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Jaanlewa Jaanu- VI

31 Jul

With actually no topic in mind, I start with my favorite topic, the Jaanlewa Jaanu. This one is the most appreciated and the most read post series on this blog.

So, this time the jaanu is in a mall with the guy to shop for a bag (that’s what she is looking for). Let’s see how it turns out!

Boy: Baby… we have been roaming for the last 35 minutes and we have not entered even a single bag shop.

Girl: I know… I was thinking to get these foot wears… aren’t they pretty?” She asked without looking at him.

Boy: “If you like them, they are definitely good. ” He said with a smiling face. (I know cheap line).

The girl bought that footwear. The boy was quite sure that now she would enter the bag showroom, but to his despair, there were Biba and UCB in the way to Caprese. So, the girl enetred Biba. (You see… absolutely not her fault, she is a girl, so she will shop, the person with her is a boy so he will pay).

Girl: Look… how pretty this dress is. You think I should try this?

And before the boy could exercise his right to speech and expression, the salesperson came and spilled “Oh sure… Ma’am the fresh summer collection is here. You will absolutely fall for the new designs. Let me help you.”

The boy now knew that his lady love is gone with the salesman. He knew that he would not see her for almost two hours now. He knew that she would be trying every new dress that she could grab on and ask for the salesperson’s advice rather than his. And knowing all this he was happy.

As he turned his mobile data, to check out the world happenings on watsapp and other social networks, his phone pinged. One after the other messages were coming from his love, showing him dresses that she had selected. He zoomed the dresses to see if the price tag was visible. But the girl seemed to be a clever photographer. He was thinking of calling his boss and applying for a loan as it seemed that whole of his salary would be spent in the next some hours or so.

There was a time when he eagerly used to wait for Sundays and now is the time, when he has to meet his girlfriend on Sunday and sometimes has to lie that he is working on Sundays too.

He was deep engrossed in his thoughts while at the same time looking at his Facebook wall aimlessly. He was just going to comment on his best friend’s vacation photo when his phone rang. He looked at his watch. It was 7 p.m. One hour had gone by. “Good time passes fast.” He thought. He picked up the call.

“Where are you?” A commanded voice asked him.

“In Biba only… you were trying the clothes na… so I just…”

“Come fast to the cash counter.” She said and put off the phone immediately.

He started walking with heavy feet and came close to the counter. He saw two more men like him who very having the same expressions of despair on their faces which were being completely ignored by their girls.

He pulled out his wallet and gave his Maestro  Card. The girl came out happy and the boy came out with a little less balance in his bank account.  Money can’t but love, but it can surely make lover, a beggar.

“So… now?” He asked.

“Now… we will eat something and go to home.”

“But… your bag? No need now?”

“How can there be no need… I just changed  my mind at not buying them now. I am too tired now.

(I wish she changes her mind and does not replace it with anything.) He thought.

After that, they went for the dinner in the Mall’s Food Court and heeded home afterwards. After the shopping, the girl was exhausted and the boy was extorted. 😛





26 Nov


Most of the girls call their lover boy by

different names including darling, sweet

heart, my love, etc., in common or when

they are unable to recall his name and

sometimes mould their parent- gifted

names to their convenience like Shubham to

Shoe, Mahesh to Mahi, Ramesh to Ramu

among others. The boy, who would get

furious by the wrong pronunciation of his

name by others, would follow the girl’s

command neglecting the sentiments of his

name giver.

But, the most common phrase used by girls

is “jaanu”. Jaanu ye, jaanu wo, jaanu how is

this sweeter ,   and the boys thinks, “jaan

lele jaanu ki” (I know its copied). Ever

wondered what’s the magic in jaanu which

appeals the most. When everything

fails,’jaanu’ comes to rescue. If the boy is

not moved by this compliment then mind it,

he does not love you. 


There are many words which helped in the

derivation of this word like jaan-e-man,

jaan-e bahaar, umraojaan (oops!) and all

that. Maybe, b’coz these words are too long

and complex to understand… girls have

derived the easy way out. Short and sweet

jaanu. Coz, if she says jaanashin, the boy

might think that she is asking him to go and

bring  something nashila for her or jaan-e-

bahaar might mean ja-na-baahar. So, to

avoid all these unwanted situations, jaanu

will solve the purpose.

Now, lets look at the power of this word in

an incident that I  had the privilege to came


I had gone to shopping (as usual) and was

searching for some good stuff (now its just

to say, otherwise when I shop, I don’t

search). So, a girl came over to the shop

with her boyfriend. They both narrowed

down to two kurtas, one which the girl liked

and the other that the boy chose (here P.S.

the boy had just randomly picked that one,

so that the girl doesn’t think that he

doesn’t care…after all… money is not all

that matters…{seriously??}). Now, the girl

was not prepared to give up the stuff she

had choosen and also didn’t wanted to pay

by herself. So, she chirpingly said,

“Ramesh…I like this one.” The boy said, “ I

am gonna pay for this one”…pointing to the

one in his hand. Now, the boy was in the

stronger position. The girl tried to give him

reasons to buy what she liked and tried to

convince him that the one in her hands is a

far more better investment. The boy was

firm and all he had got was his one

point(money). The shopkeeper and I were

very keen to know who would win, although

it was clear that the boy was on the verge

of victory. Here, the girl took out the trump

card and very sweetly said, ”Jaanu please…

please jjannu”. Now, I don’t know what that

meant, but it worked. Her Ramu, her

sweetheart settled for jaanu and shed out

Rs. 500 and purchased both the kurtas as if

jaanu is a way to completely knock his

senses out. One thing I learned was that:

When everything fails…

Jaanu fares

Well this jaanu saga will be back with more

research in this area, the next time!! 🙂




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