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Celebrity Talk

15 Dec

In Indian society, the level of youth being motivated to make it large in his life, is directly proportional to the fact as to how the celebrities in the society are treated.

If I even talk about inter- caste marriage in the family, I would be either beheaded or banished from the society. But if a film star performs inter- religion marriage, it becomes the unique precedent of cultural and communal integrity.

Recently one ‘superstar’ of our nation was acquitted of the charges of rash car driving leading to death of one person who was sleeping on the footpath. The whole nation wanted to know why the homeless was sleeping on the pavement. But if I mistakenly even pluck a flower from roadside pavement decors, I would be fined Rs. 500. A celebrity can go out in public, become grossly drunk and vomit, but I, the common man, cannot even spit in the dustbin without people gazing at me.

All these things indicate that as one rises up on the ladder of success, he goes out of the gravitation force of rules, laws and society.

There is one more thing that these Celebrities can do, but common man can’t. It’s hypocrisy. Recently, one Bollywood actress whose only claim to fame was her so – called oversized body has shed off that ‘over’ with the help of gym. Now, she is considered to be outspoken and previously she always advocated that beauty is not in body. You don’t have to be in shape according to society. Just wear your own shape and decide yourself. It is to be noted that she inspired many girls to be comfortable about their looks as it is and not to be slim for anyone. The same girl now released photos from a photo shoot where her extra pounds are nowhere to be seen and now she advocated fitness. Well! if it would have been me, I would have been annoyingly disturbed about my size by even my parents. Then when I would have tried to shed it off by going to gym or being on a diet, I would have been equally demotivated and after all this if I would have been successful in achieving the loss of some kgs, it would be said that I am jealous of my cousins who are slim or that I am preparing myself for some boy so that I could get married. In my case I would be doing it for anyone but me and in her case, she can’t do it for anyone else. NO!

Oh! There is one more thing that society teaches that if some celebrity does good deeds, his previous bad acts should be forgotten. Not even forgiven, but simply forgotten. So, this means good deeds are like gift vouchers that can be used in bad times. In this era of capitalism, the economic angle of these vouchers need to be studied carefully. It has to be kept in mind that the Gita gyaan should be a little amended. According to Gita, only focus on your work and do not worry about result, but now before you do your work, focus as to if it would fetch you any of those vouchers, so that when result is out, you can use them if needed.

So, for example, get drunk and abuse people, if anyone asks, you may say that you had fed dogs the previous day. That dog would never know that by feeding him, the man just bought a policy to secure his future.

In the end, if you ever come across a news stating that Harshda, a blogger from Delhi is caught red handed for stealing pencil and pens from office, please forgive me, as writing less on the blog nowadays, I am also kind of doing a service. 😛



The Hanging!

1 Aug

For everyone who thinks that the recent hanging of a convict involved in Bombay… oops! Mumbai Bomb Blasts was cruel, undemanding and inhumane might have never known or never needed to know what a bomb blast is. I don’t claim to know what it is either but being a lawyer… I have seen what losing a dear one can mean to someone. How it affects the living and the non- living.
I think these people belong to the group who see the live coverage of a bomb affected site, participate in the candle light march at Jantar Mantar or India Gate, come home and the next morning when the wake up, they don’t remember the previous day. Now, I am not mocking anyone. But, I fail to understand as to why do we have such short- lived memory. 1993! Two hours of serial bombings all around the city. Blasts that took almost 250 lives and ruined uncountable breaths that remained to weep. Two hours… that displaced more than one thousand people living on streets and moved even those who resided in skyscrapers. Two hours of terror, twenty years of recovery… and counting.
No one was joyous when he was hanged. No one danced. Even those who were most directly affected by the blasts were not happy to celebrate because they know the void that is created when one leaves. They know that his family may have no fault but they would have to live with the consequences.
Many of us are questioning the Supreme Court’s ‘hurried’ decision on his hanging. “Hurried” they say. They say that it was for the first time that to pronounce a decision, Supreme Court worked at the peak of night. It was for the first time too, that in 1993, Mumbai was shaken. It was only for the first time , the concept of ‘serial blasts’ was introduced to this country. The judiciary just continued this ‘first- time’ convention in his honour.
The debate is revolving around two hours of bomb blasts v/s two minutes of hanging. It should have been revolving around its consequences. It is all about justiciability. It should have been about the aftermath. He was not a hero. But, I am quite sure that after 10-15 years a movie based on his life would be released and earn more than 100 crores, might win a National Award too.
The hundreds who died are dead, but he would be kept alive.
In the last, it all boils down to a mention in General Knowledge books in varied forms, and THAT is the most tragic of all.



Truth At Our Convenience

25 Jun

So a blog post after a long long time, and that does not mean that this one is good. 😛 I believe in maintaining the quality standards, so this one too is the same old quality.

Truth, is deceptive and we who speak it are the biggest lairs. Yes!! because the one who speaks truth would expect truth from the other side, without understanding his situation. People tend to judge others based on their position and so if they can tell a truth and the other cannot, they quickly judge that person without understanding the other side. Only a person who lies can understand you.
Also, most of the people treat themselves as an exception. When someone fails, they have a criticism to make, but if the failure is own then we have a lot of explanations and excuses to stand out. To show off that we were differently placed and that we didn’t fail but such and such situation lead to the failure.
Also, we expect only others to follow the path of righteousness and truth, but we rarely try to implement those good set goals on ourselves. Take an example!! While driving a car, we always whine over buses who take over and drive speedily. But when we are in the same bus, we never care about its speed and if it jumped the red light. We never ask the driver to be within the prescribed limits of speed nor do we ask what is the hurry to jump the red light. Instead, in our minds we thank him for being in a hurry as he would carry us to the destination earlier. And when we are on this topic of jumping red lighs, I seriously don’t get it. Why do people do it? What is the restlessness about? As in what would you achieve by saving those 30 or 40 seconds of your life.

Now , with this, I am reminded of one more issue. The way weddings take place in India. Every  parent want that their son should be wedded to a girl as beautiful as Aishwaya Rai totally forgetting the fact that they are not as wealthy as Bacchans. They want a handsome dowry for their not so handsome son. They want the other party to give a lavish party, spend heavily on ceremonies and a grand reception. And when its their daughter’s time to get married, they want to enforce anti- dowry laws.

Just imagine, one MBA graduate girl earning 18 lakhs per year has to marry a simple engineer holding a degree from an unknown private college but drawing 20 lakhs per year and on that pay him almost 25-30 lakh. I mean, ultimately, it all boils down to getting married to a person whom she would not have even befriended if they would have met in college. Ultimately, it boils down to pay grades and to number of digits in salary. Recently, one of my known persons got married. He was shown girl’s photo and he rejected her saying that he liked her only 80 per cent. The bride’s parents kept on increasing the amount of money ;they were ready to give as ‘gift’ and ultimately now after their settlement, that girl is his 100 per cent legally wedded wife. But, in future at the time of his sister’s marriage, this same boy would expect the other party to be polite and respectful. He would give his share of excuses and say that his case was different.

Everybody’s case is different. Everyone’s case is the same.

So, don’t stand out. Sometimes be a part of crowd. Don’t be an exception. Be general, owe up to what you did wrong. Don’t be an excuse.
So, the whole purpose of this post was to:
1. write something… anything 😛
2. Umm… ok I forgot… 😛


24 May

I lost a pen and a pencil

The hair clutcher and the flower clip

The loss was minor, but I cried like a baby

As those were the things to make me a fairy


I lost my marks, important things at time

I lost my car keys along with the subject file

I lost a bird to that cat in the backyard

I lost one relative in the emergency ward


Then I lost the memory to forget these things

And my mind blew away, I lost my wings

It seemed I lost everything I had

And so lost the sanity, that I once had


I lost the fairy and the bird

But I had you there, you became my world

I had lost you too, but you never did

You were the one I could laugh and sing with


But, today I lost you, the greatest loss of life

The cream- smoothed world now cuts me like a knife

I will bear the pain, but it’s not easy

As now I am truly lost, when you left me!


Lonely Crowd

1 Mar

“How dare you touch me? Can’t you sit properly?”

A shrilling voice in the midst of routine murmurings  turned the attention of every single person present in that coach. It was almost 9:30 in the morning. The city folks were rushing to reach their workplaces. That Metro was witnessing the usual crowd, the daily passengers, the daily musings and the boringly routine passage of stations. But, the voice turned everybody’s attention. The young brigade pulled out the earplugs from their ears and the ‘grown ups’ rested the Candy Crush Saga for a while. That shrilling voice which halted everything was a girl. A girl in yellow suit and black sweater. Seemingly in her late 20s, she was screaming over a man who must be in his early 40s.

“There is so much rush… I didn’t intend to…” The man tried to explain.

“Oh, everybody is standing in the rush…  this man behind me… is also standing… he didn’t touch… you are comfortably seated…” The girl shouted.

“So what?? Huh… why are you creating a scene? First of all, I didn’t touch you… and even if you felt it… I am sorry for the mistake…”

“Oh mistake? Just because I am pointing it out to you… You feel it’s a mistake… otherwise…” A man who was standing beside the lady now interrupted.

“What is the problem?” He asked the lady.

“This man is continuously touching my legs with his feet… not once but thrice he did so… and I know its not co- incidental.”

The whole coach was listening to the details. They wanted the voices to be raised, so that they could get the audio clearly. There was a consensual silence and the only voices that could be heard were coming from that side.

“You are seeing the crowd na… maybe he is right and by mistake…”. The man tried to put off the matter.

But the lady continued… “If you again touch my feet, you will be solely responsible for the consequences.” She warned the man in the seat.

By this the so- called framed accused also started shouting and warned the girl that if she does not shut her mouth he would do so by slapping her.

Now, the dumb but definitely not deaf crowd came into senses and tried to peace out. There were voices from all over the coach.

“Someone hand over both of them to the police.”

“Someone just shut them off.”

A teenager commuting along with his friend told him, “This is the first time I am witnessing such ‘interesting’ dispute in the Metro.”

Some were giggling over the issue, while some were advising everybody to do this or that so that peace could be restored. Some were talking to themselves as to why ladies travel in the general coach when they have a ladies compartment (Not realising that about 10,000 lady personnel were recruited by DMRC to keep the men out of the ladies compartment and even after that, a fine of almost Rs. 25,000 is received every month by DMRC by way of men’ travelling in ladies coach).

Well, it’s not an uncommon sight. It’s not an uncommon incident. The only reason I shared this incident was (a)to applaud the girl who voiced up. As i read somewhere in this regard, Its their shame not ours. Instead we should be proud of ourselves to voice up at the right time for the right cause and (b) to ask a question (to myself too) that ‘would you be the uncommoner to step up and help in reducing such common incidences’?Now, you would ask HOW? What can we do? If nothing more for example in this case, the people who were occupying the seats could have offered one to that lady… pretty simple… right?Now, you would again argue.. “the lady might be acting”. Sure… she might be.. but what if she is not? It was 9:30 in the morning… I guess everybody was not tired.

Anyways, the incident is over or might be continuing in some other Metro, in the presence of a different crowd, with different type of shrills, everything different except the common tragedy.

But the question remains, would you give an answer or become one yourself?


That crowd where you stand alone !!


Cooking… An Art More Complex Than The Rocket Science

5 Jul

The following post is written for the ‘My Beautiful Food’ contest held by IndiBlogger and sponsored by http://www.myborosil.com/


“So… you don’t know how to cook.”

“I…I…do… and what do you mean by that?? You just ate daal, spinach and rotis.”

“That was daal? I thought it was some kind of salted water, where was the daal? And the spinach… whatever, but you don’t know how to cook… admit it.”

“Okay… I will admit that I am a bad cook… but… I cooked.”

“Smriti… there is good food, there is bad food and there is something that the maker calls the food and the eater trashes away. What you presented falls in the third category. Plus what do you mean by ‘I cooked’… you have to cook.. that’s something you are obliged to do.”

“Well… I tried…”

“You tried… because you don’t know how to cook… right?”

“Your purpose of marrying me was to judge my culinary skills?”

“No… but it’s time that you start learning this skill… seriously…”

Aamil left the dining table to get ready for the office. He was recently being married to Smriti. Smriti works as a secretary in a private firm. Her husband, Aamil, works in a government agency falling into the officer grade pay.

After he left, Smriti was thinking about the dinner’s menu. There were many vegetables in the refrigerator, almost every type of pulse in the storeroom, but the basic problem was that she didn’t knew how to put these things to the best use. She searched on youtube for easy recipes and listed out two which seemed quite easy.

For the main dinner she picked out the recipe of jeera rice and kadhai paneer and for snacks she thought of dhokla.

She used the Mixing Bowl from her collection of myborosil.com to mix the ingredients of the batter of dhokla that included gram flour, salt, curd and baking soda. She mixed it well, transferred it in Rectangular Dish and placed it in the microwave and left the rest of the cooking to be done by the machine.

Then she turned towards the jeera rice which was simple as there were not much ingredients involved and the steps were also very less. But the main battle was to be fought with kadhai paneer.

She pieced the paneer, prepared the gravy and followed the recipe very religiously. The colour of the gravy was royal and the fragrance of fresh spices was talking a lot about the future of the dish.

As soon as she had prepared the three dishes, the bell rung.

She opened the door with a smiling face. Aamil was quite surprised at the mysterious smile of his wife, but was too tired to ask her the reason. She went into the kitchen and brought the dhokla that she had prepared and two cups of tea. Aamil was surprised to see the dhokla.

“Where did this came from?” He asked.

“From your own house.”

“Ohkay… it looks good… is it really good or its because of the Rectangular Dish in which it is placed.”

“You decide.” She said with a confidence.

He took out a piece of it and without using the plate, put it inside his mouth. For once his eyes glistened and his mouth said, “Wonderful… its hard to believe that you have made it.”

“Believe it, because I have put in a lot of effort…”

Aamil realised that he had been too hard on his wife that morning and maybe this was her wife’s way of responding.

“I am very sorry for today morning, I never knew you would take that so seriously but I am glad that you did… but that obviously doesn’t  justify my rude words, so I am sorry.”

“Its okay… I am glad that you realised your fault… and don’t tell me that you are sorry… because…”

“Because..? He said munching the other piece.

“Because I did something for which I should be sorry and so both the sorrys  cancel out each other.” She said in a perplexed tone.

“What have you done?”

“I was preparing jeera rice and kadhai paneer for you…and..”

“Wow… that is so thoughtful and trust me I just can’t wait to taste them.”

“Well.. you would have to wait…”

“Ya… I know… till 8:30… that is our dinner time… I know…” He said.

“Yes… yes… till 8:30 of some other day.”

“But you just said…”

“The rice burnt and  for the kadhai paneer…

“The kadhai paneer?”

“It too burnt…”

“Ouch… wow… well how?” He asked in confusion.

“Actually…  the rice in the cooker were boiling and the gravy in the kadhai was taking some time to cook and the recipe said that it would take almost 10 minutes for the gravy to be ready… so…”

“Smriti… go on… so?”

“So… I called my mother and…”

“And you need not explain more… you called your mother and that explains a lot… you forgot to check on the two things while discussing about stupid household talks… didn’t you?”

“She was telling me about her early days with cooking… the topic stretched.”

“Smriti… you were talking to your mother, even when you ask her about her well- being she stretches it to almost 10 minutes.”

Smriti stood there, with her eyes stuck on the floor.

“Where are the two things?”

“In the kitchen.”

Aamil went into the kitchen and had a look.

“It seems you really tried… sincerely tried.”

“I did.”

“Then I will not let my wife’s effort go into drain… I will eat this… howsover bad it might taste.”

“Aalim… I tasted it… one suggestion… I know you love me… but if you eat this… i fear that love is definitely getting down the drain… so please let’s order pizza.”

“Thank you… I was just trying to sound concerned… this…”


“Well.. this is like…. who cares… the dhokla was awesome…” He tried to divert from the main course and cuddled with his wife to divert himself from the fact that how bad a cook his wife was.


The Link- 23- The One With The Routine (II)

24 Jun

“So… how was your trip?” Mr. Roy asked his wife at the midst of the night. He had attended a very important meeting in Malaysia, and had returned home two days after his daughter’s meeting with the random guy in Bangalore.

“How was you meeting… you got the deal?” Mrs. Roy asked in return.

“Oh… it was great as usual… and I cracked the deal as usual… it was easy… I don’t why that Mohanti is always so anxious and nervous… I am thinking of arranging a personality development session for this guy… he really never behaves like the Deputy Director to the Company… and…”

“You must be tired… ”

“The hell I am… and I would leave early for office tomorrow…so… I should sleep now…” He said and was drowsing within minutes.

Mrs. Roy saw him and answered… “About our tour… it was good.” She turned off the lights and came to her side of the bed. The sleep was far away from her eyes.

The next morning Kriti was woken up by the ringtone of her phone. She didn’t looked at the number and received the call.

“Yes… Nidhin… what is it?” She questioned in her drowsiness.

“Oh… I am sorry but this is Abhigyan..” The person from the other side confirmed.

“I am sorry… hi… how are you… Actually everyday Nidhin calls me at almost this same time.. so…”

“Okay.. Well I am fine… I just called to ask about your health.”

“I am good.. and I must tell you that I am really surprise to hear from you..”

“I hope it’s not that bad..?” He laughed.

“Oh.. no… i mean a pleasant surprise.”

“Well… so… I think I should just put off the phone now…”

“Hmm.. bye.” She put off the phone to see two miss calls from Nidhin.

She called him.

“Whom were you talking to?” He asked in a rude manner.

“To Abhigyan… why are you sounding so hysterical?”

“You called him?” He asked.

No… he called me… and how does it matter?”

“It does… well I had called to ask if you would be coming to college today?”

“Of course…”

“Okay… just wanted to confirm… see you in the college. ”

Kriti was waiting for his father to join her at the breakfast table. He came quite excitedly.

“Oh… Kriti… I am meeting you after so many days…”

“Isn’t that sad?” She interrupted.

Mr. Roy ignored her words and went on.

“So.. how was that Bangalore trip… I had asked your mom last night… but I don’t remember if she told anything.”

“Maybe you didn’t heard her…”

“May be I want to hear it from you…”

“Hmm… the trip was good… we met him… and today morning he called me to ask about my health… so… I don’t know… but so far so good.”

“How do you think he would be helpful in regaining your memory?”

“I have not worked that out yet… Dad… I am getting late for my college. I should leave.”

Kriti left the table without waiting for him to respond.

In the college, Kriti was still roaming around that Fort in Bangalore where she had met Abhigyan.

“Ms. Roy… Ms. Roy?” A voice was being directed towards her to which her brain was not responding.

Nidhin who was sitting beside her pinched her in the arm.

“Oh… what…”

“Ms. Roy… are you here?” The Marketing Management professor asked her.

“OH… Yes Sir.”

“You sure?”


“Then please tell me how I just now told the marketing strategy that can be used to sell the chalk powder?”

“Chalk powder?”

“Yes…I just told that..”

“Umm… chalk powder… we might use that for rangoli..?”

“Okay… first of all I was teaching something else… you proved that you were not listening… so get out.”

“Okay… what’s secondly… I mean you said ‘first of all’ so what’s the second thing?”

“Oh… thanks for reminding… because you told a lie… you are disallowed from sitting in my class for the next 5 days.

“Okay. I should leave.”

“Don’t you know the word ‘sorry’?” The professor taunted as she was leaving the class.

“I know Sir… but I don’t think I should use it now.”


“Yes Sir?”

“Has she regained her memory?”

“No… Sir…” He said smilingly.





The Link- 22- The One With Many Doubts

20 Jun

The next day, as Kriti, Nidhin and Mrs. Roy were getting ready to reach the Airport,  Nidhin’s phone rang.

“Hi… Abhigyan… how are you?” Nidhin tried to sound as casual as he could.

“The same as you left me… I thought over it the whole night… can I meet you people again?”

“Ya… you can.. we would be glad… but I just wanted to warn you..”

“Warn??  What did I do?”

“Yesterday, you made her cry… I don’t want that to happen again..”

“I will try..”

“Okay… so where should we meet?”

“Have you visited Bangalore Fort… its a nice place..”

“Not yet..”

“Okay… then see you there… at 12… if its fine with you.”

“It is..” Nidhin put off the call. He went to Kriti’s room to tell her about the change in plan.

“Why would he want to meet again?” Mrs. Roy asked in a worried tone.

“Aunty… I don’t know… he just called up and said he wanted to meet… maybe he realised that what we were bluffing, and maybe now he wants to listen seriously to our story..”

“Maybe? What do you mean by maybe… and if we are just going there on the basis of assumptions then ‘maybe’ he has invited us to make fun of me or to…” Kriti said in an anguished tone.

“Ya… you maybe absolutely right… but I may also be absolutely right… and we can only know who is actually right… by meeting him again… Kriti… maybe it’s the last shot and I know you don’t want to miss this shot.”

“Is this even worth a shot… I mean how does it matter at all… he is nobody… I know that… he is just a random guy I met on a stupid website… how would he in the first place help me in regaining my memory… it’s obvious that he does not know anything about me…”

“Kriti… the question is not what he would do or if he is important or not… the question is why do you remember him… and about the stupid website… I had told that to you a hundred times before you lost your memory and each time you would defend your writing and today when you are telling that it’s stupid… strange thing… but I would like to tell you that it’s not stupid… the stuff you write is not stupid…”

“Hmm… whatever… Mom what do you think… should we go?”

“Do you want to go?”


“Here I am missing the old Kriti, she never used to be too confused while taking any decision… well… you should go…”

“What do you mean by you should go? You are not coming along?”

“I think I should not. He was quite frightened to see me yesterday at the restaurant  and I don’t want to repeat that… I still remember how much baffled he was to see all new faces..”


At the Bangalore Fort:

Nidhin and Kriti met their host in the extended park of the historical ruin.

“So… how are you?” Kriti asked.

“I really don’t think you to be the appropriate person to ask questions like this…” He wanted to add more but his eyes fell on Nidhin’s plain face.

“Well, first of all, this is your bag… you had left it yesterday… we had no intention to carry it but the waiter thought that we knew each other and we would return it to the rightful owner.. so…” Nidhin handed the packet to Abhigyan.

“Oh… this was meant for Kriti… I mean as a co- blogger…”

“Why had you invited us?” Nidhin interrupted him.

“What are you? His spokesperson?”

“I don’t have to tell you…” Nidhin said.

“Fine… Kriti… I wanted to talk to you… see… I am very sorry for my behaviour yesterday… but I think you would understand that it was not completely my fault… and i understand that it was not even your fault… now… I am still amazed at the fact that someone in this world can remember a person whom he or she has never even met or known… but the interesting question that needs to be answered is why me… and since in the question I am involved… I would like to help you in finding the answer… if you allow me…”

“How would you help me?”

“I don’t know… I just don’t know… but you didn’t came here  just to meet me… you came here in search of a person who  has a connection with you… the connection is the mystery. And I think it would be easier to solve it  if both the people at their ends try to probe into it..”

“So… you want it to do for yourself?” Asked Kriti.

“Ya… absolutely…”

“Okay… That’s a good idea…what do you think Nidhin?”

Nidhin smiled and said, “I remember you asking your mom today about going or not going to meet this person and now here you just took a prompt decision… the old one is still there…”

Kriti smiled. She turned to Abhigyan and said, “So… I don’t know what I should say… We have to leave now… but I think we would be in touch now..?”

“Ya sure…” Abhigyan reposed confidence in her.

“So.. I guess we should leave now.” Nidhin interrupted.

“Umm… Kriti… Yesterday… I had brought this for you… please accept it now…”

“You really don’t have to do this..” Nidhin jumped into the conversation.

“No… I think I will take it.. thank you… would you mind if I open it here?” She asked, ignoring Nidhin’s words.

“No… not at all…”

She opened the gift wrapped object and it was a keyboard.

“Keyboard?” She asked with surprise.

“Ya… I couldn’t think of anything better for an online writer. The instruments of a conventional writer are diary and notepads and pens, but for bloggers like us, it is more of technology and these outputs that help us in getting published… so…”

“How thoughtful of you.. it is really… cool.” Kriti stammered.

“So.. I think we should leave now.” Nidhin reminded Kriti.

Kriti gave Nidhin a deadly look, but bid goodbye to Abhigyan and left the place.

“Why were you in such a hurry? Why were you so rude?” Kriti asked him in an angry tone.

“Because he was too sweet and so helpful… he was absolutely not sounding like the person we met yesterday…”

“So… you have a problem with everything… last night he was rude… you had a problem… today he was sweet then also you have a problem. What is your problem?”

“I don’t know…”

“Nidhin… any problem?”

“I don’t know…”

“Will you tell me when you would know?”





Second Saturday!!

10 May

Hi… fellas… So… this happened… every word that follows actually happened… (not today although)… tragic for me… par aap maze lo…

So, on a fateful Thursday I planned to visit court. I asked one of my friends from law school to accompany me (timepass) and she agreed. We decided to go to Tees Hazari Court. I was very excited, as in Tees Hazari, many matrimonial (masala) cases come up for hearing. The court opens at 10 a.m., and we decided to meet at the court at ten only. The dedication, the excitement and the expectations ( of getting to hear gossip cases) was high.

On Saturday, I woke up at 8, got ready by 9 and boarded the Metro to Tees Hazari at almost 9:15. By 9:55, I reached the desired Metro Station. I called up my friend to know her whereabouts. She told that she would reach in a minute or so. After she came, we went outside the station and suddenly something stuck her… “Aaj to second Saturday hai…” the thing didn’t stuck me or maybe it had, but the disbelief caused me to ask


“Dude… its second Saturday… courts are closed…”


“Because its second Saturday..”


“See… this all started when man started designating a particular day… they settled for seven days in a week and then…”

“Ohkay… got it… I got it that we came to the court to hear the proceedings and it’s closed… what the f…”

I became quite angry, and then sad, and then kind of depressed and then I suddenly laughed.

I laughed for almost 320 seconds. My friend knew about my “once started, never ending” way of laughter. I was laughing really hard standing on the pavement outside the court and my friend was standing beside me, giving a look to the world that said, “Dude… I am waiting for the bus… I don’t know her”.

After I stopped or rather the passerby’s look forced me to. I asked,

“So.. what do we do??”

“March home..”

“I am not in a mood to go home. I had announced so proudly about today’s plans and when they would come to know that this happened, they all would first burst out into laughter and would always bring that up in front of everybody.

“So… what should we do? Oh.. there is a cool mall in NSP… why don’t we go there..” She suggested.

“Have you been there earlier?” I asked.

“Na.. but one of my friends has… ans she said that’s really good.”

I had no other options. And as they say, beggars cannot be choosers. So, we boarded the Metro and reached NSP in some other 30 minutes. We de-boarded, and went to a mall which was seeming to be nearest the Metro Station.

“Are you sure this is it??

“Ya… I can’t see any other mall here…”

“Okay…”. We reached there. At the entrance, the guard told us that the mall shall open at 11 a.m.. We had reached at 10:30..

So, we waited outside the mall for half- an- hour. We talked about boyfriends(of others), girlfriends (obviously of others), parents (of our own) and at a point about someone who has nothing to do with our lives.

Well… after half- an- hour of tanning, we went inside to find out that only three  floors of that ‘building’ were tagged as mall. The other almost nine floors were offices. And in those three floors, there was no food court. Ya… I mean what’s a mall without food court?? But I guess for these situations someone has said “You never know…”

I gave my friend a “cool mall? Huh??” look.

She was already remembering her friend and I was complementing her friend’s relatives my own way.

We came out after 10 minutes that we had entered. Now, we realised that the world is not accepting us. The spiritual gyan crossed the mind that the world is shunning out its doors for us. And then the second thought, ‘what the fuck’. We went to the Metro Station again. There was a so- called ‘SALE’ of foot-wears. And if you are a girl, you know what SALE means and if you are a boy, you are the unfortunate one, not to understand it’s value and if you are a boy who has a girlfriend, then I do pity you. Well… coming to my own story, we entered the shop. The foot-wears we liked were not on sale and those which were on sale were just too good to be purchased at that price. We wasted another twenty minutes of our aimless lives and then boarded metro to our respective homes.

You will say, why I shared this on the blog. Well, are you upto reasoning? Please get out..!!images


The Link- 21- The One With Orchids

2 May

“Umm… huh??” Abhigyan looked at the waiter in a lost state.

“I think… we would be ordering after sometime… we will call you..” Nidhin said.

“Umm… no… no… wait… okay just go..” Abhigyan said in utter indecision.

He looked up at Kriti, and asked.. “Why?? I mean… why are you playing such a prank… I know this is pure hoax and you can very well see that i have been fooled, so now you can reveal the truth and admit that I have been fooled.”

“We are not fooling you and this is not a hoax… actually we came all the way from Delhi… just to meet you… we have no project work…”

“So… there is some lie involved…thank God..” He said.

“See… Abhigyan… I know… you might be finding it difficult understand the situation…”

“No…no… I am not… she met with an accident… and then after she regained her consciousness… she forgot everything, but one image on WordPress… where unfortunately, my comment was posted… right?? Did I missed on anything?”

“No… you didn’t…”

“So.. it’s clear that you are messing up with me… but please now, enough is enough..”

“Abhigyan… why don’t you get it… we are telling you the truth… and we are not here to frighten you… just to let you know that there is someone… a person like this… who remembers you in the whole world… the moment she has woken up… she wants to know about you… she didn’t even remembered herself… but you… and we just wanted you to know this… that’s it..” A soft but balanced voice jumped into the conversation.

“Who is she?” He asked.

“My mom…” Kriti answered in a sulking voice.

“Why didn’t she joined us for the dinner?”

“We didn’t wanted to scare you..”

“Well… you did a really bad job in that respect…umm… I think I should leave…waiter… please bring the cheque…”

“Umm.. Abhigyan… We know that you might be puzzled, anxious, surprised, upset and really very angry… but it’s just the truth..that we wanted to tell you.” Kriti said in a low vice.

“I am just one thing at the moment… that you didn’t mentioned… I am just confused… maybe after that phase is over… I would move on to the things you mentioned.

The waiter came with the bill. Mrs. Roy grabbed it from his hands and paid it.

“So… I guess… I am sorry for the evening…” Abhigyan said this and left. He didn’t waited for any reply to come and the conversation to move any further.

“He must have been scared..” Nidhin tried to console Kriti.

“I don’t know… our plan… just blew off.” Kriti said in distress.

“I think we should also leave…” Mrs. Roy suggested.

As they were coming out from the restaurant, a waiter came running to them with a bag.

“Sir, I am afraid, but you were forgetting this on the table.” He said to Nidhin.

“No.. this ain’t ours.”

“But, Sir, the gentleman, you just had dinner with, had brought this with him.. so..”

“Okay… I will take it… thank you…”

The waiter gave him a hassled look.

“What would we do with this??”

“Let’s get to the hotel.”

They reached the hotel where they were staying, in almost 15 minutes by the taxi drive.

“Should I open what he brought for us?” Kriti asked her mom.

“He didn’t gifted you this… he just forgot to take this with him… we cannot accept what is not offered to us..” Mrs. Roy resisted her.

Kriti went outside to get some fresh air. She roamed in the garden of the hotel.

“What are you doing here?” Nidhin’s voice clashed into her ears.


“That’s interesting… because I saw you roaming here, looking at those white orchids… you know what orchids symbolise??”

“What?” She asked.

“Well… in different cultures they are symbols of purity, and there are also some healing, disease fighting and protective properties that orchids have… but the main thing is that they are very rare… it is very difficult to grow them and even the best  gardeners may fail to cultivate them. And do you know one more thing?”

“NO… what is that?”

“You like orchids… because you thought that you are like them… its difficult to understand you, to be with you… its rare that someone would actually understand you…”

“These were the thoughts I had about myself?? Nidhin, can you tell me one thing?”


“Did i hated myself or I loved myself??”

“You were just too possessive about yourself and you had that fear that you will loose yourself if someone would come close to you..”

“But it seems that you were very close.. I mean you really understand me…”

“The thing was that I was close to you but it was not same vice versa… so you actually never understood me and that’s why you never knew…”

“Kind of complicated… right..?”

“If you compare that to what happened today… I guess ya… a bit..”

“Today… today…it all screwed… very badly…”

“Don’t worry… everything would fall in place…”



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