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Honey- Positively Sweet

9 Jul

Have you ever wondered what goes into your tummy when you take a cup of tea? Almost 43 units of calories. And that is just one cup. Now you would be wondering, why the always giggling blogger bothered about your cup of tea. Well! Frankly I am not. I am writing about this issue, because I am trying to shed off some extra fat from my belly. The reason being the approaching dates of engagement. Engagement is a function to create first impression on a lot of strangers. It is a social gathering to let people know that you are going to be screwed and that your good days are left less. The engagement is within one month and I have to perform the herculean task to get the belly in shape. To drape a saree, you need confidence that you are looking good and  that the saree is not revealing your good taste for butter and other fattening delicacies.

So, for the accomplishment of the mission, I started using stairs (when escalator is not working 😛 ), avoided oily food at home (just to eat them outside), started running in park (to chase the cute guy 😛 ), but all in vain (and you know the reasons 😛 ). After trying to try these ideas, I stopped and told myself that I don’t have to push myself to do things which I don’t like for impressing people who don’t matter. I don’t need to be slim or in shape so that I look good. I look good anyways if I think so. But… i need to be healthy. (And that is how… you play the game of diplomacy with yourself.) So, to be healthy I need to stick to healthy diet. And that is when I surfed the internet to find out how much calories I was taking. And a very small research revealed that I did not need to do the vast one, as overall I was (am) taking the calorie intake of 3 people combined. Now… don’t blame me, it’s partly mother’s love, partly Indian food habits, partly the nature of job I am in and largely the awesome chole bhature that I eat (:D). So, all in all, if I need to look gorgeous… oops… healthy on that particular day, I need to do something.

And while I was facing all this dilemma, I found a very easy way to make things work. Just one spoon of honey with lime water in the morning and substituting honey with sugar in every sweet delicacy. Now, that is not tough and guess what, it not only worked in the way it was intended but many other ways. It refreshes me and keeps me active. Where previously I could eat only one plate of chole bhature, now I can eat two (honey helps in generating hunger), but it also keeps me active enough to run in the park (and now the cute guy chases me 😛 ), keeps me active enough to opt for stairs even though the escalators are working. It actually keeps me glowing and I feel healthy.

To calculate your calorie intakes per day and to know the ways to bring them down for starting a healthy diet, you can visit this Honey Diet on http://www.daburhoney.com/. @DaburHoney_Ind  #HoneyDietIsHere.

I don’t know much about how much weight I lost or if my waist line reduced a bit. Again, how does it matter? It’s just an engagement, and that too my cousins’,  not mine. Oops.. I didn’t tell you that right?? :p



The Doom And Despair Of Walls And Dustbins

22 Jan
It is said… that you can judge the level of civic sense of any society by the manner in which people conduct themselves in the social life. According to this, India is the only country where, let alone people, the public walls and dustbins try to conduct themselves in the most subtle manner. They, very clearly, ask people to use or not to use them. Its a very common sight to find a wall on which, in bold letters, it is clearly written that “Peeing is not allowed here.” If it would have been some other country, people might have got offended. How dare someone write such a warning on the wall… are we insane… or so mannerless? They would ask. But… In India… our citizens will take it up as a  challenge and with days of dedication and focus erase the “not” from the warning by peeing and spitting on the particular word. Also not uncommon is the sight of people peeing on bushes. Now, anyone would call that filthy… but please… you have to understand the mentality of that person. According to him, he is watering the greens… and that is a good job he is doing. I would like to ask those people who regard this ‘watering’ as littering… do you come with a bucket everyday to water that plant? No… you don’t… then you don’t have any right to object on the efforts of others.
And if, by the above you are not impressed by the level of sophistication, visit the Metro. So clean and dirt free. The Metro announcer would shrill to the top of his voice announcing “Do not litter in the Metro or on the Metro station” and below that loudspeaker a child would throw his empty packet of chips on the floor. What can you do… its a child, you see! But grown ups don’t behave in such way. They would not litter around and make Metro a dumping place. They would cautiously keep all the packets of chips, biscuits and other things in their bag and dump them on the road outside the station or will fly them out of the buses which they take after the Metro ride. They are sensible and adhere to laws. Why wouldn’t they? After all, a fine of upto Rs. 500 can be imposed on littering in Metro while the same act can be freely done outside.
Likewise, India must be the only country where a dustbin almost screams out to people in a very helpless manner that “Please Use Me”. And the people are even greater who, whether its leftover tea or paan, would throw it everywhere but dustbin. Where would you find such a beautiful tableau of Indian culture? Where else would you find such citizen participation in social life?
On one side, there is this wall, that would weep and ask not to use it and on the other there is this duty bound  dustbin that would roll on your feet and ask you again and again to use it and increase its worth.
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Cooking… An Art More Complex Than The Rocket Science

5 Jul

The following post is written for the ‘My Beautiful Food’ contest held by IndiBlogger and sponsored by http://www.myborosil.com/


“So… you don’t know how to cook.”

“I…I…do… and what do you mean by that?? You just ate daal, spinach and rotis.”

“That was daal? I thought it was some kind of salted water, where was the daal? And the spinach… whatever, but you don’t know how to cook… admit it.”

“Okay… I will admit that I am a bad cook… but… I cooked.”

“Smriti… there is good food, there is bad food and there is something that the maker calls the food and the eater trashes away. What you presented falls in the third category. Plus what do you mean by ‘I cooked’… you have to cook.. that’s something you are obliged to do.”

“Well… I tried…”

“You tried… because you don’t know how to cook… right?”

“Your purpose of marrying me was to judge my culinary skills?”

“No… but it’s time that you start learning this skill… seriously…”

Aamil left the dining table to get ready for the office. He was recently being married to Smriti. Smriti works as a secretary in a private firm. Her husband, Aamil, works in a government agency falling into the officer grade pay.

After he left, Smriti was thinking about the dinner’s menu. There were many vegetables in the refrigerator, almost every type of pulse in the storeroom, but the basic problem was that she didn’t knew how to put these things to the best use. She searched on youtube for easy recipes and listed out two which seemed quite easy.

For the main dinner she picked out the recipe of jeera rice and kadhai paneer and for snacks she thought of dhokla.

She used the Mixing Bowl from her collection of myborosil.com to mix the ingredients of the batter of dhokla that included gram flour, salt, curd and baking soda. She mixed it well, transferred it in Rectangular Dish and placed it in the microwave and left the rest of the cooking to be done by the machine.

Then she turned towards the jeera rice which was simple as there were not much ingredients involved and the steps were also very less. But the main battle was to be fought with kadhai paneer.

She pieced the paneer, prepared the gravy and followed the recipe very religiously. The colour of the gravy was royal and the fragrance of fresh spices was talking a lot about the future of the dish.

As soon as she had prepared the three dishes, the bell rung.

She opened the door with a smiling face. Aamil was quite surprised at the mysterious smile of his wife, but was too tired to ask her the reason. She went into the kitchen and brought the dhokla that she had prepared and two cups of tea. Aamil was surprised to see the dhokla.

“Where did this came from?” He asked.

“From your own house.”

“Ohkay… it looks good… is it really good or its because of the Rectangular Dish in which it is placed.”

“You decide.” She said with a confidence.

He took out a piece of it and without using the plate, put it inside his mouth. For once his eyes glistened and his mouth said, “Wonderful… its hard to believe that you have made it.”

“Believe it, because I have put in a lot of effort…”

Aamil realised that he had been too hard on his wife that morning and maybe this was her wife’s way of responding.

“I am very sorry for today morning, I never knew you would take that so seriously but I am glad that you did… but that obviously doesn’t  justify my rude words, so I am sorry.”

“Its okay… I am glad that you realised your fault… and don’t tell me that you are sorry… because…”

“Because..? He said munching the other piece.

“Because I did something for which I should be sorry and so both the sorrys  cancel out each other.” She said in a perplexed tone.

“What have you done?”

“I was preparing jeera rice and kadhai paneer for you…and..”

“Wow… that is so thoughtful and trust me I just can’t wait to taste them.”

“Well.. you would have to wait…”

“Ya… I know… till 8:30… that is our dinner time… I know…” He said.

“Yes… yes… till 8:30 of some other day.”

“But you just said…”

“The rice burnt and  for the kadhai paneer…

“The kadhai paneer?”

“It too burnt…”

“Ouch… wow… well how?” He asked in confusion.

“Actually…  the rice in the cooker were boiling and the gravy in the kadhai was taking some time to cook and the recipe said that it would take almost 10 minutes for the gravy to be ready… so…”

“Smriti… go on… so?”

“So… I called my mother and…”

“And you need not explain more… you called your mother and that explains a lot… you forgot to check on the two things while discussing about stupid household talks… didn’t you?”

“She was telling me about her early days with cooking… the topic stretched.”

“Smriti… you were talking to your mother, even when you ask her about her well- being she stretches it to almost 10 minutes.”

Smriti stood there, with her eyes stuck on the floor.

“Where are the two things?”

“In the kitchen.”

Aamil went into the kitchen and had a look.

“It seems you really tried… sincerely tried.”

“I did.”

“Then I will not let my wife’s effort go into drain… I will eat this… howsover bad it might taste.”

“Aalim… I tasted it… one suggestion… I know you love me… but if you eat this… i fear that love is definitely getting down the drain… so please let’s order pizza.”

“Thank you… I was just trying to sound concerned… this…”


“Well.. this is like…. who cares… the dhokla was awesome…” He tried to divert from the main course and cuddled with his wife to divert himself from the fact that how bad a cook his wife was.


Sun Silked !!

12 Jan

Well.. this post is written specially for Indiblogger’s contest sponsored by Sunsilk. http://www.sunsilk.in/

I would like to share a very recent instance that happened with me while I was in Udaipur on vacations.

We (I along with my family) reached there at the break of dawn. The travel agent whom my dad had hired was waiting for us outside the railway station. As soon as we met him, he loaded us with that day’s schedule. We had to reach the hotel in 20 minutes and he gave us only 10 minutes to freshen up, so that we could reach Jagannath Temple on time to get the darshans. We hurried up and when I reached the hotel i realized that my hair have got all messy and tangled because of the long train journey. 10 minutes were enough for me to at least wash them. So, before my brother could win the bathroom I entered with a sachet of Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo cleared all the dirt and dust that had entered the scalp and conditioner took care of the tangles. As soon as i exited from the bathroom, my brother gave me a grinning look and entered, because there was no time with him to shout at me. In the way to the temple, my hair dried, thanks to the grace of Sun God, and lo… the hair looked really shiny and glossy… and I got amazing photos of the places of not only the places where I visited that day, but also of the following day.

This is how Sunsilk saved my Udaipur trip photos in getting messy and tangled as my hair, and recharged my hair and life 🙂

Take a look 🙂


Please say it!!

12 Aug
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Colors… sound good !!

24 Jul
Well, by the above title, you would think that creatigentt has gone crazy. Colors don’t sound good, they look good. I would admit that 4 days ago, I  thought like you, but an 11 minute video changed my thinking and I took a great leap from the usual technology based world to the more advanced one.

Colors can be heard and trust me, its beautiful.

But the first question which arises is that what is the need to hear them when we have got eyes to see them. Well, Neil Harbisson suffered from achromatospia,a condition which allows him to see things only in black and white. For him, colors didn’t existed and that created problems while learning because colors are something you can’t ignore or run away from. They are everywhere, they are on you. So, he after attending a lecture of Adam Montadon came up with an idea which was shaped into a project and then into a product. Now, with an eyeborg (a software) attached to his head, he can hear colors.

Now, a few facts about him of after he started using this cyborg, how his life has changed.

  • There are more than 360 colors of different shades and he can sense all of them.
  • He can percieve infrared and ultraviolet colors which enables him to percieve more colors than the normal human eye
  • He can hear that the cities are not grey
  • He found out that there are no white skins, and there are no black skins. Humans skins are of different shades of orange.
  • He is an artist and paints music
  • For him, music is colorful and paintings are melodious.

To know more about him, you should check out this:


Also see this video, it is worth your time and his effort
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