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Na Bhooli Hun, Na Bhoolungi…

4 May

College ki bus mein thus-thus kar jaana

driver ke “peeche bohot jagah hai” keh jaana

pehle din dean ka “this is the best college” btana

humara bhi majaak mein haskar, mann mein proud ho jaana

lekin ragging ke darr se jaldi ghar bhaag jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi.


Crimes ki class ke liye subah 9 baje aana

har class ko attendance ke liye attend karna

Saloni ka classes me Dan Brown padh jaana

har semester ke shuru me AC class ko hathiyanana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Contract law ke lecture mein “doosri” class me jaana

Ritu ma’am ka “shaant rahiye” kehkar halka sa smile kar jaana

1st semester ka finally result aana

result aane ke time pe paper kaun kaun se diye the, ye bhool jaana

champu hairstyles se step cut ย ka daur aana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Dean- students ke protest mein, semester kya hota hai ye bhool jaana

VC office, kabhi library, kabhi playground ke saamne dharne par baith jaana

fourth -semester ke baad third-sem ka result aana

aage ke semesters mein teachers ka “protest mein gye the aap log?” puch jaana

humara bhi haan bharke poora lecture tapaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


har project viva mein next student ka “kya poocha, kya poocha” question uthana

Rahul- Digvijay ke saath woh silent vivas dekar aana

Apurva ka har exam se pehle “fucked up” keh jaana

Nidhi ka har semester exams mein ek nya tv-show start karne ka exam ritual nibhana

na bhoooli hun, na bhoolungi


Tez baarish me sneh ke saath bheegte hue jaana

Saloni ko har semester me detention ka darr dikhana

Shikha ka “tujhe pta chala?” style me gossip sunaana

humaara bhi interest lekar doosre din bhool jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Saloni ka “At 8 at RC… don’t be late” message karke 8:45 par aana

Abhishek se har paper se pehle photocopy karwana

Sneh ka “2 saal baad pata lagega tumhe ki main kya kar rhi hun” keh jaana

Kanika ka “yaar mera kya hoga” soch ke yuhin tensioniyana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Varun ka har serious baat ko majaak banakar keh jaana

Kokila ka cute cute cheezon ka pradarshan kar jaana

pen kho jaane par gham manaana

par kisi aur ka bhi pen ghum hua, ye jaankar usi ke saamne hans jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


CrPc ke viva me Ma’am ka “beta padh lo” keh jaana

mere viva ke reaction se sonali ka darr jaana

exam time me metro me chakkhallas karte hue aana

college aakar lunch aur coffee gatakane ka prime motive poora kar jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


aansoo to nhi, khushi hai

koi gham nhi, sirf hansi hai

kuch peeche reh jayega, aisa koi darr nhi

kyunki jiye hai aise, jiski koi umar nhi…


IF I have offended anyone or made anyone happy, I am truly sorry for both because that’s who I am and that’s how I want you to remember me. You guys can add lines if you want. I know this is not the way it should end, but it should begin.

I wouldn’t complain because if what we were wanting to happen would have happened then what actually happened wouldn’t have happened and what happened was more beautiful than we could ever thought of happening.



The Last Of It

11 Nov

The Last Minor

HI… A very very good evening!! I know I have been very lazy on blog nowadays, I know you are expecting the next chapter of The Link very badly and I know that you miss the sarcastic jokes even more… yeah yeah… I know all of that. But what you don’t know is that it’s the last year of my college. That in next year by this time of the year, I would have become a law graduate, I would have taken a step further in becoming a writer and I might have taken up a job (anything but law :P) . So, now you know… And so.. from today I am starting a new series which would be called “The Last Of It”, featuring the last day of the college, the last project, the last exam, the last conversation with a teacher and many other things. The series starts today as today was my last minor exam.

Let me explain the scheme of examinations in my college in a nutshell. Every subject is evaluated out of 100 marks. An exam of 10 marks is taken every month, 5 marks are in the hands of teacher and we need to give a big semester exam for 75 marks at the end of the session. These 10 marker exams are mid- term, which are generally called ‘minors’. So, I gave my last minor. Last minor of the law course. Although I have a whole semester running from January to May too, but in the last semester we only have to intern for six months at some legal firm or the like.

So, today, the feeling that it’s the last minor exam was … na… not there :P. The exam was at 3. I met my friend at Rajiv Chowk to go to Dwarka.

She: What are the topics that are coming?

Me: Don’t really remember… but I have the book… once we reach college… we will ask someone. Waise bhi… how does it matter… it’s the last minor.”

And then since neither of us knew the syllabus, we talked about ridiculous things for an hour till we reached our college.

We reached there at 11 and the exam was at 3. So, we had ample time. A friend who stays in the hostel came to the place where we were sitting. She enlightened us about the syllabus. The syllabus was very easy, we had read it previously. So, we didn’t felt like reading it. So, after that, we talked endlessly about future plans, wedding plans, honeymoon destinations, someone even suggested me the names of my future kids, and so on and so forth. Well… it was 12:30, that we realised that it’s out last minor and we should crack it well. So, we took a break from our talks, brought out our lunch boxes and did the most important thing for which we come to college. We savored on two lunches, two coffees (I don’t drink coffee) and one samosa.

It was 1 when we finished the lunch and again it was time for some bakar. The topic shifted from here to there… flowing from professional life to personal lives and how each of us would be after 5 years. I know that is pure girls talk, a talk which every girl says “we don’t do” ๐Ÿ˜› and that’s the fun that it is done by everybody… sometimes (many a times) by the boys too.

Anyway… It was 2 when we started studying with the note that “it’s the last exam, we should perform the ritual of studying”.

We went to the examination hall at 2:50 and settled down at our places. The invigilator came at 2:56 and distributed the sheets. I asked the person sitting behind me, “What’s the date today?” He answered “How does it matter, its the last minor”. But then he told me.

The exam was pretty easy ( Yes! my family follows this so… ) Yes the exam was awesome and more awesome was the feeling that the last minor was over.

We came outside the exam hall. One of the classmates asked me “How was the exam? And i responded “How does it matter? It was the last minor”. She gave me a weird look. Coming out of the college I felt like fleeing the subject notes in the air aboveย  the playground. But then the thought stuck… the 75 mark exam is yet to be given. So, I postponed the plans for next month.

So, this was all about the last minor. Many such stories coming down the lane as the last of the law college happens gradually. Till then, Bye!!

Oh, not till then, because you never know… “The Link” is not over yet… right?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚






Indraprastha Saga- 7

25 Feb
Hey… today, something will happen thatย  you would have longed for, since you first read this series.
As soon as the news of suspension of B spread throughout the college, there was a streak of shock among everybody. But this time, it was not just about being sorry upon the poor state of management. This time was to rise, to protest and to claim what was theirs’. The students came together and assembled themselves in front of the office of the college. They called for total disobedience in a peaceful manner and boycotted their classes. Three of them went a step further and declared hunger strike. This trio included B. The protest was being carried out very peacefully and the teachers were astonished at this pacified behavior of Gen Y,the same generation which was often criticized for their ruthless and carefree attitude.
After two days of hunger strike and non- cooperation from student fraternity, the management had to take some decision. They could not just sit idle and ignore. So, they did what was right or to say necessary to prevent further degradation. They called off the suspension order and it was a victory, not only of B, but of every such person who was connected to the law school.
But, certain issues are still burning! Will the dean be removed from her office? Would the teachers get justice? Would the law school become a true lawful school?? We will see… but nNOT in the next post.
People have been telling me that I am deviating from my main motive of humor+ satire+ raising the current issues (which are often serious). So, the next time we meet, I would try to come back to the path that I had chosen. Till then, happy days. ๐Ÿ™‚

Indraprastha Saga- 6

24 Feb
Today, I would come straight to the point of the story, because its Sunday, and I will not bore you with the spoilers.
As we know, the revolution was taking its charge in the law school. Teachers and students, both the fraternities were anguished by the environment that was prevailing in that place. The dean knew how to control the teachers. She issued memos against some teachers and was to some extent successful in making them dumb. But, student agitation was on its way. The students organized themselves, they circulated posters and banners which demanded the removal of S from deanship.
To pacify these revolutionaries and to deviate them from the issue, S again lifted the axe and took the next step in digging the grave of her authority. She issued a suspension order against one of the students, lets call him B. So, this lightning fell on B because, he was one of the active revolutionaries. The suspension was nothing but a litmus test to check what would be the reaction of such action. The suspension was totally illegal, as the charges were not specified and it was to be in force, till any other further notice.
Will the students turn dumb as the teachers, to some extent did? Or they would find some other way to deal with it?? What would it be?? Will the suspension be revoked? We will see.. in the next post.

Indraprastha Saga- 5

23 Feb

Now, you would have been bored by always reading about the mess and wrongdoings going on in the institute. But, I believe that with the same boredom, you also are excited to know what happens next.

As they say, no matter how cloudy the day is, sun will definitely shine. It maybe hidden for sometime, but it would never go away. This college was also eclipsed by the dean, who was coming between the light of success to reach the lives of students and teachers.

After the charges of sexual harassment being made out on the innocent teacher by the dean, there was an outburst among teachers. They were furious over this drastic and moving act of the dean. Previously, it was an internal matter that teachers were being abused and misbehaved by the dean for no reason. But now, the war was open. The dean had crossed the line. The teachers were left with no choice, but to protest against such a shameless authority.

The students also had united themselves and raised their voice in favor of removal of dean on the grounds of the case of plagiarism being made out against her.

Now, the dean had come in a vulnerable position. The tables were turned. Teachers and students, both were against her and now the real war was on the verge of commencing.


Will this movement, brought about by the teachers and students survive and bring change or be blown with the strong oppositional storm of dean and top management? Will see… you know when… ๐Ÿ™‚

Indraprastha Saga- 4

22 Feb

By now, you would have understood that there was a gross and high- level management failure prevailing in the law school.

The teachers and students were quiet but it was like the cool breeze in the desert, a desert to where tsunami was headed.

The first stone was thrown by the dean in the placid lake by accusing one of the teachers on the grounds of sexual harassment. The only mistake of the teacher was that he had caught a student red handed, cheating in the exam. Unfortunately for him, that student was dean’s son. The case of harassment was a pathetic move by the dean to cover the flaws, for which she was responsible. Everybody who came to know about this, was first shocked, then criticized the dean, then sympathized with the teacher and then felt sorry for the law school.

Students, on the other hand, were suffering from other kinds of traumas, they had no library and other such things ( Already told in the previous post)!!

So, in a way, teachers and students, both were being victimized by the same hunter.

To light the cracker, the dean was charged of the serious offense of plagiarism.


Wow!! This is getting intense. High level politics is being played. A person accuses someone and gets charged for some other reason. What would happen next? Would the dean go? we will see tomorrow.

Indraprastha Saga- 3

21 Feb

In the previous post, while concluding it, I had told something about other issues which needed to be raised. So, today, I would be touching upon those.

The gross mismanagement prevalent in the law school was not only confined to teachers, but also affected students. There was no proper library, which is a pre- requisite of every law college. The students were discouraged from going and participating in moot competitions. There was an ever growing lack of funds, affecting the infrastructural facilities. The chaos was created, maintained and grown very strategically by the dean and top management.

It is said that, there once came a time, when people, i.e. students and teachers started feeling that this whole thing is a deliberate move to scrap off the law school.

Some students, aware of their rights, occasionally used to raise their voice, but were sealed by issuing memos against them.

Strange!! An unqualified person, not even worth to hold that office was dictating the same country’s best teachers and judges, lawyers and leaders of tomorrow.

Now, the administration had crossed all the lines of wild decisions and discretion which were on the face of it, arbitrary.


In the next post, we would see, after the lines are crossed, would anyone come forward to remind them of their limitations; or are there no lines at all??

Indraprastha Saga- 2

20 Feb

Indraprastha Saga -1

19 Feb

Hey!! How are you people? If you are good, read it and ruin your day and if you are sad, read it so that you will realize that there are worse kinds of things going on and then you will feel better. So, in any case, read further.

This post series is the tale of a college. So, let’s start how conventional stories start.

Once upon a time, there was a university. Don’t get into its name, said Shakespeare. So, this university offered many courses like B. tech, MBA, MBBS, Law, etc… Law, I said?? Ya.. the main story revolves around the law department. There was a Dean, let’s call her ‘S’. So, S was an unqualified professional who was facing charges of more that 20 cases which included plagiarism and financial embezzlement s, among others.

The day she stepped into the Dean’s office and sat on that blue chair, everything around took a U- turn. The law school became a ‘flawed’ school, possessing every possible flaw that you can imagine in an institution. She used to abuse the teachers, the students and her power. She was like one of those kings, who was obeyed by everyone, but respected by none. Every person, in that campus knew about every wrong she had done, but God only knew why all were too afraid to raise voice against her.


Now, in the next post of this series, we would see as to does she continue to be an anarchy or some changes happen, someone raise the voice and if yes, then what next??

So, stick on because, its not about a university in mess, its a tale of worst v. best. One the one side is S and her power and on the other… would there be someone?? We will see that tomorrow!!


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