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24 May

I lost a pen and a pencil

The hair clutcher and the flower clip

The loss was minor, but I cried like a baby

As those were the things to make me a fairy


I lost my marks, important things at time

I lost my car keys along with the subject file

I lost a bird to that cat in the backyard

I lost one relative in the emergency ward


Then I lost the memory to forget these things

And my mind blew away, I lost my wings

It seemed I lost everything I had

And so lost the sanity, that I once had


I lost the fairy and the bird

But I had you there, you became my world

I had lost you too, but you never did

You were the one I could laugh and sing with


But, today I lost you, the greatest loss of life

The cream- smoothed world now cuts me like a knife

I will bear the pain, but it’s not easy

As now I am truly lost, when you left me!


You Meant The World

31 Mar

Well…. this post…. I am really very sad while typing this… One of my best friend’s beloved has expired. Her soulmate, her best friend and her life… and you know what’s tragic… she realised that it meant so much to her when it was gone. It happens right?? With everybody… We realise the importance of what is ours’ only after it’s gone because the rest of the time we are too busy in  comparing what others have and we don’t. She realised the importance of the most important thing in her world when it’s gone… forever. I have written the following poem from her perspective on her loss. (P.S. I am not good at poetry… so no matter how worse it gets… bhawnao ko samjho)

So you are gone, leaving me behindindex

to think about you and cry all night

Watching the TV is not such fun

as was talking to you so much

Never did I knew that you were special

Always treated you without any care

Always had I slept with you on my side

And woken up to see you giving me a smile

Always you helped me to get through the exam

I raised the question and you got the answer fast

Never had i dreamt that I would live without you

Now, in the dreams you come and meet me

I know you are gone and that’s the bitter truth

But I would remember you, because you were the first.


Now, i should reveal as to of whose obituary report you just read. It was her LG phone. Ya, it was stolen by someone just two days ago. And in these two days, she has actually realised that the love of her life was that phone. Not parents, not the lover, not the siblings, but that phone…. I hope that phone rests in peace and the new one fills in the space as soon as possible… ( Well her new phone is S4, so I guess it would not be  difficult at all) 😛 🙂


Letters of Pappu And Champa- 8

4 May

After the previous letter of Pappu, Champa took a long time to make up her mind about what she wants. And now, after she has gone through all the possibilities, what does she finally choose? Love of Pappu or fear of family…

Tere khat pe aitbaar kiya

tujhe hamesha khud se door kiya

par ab lagta hai tu apna saimages

mujhse bhi zaada pass mere

Jo shuru hua tha ldai ka silsila

ab nahi hai tujhse koi gila

teri baaton pe ab yakeen hai

ab tu hi mere kareeb hai

Mujhko bhi ab nahi darr kisi ka

har saza mujhe manjoor hai

bus tum ab mukar na jaana kahin

tum ko khone ka hi darr hai…

O..oo… so, Champa has finally expressed her love for Pappu. But she seems to be constantly captivated with the fear of her family. To see what happens next, keep reading.. 🙂

Letters of Pappu and Champa- 7

14 Apr

After Champa’s previous letter, Pappu has taken a considerable amount of time to reply. Maybe, because he now knows that his love story is not going to be as smooth as he had wished and its time to take the matter seriously for the sake of his and Champa’s life…

Tune ab tak  jo darr dikhlaya

uska kissa ab samajh me aya

tune mujhko ab tak nahi jaana

saccha hun main tera deewana

tu auro ki baat chhor de

apne mann ki pehle sun le

saath agar tu hogi mere

sab cheezon se lad jaunga

pyaar agar hai mera saccha

tujhko, pakka main pa jaunga

apne dil se kar le yaari

chinta chhor ke apni saari

jo bhi ho faisla tera, bta dena

par pyaar ko duniya ke darr se haraa mat dena…

Now, here seems that Pappu has not said anything unusual, but if he stick to his words, then that would be somehow, unusual….



Letters of Pappu And Champa- 6

10 Apr

This is Champa’s reply to Pappu after his previous letter. What does Champa says?? Has she melt to the love of Pappu or reluctant like before, or she is in a dilemma herself? Let’s see…

Tujhko pyaar se samajh nahi aata

mujhko tu kyun bhool nahi jaata

karti hun main baat 1 sacchi

btati hun aaj, jo baat mann mein thi rakhi

mujhko nahi itni azaadi

ki pyar karun main chori- chori

tujhko darr dikhlaya hamesha

par hai sach, ki khud hun darti

mere bhai hain bade protective

rakhte hain pehre effective

akele main kahin ja nahi paati

baat kisi se kar nahi paati

itni hai bandish mujhpe

sapne me bhi ud nahi sakti

ab tu samajh ja meri haalat ko

rehem kar mujhpe, ye jaan kar to…

Today, Champa has written a letter giving a reason or rather an emotional answer to the questions of Pappu. Will Pappu after knowing Champa’s position in her house leave her or try to free her from the web of her relations…

Letters of Pappu and Champa-5

6 Apr

After Champa warned Pappu again, not to send her letters, does Pappu adhere to what she says or is still trying to impress her.. ??

Mujhse hai aisa kya panga

mujhme tujhko kya nahi janchta

saari raat hu main ab jagta

din me bhi bus taare ginta

teri chahat mein ho gya aadha

mujhko ishq ke rog ne maara

doori to gairon se rakhna

main to hun ab tera apna

free mein ladka mil jaega

dahej ka kharcha bach jaega

20,000 per month hun kamaata

golden chance hai, tu mat gawaaane

tu jitni bhi gaali dede

ye ashiq na karega doori

jitna door bhagayegi tu

main mein basta jaega ye… 😉

Now, here Pappu has declared his salary and asked Champa about what she thinks about him now. Would Champa be stubborn or the figure of Pappu’s salary change her mind? Or there would be something else?? Hang on to the next post to find out the same!! :)https://creatigentt.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Letters of Pappu And Champa- 4

19 Mar

The last letter of Pappu was quite in the form of giving answers to Champa. Now, does Champa gives any lift to her neighbor or is still stubborn enough to her rude behavior towards her one sided lover.

Tere dil ki aisi ki taisi

Mujhko samajh na airi gairi

Saare hote hain aise hi

Pehle karte hain baatein meethi

Ladki ko hain machli samajhte

Gift daal ke apni or kheenchte

Jab wo jaal me pad jaati hai

Uski aaafat aa jati hai

Bin paani hai aise tadapti

Na hai jeeti, na hai marti

Tere me kuch khaas nahi dikhta

Tu hai alag, par mujhe nahi janchta

Meri hai apni majboori

Rakhti hun main sabse doori

Meri aankhon me tu khoega

Sach me pie ho jaega

Aisa hoga gayab sheher se

Duniya se hi uth jaega

Main nahi karti pyaar kisi se

Apne panne kahin aur chala

Yahan to finkte hain kude me

Jahan ho kadr, wahan lga!!

Letters of Pappu And Champa- 3

15 Mar

Champa’s first letter was very rude and a kind of warning to Pappu to stay in his limits. Does Pappu adhere to her desire or takes some other course. Lets see in the next letter by Pappu

Tune dil ka dard na samjha

pyaar ko mere lag gaya jhatka

Khandaan ke baare me to puri info de di tune

par apne biodata ke

ab tak kiye hain darshan soone

Police aur gunde ka darr,

aur kisi ko dikhlana

In dono ko mere

vakil baap se milwana

Samajhdar lagti ho shaql se

par ho ekdum bacchi mann se

Aashiq hoga tera mohalla

Par main hun unme no. 1

Tere bhai se mai nahi darta

bol de usko jo hai karna

Aur tu boli, ki maa baap ki eklauti aulad hun main

isiliye to shaadi ki jaldi me yaar hun main

Tujhse kitna pyaar hun karta

Ye kaise samjhaun main

Bus ye khat ka silsila bana rahe

yahi duyaein mangu main

Letters of Pappu and Champa- 2

12 Mar

After Pappu sends his first letter to his new neighbor, what reply does he get??? Is the girl charmed with the way he praises her beauty or takes some other course? Here is her reply:

Reply from Champa

Ye khat hai pehla aur aakhiri

meri taraf se first and last warning

Badi tarifein ki mere chehre ki

Aur ek hi nazar me chahat ho gayi sehre ki?

Arre tere jaise aashiq bahut dekhe maine

Aur un sabhi ko pad gaye lene ke dene

Mera 1 bhai police me aur dusra don hai

Aur baap ka to mujhe khud nahi pta kaun hai

Par main seedha point par aati hun

Tujhe short me samjhati hun

Tu mera sapna tod de

Apne ma- baap ki eklauti aulad hai,

mera peecha chor de

Varna anjaam to mujhe bhi nahi pata kya hoga

par haan, mere bhai se pite hue

aashiqon mein 1 aur naam hoga….


Hmmm… this is rude!! Champa has totally blown off the dreams of Pappu. What will happen next? Will Pappu make any second attempt? Would he try something else?? We will see in the next post…. 🙂

Letters of Pappu And Champa

5 Mar

This is a series of love letters of Pappu and Champa, who are regular lovers, but there love story is not common. Well! They say, “If its common, its not a love story”. So, what’s special in theirs’, we would see as the series goes on. The series is formulated in poem style and as both of them are not poets, you cannot expect a classic poem from them, but what you can expect is a happening love story. 😉

First letter from Pappu:

O meri nayi padosan

Khat me dil ko bhej raha hun

Chhat se aankhen sek raha hun

Isko tum mazaak na samajhna

Serious hun, consider karna

Tumko jab dekha pehli baar

Tabhi mai shadi ko ho gaya tyar

Teri aankhon me mujhe jannat nazar aayi

Aisa maano wo ho samundar,

aur main unme fasa hua pie

Tumhare honth hain like rose petals

Taarif me tumhari kam pad gaye letters

Jab tumhari maa ne tumhe bulaya,

Champa naam leke

Mujhe ehsaan ka ehsaas dilaya

Dil me violin bja mere

Ab taarif bahut ho gayi

Khat ko itne me niptaata hun

Ki tu bhi agar mujhko chahe

To aisa kaam karenge

Heer- Ranjha, Soni- Mahiwal aur Romeo- Juliet ki tarah

Champa aur pappu ka bhi log naam japenge

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