fattening delicacies.

So, for the accomplishment of the mission, I started using stairs (when escalator is not working 😛 ), avoided oily food at home (just to eat them outside), started running in park (to chase the cute guy 😛 ), but all in vain (and you know the reasons 😛 ). After trying to try these ideas, I stopped and told myself that I don’t have to push myself to do things which I don’t like for impressing people who don’t matter. I don’t need to be slim or in shape so that I look good. I look good anyways if I think so. But… i need to be healthy. (And that is how… you play the game of diplomacy with yourself.) So, to be healthy I need to stick to healthy diet. And that is when I surfed the internet to find out how much calories I was taking. And a very small research revealed that I did not need to do the vast one, as overall I was (am) taking the calorie intake of 3 people combined. Now… don’t blame me, it’s partly mother’s love, partly Indian food habits, partly the nature of job I am in and largely the awesome chole bhature that I eat (:D). So, all in all, if I need to look gorgeous… oops… healthy on that particular day, I need to do something.

And while I was facing all this dilemma, I found a very easy way to make things work. Just one spoon of honey with lime water in the morning and substituting honey with sugar in every sweet delicacy. Now, that is not tough and guess what, it not only worked in the way it was intended but many other ways. It refreshes me and keeps me active. Where previously I could eat only one plate of chole bhature, now I can eat two (honey helps in generating hunger), but it also keeps me active enough to run in the park (and now the cute guy chases me 😛 ), keeps me active enough to opt for stairs even though the escalators are working. It actually keeps me glowing and I feel healthy.

To calculate your calorie intakes per day and to know the ways to bring them down for starting a healthy diet, you can visit this Honey Diet on http://www.daburhoney.com/. @DaburHoney_Ind  #HoneyDietIsHere.

I don’t know much about how much weight I lost or if my waist line reduced a bit. Again, how does it matter? It’s just an engagement, and that too my cousins’,  not mine. Oops.. I didn’t tell you that right?? :p



Lonely Crowd

1 Mar

“How dare you touch me? Can’t you sit properly?”

A shrilling voice in the midst of routine murmurings  turned the attention of every single person present in that coach. It was almost 9:30 in the morning. The city folks were rushing to reach their workplaces. That Metro was witnessing the usual crowd, the daily passengers, the daily musings and the boringly routine passage of stations. But, the voice turned everybody’s attention. The young brigade pulled out the earplugs from their ears and the ‘grown ups’ rested the Candy Crush Saga for a while. That shrilling voice which halted everything was a girl. A girl in yellow suit and black sweater. Seemingly in her late 20s, she was screaming over a man who must be in his early 40s.

“There is so much rush… I didn’t intend to…” The man tried to explain.

“Oh, everybody is standing in the rush…  this man behind me… is also standing… he didn’t touch… you are comfortably seated…” The girl shouted.

“So what?? Huh… why are you creating a scene? First of all, I didn’t touch you… and even if you felt it… I am sorry for the mistake…”

“Oh mistake? Just because I am pointing it out to you… You feel it’s a mistake… otherwise…” A man who was standing beside the lady now interrupted.

“What is the problem?” He asked the lady.

“This man is continuously touching my legs with his feet… not once but thrice he did so… and I know its not co- incidental.”

The whole coach was listening to the details. They wanted the voices to be raised, so that they could get the audio clearly. There was a consensual silence and the only voices that could be heard were coming from that side.

“You are seeing the crowd na… maybe he is right and by mistake…”. The man tried to put off the matter.

But the lady continued… “If you again touch my feet, you will be solely responsible for the consequences.” She warned the man in the seat.

By this the so- called framed accused also started shouting and warned the girl that if she does not shut her mouth he would do so by slapping her.

Now, the dumb but definitely not deaf crowd came into senses and tried to peace out. There were voices from all over the coach.

“Someone hand over both of them to the police.”

“Someone just shut them off.”

A teenager commuting along with his friend told him, “This is the first time I am witnessing such ‘interesting’ dispute in the Metro.”

Some were giggling over the issue, while some were advising everybody to do this or that so that peace could be restored. Some were talking to themselves as to why ladies travel in the general coach when they have a ladies compartment (Not realising that about 10,000 lady personnel were recruited by DMRC to keep the men out of the ladies compartment and even after that, a fine of almost Rs. 25,000 is received every month by DMRC by way of men’ travelling in ladies coach).

Well, it’s not an uncommon sight. It’s not an uncommon incident. The only reason I shared this incident was (a)to applaud the girl who voiced up. As i read somewhere in this regard, Its their shame not ours. Instead we should be proud of ourselves to voice up at the right time for the right cause and (b) to ask a question (to myself too) that ‘would you be the uncommoner to step up and help in reducing such common incidences’?Now, you would ask HOW? What can we do? If nothing more for example in this case, the people who were occupying the seats could have offered one to that lady… pretty simple… right?Now, you would again argue.. “the lady might be acting”. Sure… she might be.. but what if she is not? It was 9:30 in the morning… I guess everybody was not tired.

Anyways, the incident is over or might be continuing in some other Metro, in the presence of a different crowd, with different type of shrills, everything different except the common tragedy.

But the question remains, would you give an answer or become one yourself?


That crowd where you stand alone !!


Facts You Can Laugh Upon…

4 May
So… it’s the first Sunday of May, 2014… World Laughter Day… and this brought a smile on your face.. right??
Now, I am not just letting you go with a shiny smile up there, just sit back and enjoy the useless humour for which you come around on this blog.
Presenting some interestingly humorous facts about men and women… I hope you find then funny (and even if you don’t… what are the odds… Laugh Out Loud… Its World Laughter Day 😛 )

Facts About Women:
• A woman after visiting her girlfriend for weeks can return home, call the same friend and talk for three hours (yes… it happens… plus… when somebody would ask “What were you talking about” The girl would be like.. “Nothing.. just random things”)

• Women going out with girlfriends order for a large pizza, coke, garlic bread(anything left??) as opposed to the act they put up that they eat too little, when men are around.

• When a woman answers, “I’m fine, ” either she is not fine or she is not gonna be fine in a few seconds.

• Women love to talk and talk, and then talk some more and then talk about what the other person listened to, and if you are not ready for that after- talks round of questions… you are either dead or… ya you are mostly dead. women

• Women love a bargain, even if they don’t need the item. So, if they see a purse that is almost exactly like one they already have, but it has been marked down 75%, they are going to most likely buy it because women think they saved money on it!!

• Women know more than they lead on. They don’t want to show up by knowing more about politics than you do, so they “play dumb”, just to give you the satisfaction when women are really thinking about how dumb men really are on the subject!!

• Women are extremely extrovert but they would hide things that are concerned with their age, weight, feelings, and qualities.

• Women are bad at keeping secrets, and on top of that, they will not consider it untrustworthy when they only tell two or three people about it. P.S. : they are bad at hiding others’ secrets, not their owns’

• Women tend to ask questions that cannot be objectively answered or cannot be answered at all, and if you do answer they won’t agree, they will have their own logic and after an hour or so, they will say, “You know we wasted our time, the question was just not worth it” and the interesting part, if you are a male you will feel guilty.

• Women check out their reflections on any shiny surface: mirrors, spoons, store windows, and even their own shadows, but their favorite? Car’s rear view mirror, especially if it’s not their car.

• A handbag is an essential accessory for a woman and if she doesn’t carry it, she feels extremely awkward. One more thing, most of the girl keep their cell phone in their hands, all the time, even if they have pockets in the trouser.

• Women like looking at men, just as much as men like looking at women. They just know how to hide it better!

• Women have a hard time admitting when they are wrong. This means that a woman hardly ever apologizes and thinks that it’s a man’s duty to apologize.

• A woman speaks about 7,000 words a day; a man speaks about 2,000.

Facts about Men
• If a man says “I’ll call you,” and if he doesn’t, he did not forget, he did not lose your number, he didn’t run out of balance,he did not die, he just did not want to call you.

• Don’t try to teach men how to do anything in public. they can learn in private; in public they have to just know!

• Men who are married tend to have a longer life expectancy than those who are single. But they are the ones who are more willing to die ( 😉 ).

• Guys cannot keep secrets that girls tell them.men

• Women don’t make fools of men, most of them are the do-it-yourself types.

• Give a guy a hanging message, something vague like “You know what?!..uh…never mind!” and he is sure to force you to take a choice between either tell me or kill yourself and if you don’t tell him he would come to a conclusion which is far from what you were thinking.

• Most men hate to shop. That’s why the men’s department is usually on the first floor of a department store, two inches from the door.

• Men have a strong passion to change but do not have a will power that strong.

• Men love to be the first to read the newspaper in the morning. Not being the first is upsetting to their psyche!

• For men, the most complicated words to hear are, “I don’t think it’s working, We need to talk about our relationship”, and the most confusing one, “You are not the same person I loved, you have changed”

• If a man prepares dinner for you and it is nicely presented, beware.. he is serious.

And Finally a quote by (see it yourself :P) :


So, after the truly insignificant and unworthy discussion that happened above, I again wish you a very Happy Laughter Day…

What If….

8 Mar

‘International Women’s Day’, yet again… 8 March. ..yet again pink coloured gifts…yet again a day of bumper sales for Archies, jewellery shops and merchandise retailers. A day to brag big things about women dignity, integrity and greatness. Yet, again a day to lecture about the “she”. Yet again a day when NGOs and government highlight the achievements.
I wonder is it the ‘special’ day or the ‘only’ day for women. Women’s day makes every female somehow conscious of her vulnerability, weakness and the “abla naari” image. But, I would blame it to my ancestors, especially Sita and Radha. I would present two incidents, where they could (and should) have stood for themselves. Their one action could have shaped the present in a more better way. Here are the scenes where Sita and Radha could have made lives better for the better half of every male.

Scene 1:

Ram has killed Ravana and thrusted his conquest over Lanka. He entrusts the working of Lanka to Vibhishan by making him the king of the land. While everybody is dancing with joy and heading towards Ashok Vatika to rescue Sita, Ram is walking quietly. Sita is overwhelmed to meet her husband after a long period of almost one year. As soon as she steps forward to meet him, he stopped her. She is confused, everybody present there is confused.

Ram: Sita, you have had been in a demon’s den… you should prove your chastity.

Sita doesn’t believe her ears. Is this the same man, for whom she sacrificced all the palace’s leisure, the same man whose name she was reciting day and night … how insensitive, how immoral… questioning his wife’s chastity in front of the whole world.

Sita: My lord… you don’t believe me??

Ram: I do… but this world… it would raise questions… I don’t want them to do so… that is why I want to bury this topic right now…

Sita: I don’t have to prove anything to anyone… what matters is you… because you are my world… and if you believe me…and why should you be caring about the so called world if they are wrong??

Ram:  I have to care about them… I am their King… I am accountable to them… and because the world is wrong… I have to show them the right path and not leave them with their wrong notions…

Sita: You are not accountable to them for your personal life…. but maybe you are right… people should be taught the right path… and only if you are so insisting… what should I do??

Ram to Laxman: Bro… light up the fire… Sita would enter it and come out…

Sita: Huh… and that would prove that I am chaste??

Ram: Fire is the most sacred and clean elements of all…

Sita: (Whatever) okay…as you wish my lord… Go ahead…

Ram: What? Where??

Sita: When were getting married… I had promised before this same fire that I would follow you like your shadow… and do everything to keep you happy… You had also promised to be my quisling at every step I take… I have to follow you… please lead me My Lord…

Ram: No Sita… you would have to do this alone…u can

Sita: I know… I can.. But i will not…

Sita says this and leaves the place…

Scene 2:

Krishna: I have to go to Mathura… our relation ends here..

Radha: Is it a relationship too weak that can be ended too easily?

Krishna: But what else can we do??

Radha: We can run away…

Krishna: How can we run away… I mean you are married…

Radha: So what?? In the coming future… you would be aiding Arjuna to flee away with Subhadra… even Arjuna would have been married at the time of this escape…

Krishna: But… but… i mean… we always knew that this would end… and by this we would preach the chapter of sacrifice to the world…

Radha : Sacrifice?? What sacrifice are you making? You would be having over 1000 wives.

Krishna : (irritated) What do you want?

Radha: Nothing from a man who himself doesn’t know what he can give.

Radha turns back and goes away.

So, after the above imaginary scenes that you read… do you think that if this had actually happened… then the present would have been different??

My ideals are not Ram and Sita where the former questioned the chastity of the woman he fought for and the latter answered that question in the way he wanted. My ideals are not Krishna and Radha, where the former gave no good reason for the break up and the latter agreed.

My ideals are Laxman and Urmilla who even after being separated for 14 years never came up with such issues and my ideal is Meera who almost forced Krishna to accept her…

By the way… a very happy and hopeful Women’s Day to all the ladies out there and a very heartfelt thank you to all the men who always try to treat women as humans… they deserve a bigger salute… 🙂


The festival of words…

4 Feb

These days, a lot of literature festivals are being organized in different parts of India. The most glamorous and talked about of these is the Jaipur Literature Fest. It is the most recognized among others, because it has a history of about 9 years. The other States started organising such a fest only after the latter’s success. Recently, Literature Fest in Kolkata was held for the first time, and Delhi would be having it for the second time, on this weekend.

But, the festival, I am gonna talk about relates absolutely nothing to what I wrote above. (That’s how lawyers write 😉 )

I am talking about today. Basant Panchami. For those who don’t understand Hindi, Basant means spring and Panchami means the fifth day. So, today is the fifth day of the season called spring.

It’s a tradition here in India to wear yellow colored clothes on this day. Yellow signifies optimism and cheerfulness.

The day is also significant from the point of view of students, teachers and everybody who knows the importance of knowledge.

It is celebrated to be the day of Goddess Saraswati. It is an adage that after Lord Brahma had created the world, there was chaos all over. The God was confused, when a divine voice suggested that only knowledge can bring every thing in order. And then, from Brahma’s mouth, Saraswati originated as the goddess of knowledge.

But, I wonder, why it was a lady? A female? to come out of his mouth and given the responsibility to spread the light of knowledge? Why not a male…

Ya… the obvious answer might be that maybe… Brahma was not sure if such a herculean job could be performed by a male… but on a serious note… why?

I think Brahma is very clever. He gave the Education Ministry to his consort. He is himself well- versed in every language… in every kind of knowledge, but he chose to delegate the most important task of teaching others to his wife.

Now, if we come to the current situation, we see in many texts that women were not allowed to read or write. It was not considered their job. Well, this is what I call hypocrisy… praising the woman of knowledge, while ignoring the bread maker in the family.

It’s a reality that in every household, people want Laxmi and not Saraswati. That’s tragic, and that’s funny at the same time.

Saraswati… the symbol of purity dressed in white, is also a symbol of silence… silence of every girl who was not able to study because her brother went to school, she is also a symbol of sacrifice, which every girl has to make when choosing family over career; her veena is symbol of ragas and music, but it is also a witness of people calling its master a “gaanewali” with sheer disrespect; the lotus in her hand is a symbol of true knowledge, but it also reminds of the dirt of world from which the world itself expects her to rise above;  the text in her hands signifies words and letters, but it also signifies a warning that you can only hold them… don’t dare read them; the peacock sitting beside her symbolises grace… but it also symbolises that to grab attention… you would have to be naked…sar

Just praising her, and writing dedicated songs for her will not make her happy… if you can’t hear the silence of the Saraswati, living next door; or maybe in your own house….






20 Sep

This post is not about butterflies in the literal sense. But about those ‘kind’ of girls who behave like butterflies, especially in a public place, mostly to grab attention of people. I don’t have any bad or wrong feelings about it, but i personally feel that one should try to behave sober in public (look who is talking :P). So, this post…

The following is a real life encounter. I would change some names but trust me the story actually happened and those who witnessed it were really entertained.

So, a few days  back, I boarded metro with two of my friends from Dwarka station. We were returning from our college and very quite exhausted. We luckily got the seats and settled down there. Only two or three stations had passed and the crowd was becoming quite thick. My friends and I were talking randomly about the day, when a group of 6 girls entered the metro. They were laughing and holding hands and were in a party mood… no one paid attention because its  a common sight when 5 or 6 girls meet up. Now, one of the passengers stood up from his seat as he had reached his destination. One of these girls reached out for the seat with bullet speed and almost pushed that man so that she could sit.. Now this “harkat” turned many faces towards these girls. Now, the girl was not satisfied to get a seat for herself only.. she offered her friend to sit on her lap and that offer was duly respected by the other one…

They all started talking about a guy where the main story was that how one of these had fooled a boy and got an expensive wrist watch from him. These girls were sitting exactly opposite to us, so we were having a hearty good laugh on all those ‘pantiyas’.

Then, suddenly it strikes to one of them… “hey we have put on too good clothes… we should get our pictures.” So, the photo session started inside the metro. The metro announcer’s computerized voice of “Photography is not allowed inside the metro” was lost in the group laughter of those girls.

Half the coach was staring at them as all were having free fun. But there was one person who was looking to be in deep trouble. This was the man sitting besides that girl. The girl who was sitting on her friend’s lap was not able to control herself and it seemed that she could fall on that guy at any moment. At one time the girl was almost over him, but the man chose his izzat over metro seat and at once relinquished that seat and almost ran away from them. After 1-2 stations Rajouri Garden station came where these girls had to deboard. But they chose to deboard the metro from two coaches ahead (and I seriously didn’t got the logic for this one…)

As soon as they went out almost all the passengers in my coach had a smile on their face… and me and my friends… well had been laughing all the way…

So, these were some titiliyan who were irritating, laughable , comical and the inspiration for this post 😀

Letters of Pappu And Champa- 10

26 Jun

The next letter from Champa is right here. I know it has come very late, but that’s not her fault, I was quite busy with my life for a while. But now i would not make you and Pappu wait any longer.So, here it is :

Na… Na… itni jaldi na karna

Sab gadbad ho jaega warna

Bhai ko mere pta lga to

Kar denge wo mushkil jeena

Dheere- dheere baat bdhao

Thodi pehle pehchaan bnao

Unki nazar me to aao

Phir shadi ke khwab sajao

Wo hain akdu, garam dimagi

Jung ladne ki kar lo tyari

Agar mujhe ho sach me chahte

to mat karna jhoothe vaade

Bus yehi baat thi tumse kehni

baaki to main hun bus ab teri!!

Ye pyaar jataa rahi hai ya dara rahi hai? Quite difficult to make out!! But this is what the situation is in our country when it comes to the topic of love. Will this sttory go to the usual road of sacrifice or this one is the unusual??



International Wo ‘men’ Day!!

8 Mar

“Women’s Day”!! What a shame that we have to expressly assign a particular day to celebrate the femininity in this world. While today, some people would talk about the brighter side of being a woman and some would talk about women’s sorry state  in this man- owned world.

I would be reciting a poem composed by me:

Fine was the day, when I was born

It was not shining and I was alone

My father was not happy

And my mother was sad

That they were expecting the birth of a lad

I grew up in a state of constant fear

As the uncle next door was extra- dear

I entered teenage and everything messed up

‘Why I am a girl?’ was my only question

I held high degrees but was wedded to father of two children

Because my parents had no money to buy me a bachelor

He used to rape and abuse me

And one day, I left and fled from him

I met a guy who was kind to me

But late was when, I realized that he wanted only money

Now, people question about my chastity

But, its a traditional answer that

“To cry and weep the whole life

is a woman’s destiny!!”


Now,I would be providing you with a reality check of , when we today, are celebrating womanhood, what happens to them in a single day.

  • 22 deaths because of dowry demands
  • 3 murdered every day
  • 2 raped in every five minute
  • 10 women die of sexual abuse and violence
  • 7000 girls aborted in 1 day
  • 65% girls attend school and about 34% reach college
  • 50-60% girls are married before 18 years

So, this is the state of affairs going on in my country and I,after seeing this,am  not proud of it…

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