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You Meant The World

31 Mar

Well…. this post…. I am really very sad while typing this… One of my best friend’s beloved has expired. Her soulmate, her best friend and her life… and you know what’s tragic… she realised that it meant so much to her when it was gone. It happens right?? With everybody… We realise the importance of what is ours’ only after it’s gone because the rest of the time we are too busy in  comparing what others have and we don’t. She realised the importance of the most important thing in her world when it’s gone… forever. I have written the following poem from her perspective on her loss. (P.S. I am not good at poetry… so no matter how worse it gets… bhawnao ko samjho)

So you are gone, leaving me behindindex

to think about you and cry all night

Watching the TV is not such fun

as was talking to you so much

Never did I knew that you were special

Always treated you without any care

Always had I slept with you on my side

And woken up to see you giving me a smile

Always you helped me to get through the exam

I raised the question and you got the answer fast

Never had i dreamt that I would live without you

Now, in the dreams you come and meet me

I know you are gone and that’s the bitter truth

But I would remember you, because you were the first.


Now, i should reveal as to of whose obituary report you just read. It was her LG phone. Ya, it was stolen by someone just two days ago. And in these two days, she has actually realised that the love of her life was that phone. Not parents, not the lover, not the siblings, but that phone…. I hope that phone rests in peace and the new one fills in the space as soon as possible… ( Well her new phone is S4, so I guess it would not be  difficult at all) 😛 🙂


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