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Interviews- The One with Madhura

9 Nov

Happy Diwali week to all. The repeated questions on “Have you stopped writing?” intrigue me. Either the people want me to write or they just want to confirm if I have stopped writing so that they can be assured of their mail box not filled with crazy blogposts. Whatever the case may be I am stubborn on writing. And when the stubbornness would fade away or become weak… instances happen… instances that need to be shared.

So, on Diwali we basically worship Ganesha and Laxmi. But one other story of Diwali is that on this auspicious day Rama came to Ayodya after 14 years of exile in the forests and after killing Ravana, Ravana who had abducted Sita, the wife of Rama.

This Diwali as Rama comes home, a person would follow him. This person is one who, in the fight of right and wrong, lost even when all the duties were obeyed, even when every karma which rightfully is to be done was done. This person would come to ask questions and answer the questions that sometimes linger. This person would be interviewed by me (the creative soul, of course :P).

Here is a hint about this person. Its a character from Ramayana and even after giving birth to three children she is one of the five virgins. Her role in Ramayana was very short but in other texts like Ramakein and Krittivasi Ramayana she has been described at length and her conduct is compared with water; pure, serene and pacified.

Guess this guest, share your answers on the fb page or comments section and see if you are right isas the first ever interview with a character from Ramayana would be published this Diwali. 🙂

Stay tuned.


Interviews-2 The One With A Scientist- Blurb

23 Feb

A peep into what happened when a budding lawyer interviewed a budding scientist.

Who interviewed?: Obviously, you are reading my blog, so I am in charge.

Who  got interviewed?(bali ka bakra) : Arindam Saha… many of you know him… but for many more who don’t… he is a scientist(IISER Kolkata… that’s what he told me..) … a blogger (hindi tod hai iski) plus and above all… a friend jise bahut darr lagta hai…

Top five reasons why you should read the interview:

  • There are so many aaaa…. ummmm…. so… so…. okay… and after all this … what’s the question again…(it was a telephonic interview)
  • Chemistry is not a part of science…why?? kyunki chemistry physics se aata hai… aur chemistry ko physics aata nahi… because chemistry has its origin from physics, and chemistry has no idea about physics
  • Desh bhakt hai bhai…he is a patriot…even before NASA called him… he said no to NASA… sahi hai…bezatti krane ka kya matlab…
  • Scientists are not geek, not nerds… their environment is… and the most tod reason…
  • he was badly screwed in the scholarship interview

So, the whole interview would be published on 28th February… why this date?? Because it’s National Science day… and what can be a better day to screw a scientist… the lawyer’s way 😉 so stay tuned and get some popcorn and coke with you while reading the full interview… because it’s better to do something that would keep you awake 😛 😉



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