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Celebrity Talk

15 Dec

In Indian society, the level of youth being motivated to make it large in his life, is directly proportional to the fact as to how the celebrities in the society are treated.

If I even talk about inter- caste marriage in the family, I would be either beheaded or banished from the society. But if a film star performs inter- religion marriage, it becomes the unique precedent of cultural and communal integrity.

Recently one ‘superstar’ of our nation was acquitted of the charges of rash car driving leading to death of one person who was sleeping on the footpath. The whole nation wanted to know why the homeless was sleeping on the pavement. But if I mistakenly even pluck a flower from roadside pavement decors, I would be fined Rs. 500. A celebrity can go out in public, become grossly drunk and vomit, but I, the common man, cannot even spit in the dustbin without people gazing at me.

All these things indicate that as one rises up on the ladder of success, he goes out of the gravitation force of rules, laws and society.

There is one more thing that these Celebrities can do, but common man can’t. It’s hypocrisy. Recently, one Bollywood actress whose only claim to fame was her so – called oversized body has shed off that ‘over’ with the help of gym. Now, she is considered to be outspoken and previously she always advocated that beauty is not in body. You don’t have to be in shape according to society. Just wear your own shape and decide yourself. It is to be noted that she inspired many girls to be comfortable about their looks as it is and not to be slim for anyone. The same girl now released photos from a photo shoot where her extra pounds are nowhere to be seen and now she advocated fitness. Well! if it would have been me, I would have been annoyingly disturbed about my size by even my parents. Then when I would have tried to shed it off by going to gym or being on a diet, I would have been equally demotivated and after all this if I would have been successful in achieving the loss of some kgs, it would be said that I am jealous of my cousins who are slim or that I am preparing myself for some boy so that I could get married. In my case I would be doing it for anyone but me and in her case, she can’t do it for anyone else. NO!

Oh! There is one more thing that society teaches that if some celebrity does good deeds, his previous bad acts should be forgotten. Not even forgiven, but simply forgotten. So, this means good deeds are like gift vouchers that can be used in bad times. In this era of capitalism, the economic angle of these vouchers need to be studied carefully. It has to be kept in mind that the Gita gyaan should be a little amended. According to Gita, only focus on your work and do not worry about result, but now before you do your work, focus as to if it would fetch you any of those vouchers, so that when result is out, you can use them if needed.

So, for example, get drunk and abuse people, if anyone asks, you may say that you had fed dogs the previous day. That dog would never know that by feeding him, the man just bought a policy to secure his future.

In the end, if you ever come across a news stating that Harshda, a blogger from Delhi is caught red handed for stealing pencil and pens from office, please forgive me, as writing less on the blog nowadays, I am also kind of doing a service. 😛



Jaanlewa Jaanu- V

21 Oct

So, Diwali is here. The festival of lights, festival of prayers, festival of holidays and above all the festival to shop. Shop endlessly, non- sensibly, extravagantly and if you are in a relationship (and a girl), shopping without spending even a penny of your own.

Now, its been quite sometime when we met the Jaanlewa Jaanu. And it is a fact that I might forget her but there are some characters and  families that occasionally come to meet me.

So, this time I spotted her at the market. Two days before the festival. Ultimate rush in the streets, shops and even the pavements were crowded with people loaded with ten bags in each hand on an average. People were shopping as if the market is going down and it will not see the light of the next day.

So, I was talking about our girl. She was shopping with a boy standing beside her, holding almost 7-8 bags in both his hands and without giving a damn to that fact, concentrating on the girl’s voice who was asking.

“What do you think would look better. Green or pink?” She asked holding the two identical shirts with different colours.

“Madam… we have almost all the colours for this shirt…” and he took out a pile from one side  and showcased different colours of that shirt and made a pile of those shirts on the other side. The girl very patiently held all the shirts and asked the boy about each and every shirt.

“How would this look on me?”

“Jaan everything looks fine on you… take any..”

“Just fine? And what do you mean by any?”

“I… i mean… you just increase the value of everything that gets attached to you… like me..” he said smiling while trying to control the situation.

“Oh… well… how is this grey one?” She said while looking intensely at the shirt.

“Umm.. ya it’s fantastic.”

“No… i have 3 shirts of this colour.” She took the black one.

“And how would this be?”

“I guess.. ya… it’s.. you would look amazing… and you should take it as you don’t have this colour.”

As soon as he finished the last line, he found the girl looking or rather gazing at him as if he had committed some crime.

“How could you forget? You gifted me a black colour shirt on our ‘The day we first talked anniversay’ I still remember that on the first hand you had forgotten the very important day itself and now you don’t remember what you gifted me for make up for that forgetfulness. I think you just don’t find me that important to be remembered.”

“Aah… that anniversary…” He said in nostalgia.

“Huh… I am the only one to remember everything… ‘the day we met anniversary’, the day we first talked anniversary’, the day you took me out for a walk anniversary’ and i am damn sure that you don’t remember the ‘ the day my sandal broke and you got it mended anniversary’.”

“There is that date too?” He thought.  But to avoid further embarrassment in front of the shopkeeper and other people around he said:

“Well i suggested black… because I think you look too good in black.”

“Huh… why are you always so concerned about me being looking good? What if tomorrow i don’t look good? Why is it all about my body to you?”

“My girl… its not… but you only asked ‘how would this look on me’… So… I was just suggesting…”

“Okay… well do you have any other designs in the shirt? She asked while discarding all the effort of the shopkeeper to please this girl. But he had to do his job. So he untied a pile of clothes and showcased her the so- called ‘New Arrival’.

“Hmm… well… i am just saying… but i am holding these 7 bags for the last 15 minutes… can you choose a bit fast? The boy asked in a perplexed tone.

“Why? You are tired already?  I have not even started the shopping yet.. I have to get decorations, sweets and some cosmetics and most importantly a present for…”

“For me?” The boy interrupted in excitement.

“No… for the house maid…” She said while looking at another purple colour shirt.

“Ya.. she is important.” The boy thought.

But with this last scene… I could not resist my laughter. The boy turned towards me but the girl was so lost in the shirt. The boy gave me a ‘jaisi bhi hai, jo bhi hai… meri jaanu hai ye’ look… in simple words… gave my an angry birds look.

imagesI, who had entered the shop just to get this instance to narrate to you, had gone alone for shopping and bought things that i really didn’t needed. (Yes!I don’t need a jaanu to take me to shopping, but i will consider someone to carry the bags :P)

So, this is all for this time… Happy Diwali to everybody. Have a safe and prosperous year ahead and never ever miss any episode of your HSI blogger’s series :p

Last Minute Drama…

26 Sep

Hi Friends and Co- Bloggers, this post is about a very important and current issue. In India, we have a private sector and the public sector. The public sector provides employment on the basis of various criterion prescribed according to the job. One such recruitment institution is the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).  There is another institute also called UPSC.  But, we are here to hear the story of SSC.

Now, this institute had conducted examination for the Combined Graduate Level Exam for the year 2013 as it always does. This exam is conducted in three levels; first two are exams wherein objective type questions are asked and the third level is interview. So, this time the problem started with the first level itself. Just before the exam had to start, there was a rumor that the said exam paper has been leaked. The information  was leaked on the day of examination itself. And many people didn’t knew about it. So, the exam was conducted successfully, but at the age we are living in, this information spread over twitter and facebook like fire. Many people didn’t gave heed to these and thought that once the exam has been held, this rumor will probably not affect them. But maybe they were wrong.

The result of this exam was out soon and the consequences of leaking of paper were apparent. The cut off which always revolved around 85 marks showed an increase of almost 10 marks. Many candidates were really distressed, especially those for whom this time was the last chance to give exam.

One of the candidates, Nitant, who was not able to clear the exam and blamed it to the leaking of paper, played a master stroke. He kept quite until the second level of exam was to be held. He filed a petition against the second level exam on the partiality exercised in the first level, only three days before the second level of the exam was scheduled. This created again a fire but fierce one against this person by those who had passed the exam.

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) after going into the issue ordered for the stay of second level exam and after this notification, people were frightened to think that the whole exam of this year may not get cancelled.

But, to every body’s relief the same tribunal vacated the stay and ordered for the exam to be held as per the schedule.

And after a high voltage drama of 2 and a half days, every thing is same as it was.

But this whole drama ( which is not yet concluded…) what it teaches?? What questions does it raise??

How far is Nitant morally right, in exercising his right just two days before the exam?

He could have filed this case after the result was announced. There was a time lag of 1 month between the announcement of result and date of second exam, did he chose this particular date deliberately to demotivate candidates??

How far was CAT’s action justifiable in imposing a stay order on the exam??

How far were people justifiable in abusing Nitant and asking for exam to be held knowing somewhere that this man is not completely wrong…


To know more about the issue You can visit the facebook page of SSc here:  https://www.facebook.com/SscCglExam2013?hc_location=stream

or the official website of SSC here: http://ssc.nic.in/SSC.html


Indraprastha Saga- 7

25 Feb
Hey… today, something will happen that  you would have longed for, since you first read this series.
As soon as the news of suspension of B spread throughout the college, there was a streak of shock among everybody. But this time, it was not just about being sorry upon the poor state of management. This time was to rise, to protest and to claim what was theirs’. The students came together and assembled themselves in front of the office of the college. They called for total disobedience in a peaceful manner and boycotted their classes. Three of them went a step further and declared hunger strike. This trio included B. The protest was being carried out very peacefully and the teachers were astonished at this pacified behavior of Gen Y,the same generation which was often criticized for their ruthless and carefree attitude.
After two days of hunger strike and non- cooperation from student fraternity, the management had to take some decision. They could not just sit idle and ignore. So, they did what was right or to say necessary to prevent further degradation. They called off the suspension order and it was a victory, not only of B, but of every such person who was connected to the law school.
But, certain issues are still burning! Will the dean be removed from her office? Would the teachers get justice? Would the law school become a true lawful school?? We will see… but nNOT in the next post.
People have been telling me that I am deviating from my main motive of humor+ satire+ raising the current issues (which are often serious). So, the next time we meet, I would try to come back to the path that I had chosen. Till then, happy days. 🙂

Indraprastha Saga- 4

22 Feb

By now, you would have understood that there was a gross and high- level management failure prevailing in the law school.

The teachers and students were quiet but it was like the cool breeze in the desert, a desert to where tsunami was headed.

The first stone was thrown by the dean in the placid lake by accusing one of the teachers on the grounds of sexual harassment. The only mistake of the teacher was that he had caught a student red handed, cheating in the exam. Unfortunately for him, that student was dean’s son. The case of harassment was a pathetic move by the dean to cover the flaws, for which she was responsible. Everybody who came to know about this, was first shocked, then criticized the dean, then sympathized with the teacher and then felt sorry for the law school.

Students, on the other hand, were suffering from other kinds of traumas, they had no library and other such things ( Already told in the previous post)!!

So, in a way, teachers and students, both were being victimized by the same hunter.

To light the cracker, the dean was charged of the serious offense of plagiarism.


Wow!! This is getting intense. High level politics is being played. A person accuses someone and gets charged for some other reason. What would happen next? Would the dean go? we will see tomorrow.

1o Ad ideas I never understood

18 Feb

This idea, I understood 😉

So, here are the remaining 5 ideas, which i never understood. After writing the first post in this series, I got this idea that my readers are either as dumb as me for not understanding the logic of these advertisements or are too miser to share their knowledge. Whatever!! I can’t stop being miserable for an excuse like that. 😕

So, here I present, the next and the last 5:

6. Need for handwashes: One day will  come when, these companies would ask to wash chapatis with a special soap, which would save us from diseases caused by having food. After all, your health is more important than hunger. Or, they would introduce, a dirt- free food… made by machines, which are designed my machines which are made by robots who are made by humans. Ya, there is human element here too, but the possibility of you suffering from “human given illness” would be very remote. And if you have doubts, you can always rely on special “food cleansing chemical”.

7. Now, pay attention… A girl in bikini coming out of sea and then drinking coconut water. Guess, what is she endorsing?? The sea tourism, the coconut water, the bikini?? No, fellas! its an insurance company ad. You would say, where did that came from. Well! I never understood it, that’s why its there in the list.

8. Girls falling  from air, as soon as the man applies deodorant. Bad for girls, because this shows that the man has not taken bath, for you know about 3 days. don’t get offended, I am talking about the minimum. And bad for the man too, because every time he uses this deodorant he has to get his bathroom ceiling fixed and this has caused his carpenter getting attracted to him. 😉

9. For this one, there is no explanation, as the same would ruin the genre. The statement when they say, “You may have any color of your choice, till the time its black.”

10. This ad is not stupid. But sometimes two ads are so placed that they defeat each others’ purpose. Like, in today’s newspaper there was an ad endorsing grapes at Rs. 40 per kg at the Big Sale and an ad which was marketing a wine for Rs. 100. Now, that is tough choice.. isn’t it??


See… this is what I was talking about!!


🙄   😮

Valentine Messup- II

15 Feb

Hi… people… the color is red, not as a symbol of love, but as a signal of anger. 👿

Many would have been single before V- Day and would have become committed after that, in my case its totally the other way round! I am single, and the event took place on V- Day itself. I think many would, now have a reason to read what follows. ❗

We had planned to meet at my favorite restaurant,  Vriyal. I love their payasam, and I had already mentioned it!! 🙄

So, I reached the place where he was already waiting for me, to come and place the order. But, the thing which caught my eye was a big bouquet in his hands. I reached to him and he presented that to me, with a broad smile, wishing me the day. I was surprised as well as feeling guilty as to I also should have atleast brought a decent bouquet.

After we settled and had greeted each other, it was time for exchange of gifts. It  should have been him to present the gift first, but he pressurized on acting on the phrase ‘ladies first’. I took out the rose and very feebly handed him that. After that I gave him the watch too. Well! he may have no idea about GMT, but he can distinguish between a real and fake PUMA watch. Whatever!!

He then took out a red box which is generally used to keep ornaments. He opened that and it was a gold chain. I actually asked him if it was real, and he said Yes. I was overwhelmed at this moment.  And I was more of shocked plus super guilty.

So, I decided to tell him what happened and as to how the money meant for shopping for him got converted into my shopping and I acknowledged that I was sorry.

At this moment, he became quite serious and looked at me as if either he wants to kill me or desperately wants to tell something.

I encouraged him to go for the second option. And it was more painful than the killing itself.

He told that he also had, like me, made a budget, but couldn’t follow. He purchased a wallet and a pair of shoes for himself, with the money he had to spend on me. Now, the question was, when all his money was spent on himself… and he was not left with money even to buy a card, how did he managed to get a gold chain and such pretty bouquet??

The answer was shocking and the acts he did were actually cheap. The gold chain was his mother’s souvenir which he had stolen. Now if it would have been someone else, I would have appreciated such madness maybe, but when it comes on oneself, it isn’t too romantic. And the bouquet had literally come from the roadside. A girl had thrown it near garbage, but not in the dustbin, so he didn’t let those flowers die peacefully and picked them up from there and removed the stinking roses to presented the rest to me!!

So, at that very moment, I realized that I deserve better and he deserves worse, So i broke up with him, obviously after he paid for the lunch!! 😉

Valentine Messup- I

12 Feb

So, Valentine Day is round the corner. And at this time, I would reveal the fact, which may come as a relief for some and heartbreak for many, I have a boyfriend. 😳

NO, don’t stop reading… because you never know!!

There were two days left and I had not even decided what to gift, for that free lunch at Vriyal. I love their payasam, more than him. And to relish on it, I would have to gift something. This time, I had made a budget of Rs. 1500. I was planning to gift a watch, a chocolate box and a bouquet. So, I went to Sarojini Nagar to purchase a good, but cheap Titan watch. The other two things were going to come from roadside only. I know, he is crazy about watches, although he has no idea about GMT. Yes! he is ganwaar and that is why I said above that you never know. 😉

So, I was saying that I went to Sarojini Nagar to shop. As I was roaming around, I spotted a beautiful t- shirt, especially made for V- Day. It was pink, heart- shaped shirt and it was all glittery. I asked for the price and it was Rs. 500. I asked the shopkeeper for bargaining, and he replied in negative. The shirt had already taken over my mind, so I purchased it. Now, I was left with Rs. 1000. 

“Its Ok!!”, I told myself, “I would gift a less expensive watch”. I went straight towards the Titan showroom. In the way, I came across a beautiful pair of earrings, shaped in heart.. It was also pink, and were matching with the t-shirt, I had just bought. They were priced at Rs. 100 and now I was left with Rs. 900. (YES!! I bought without having any second thoughts). 

earringsI entered the watch shop and got the shock of the day, which I should have expected. The range started from Rs, 3000. Well, i thought, not a big deal. I would purchase a non- brand watch, hardly makes any difference, at least for me… and also, Gift is gift, it should not be weighed by price, but the sentiments of the person giving. So, I purchased a cool- looking, black strip watch which costed me Rs. 200. Wow, guy’s stuff is comparatively cheap. But, now I had Rs.700 left. “Bouquet and chocolates will cost maximum of Rs. 400,” I thought. So, I had,  Rs. 300 left then. With this remaining purchasing power, I bought a black jeans which costed me Rs. 650, after discount. Now, I had only Rs. 50 left for the flower and chocolate. I made prompt changes in the plan. Why would he eat chocolate, he is a guy and chocolates are basically girls’ thing. And I can give a rose, it would cost Rs. 50. (YES! a rose for Rs. 50 and you say being in relationship is fun!!) .

So, this is the story so far. I would update the II and last

post of this series, after the Valentine Day is over.

One thing you would have know by now, I am good at maths!  :mrgreen:

Yes!! Its not related, but the line was good ;)

Yes!! Its not related, but the line was good 😉


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