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Interviews- The One with Madhura

9 Nov

Happy Diwali week to all. The repeated questions on “Have you stopped writing?” intrigue me. Either the people want me to write or they just want to confirm if I have stopped writing so that they can be assured of their mail box not filled with crazy blogposts. Whatever the case may be I am stubborn on writing. And when the stubbornness would fade away or become weak… instances happen… instances that need to be shared.

So, on Diwali we basically worship Ganesha and Laxmi. But one other story of Diwali is that on this auspicious day Rama came to Ayodya after 14 years of exile in the forests and after killing Ravana, Ravana who had abducted Sita, the wife of Rama.

This Diwali as Rama comes home, a person would follow him. This person is one who, in the fight of right and wrong, lost even when all the duties were obeyed, even when every karma which rightfully is to be done was done. This person would come to ask questions and answer the questions that sometimes linger. This person would be interviewed by me (the creative soul, of course :P).

Here is a hint about this person. Its a character from Ramayana and even after giving birth to three children she is one of the five virgins. Her role in Ramayana was very short but in other texts like Ramakein and Krittivasi Ramayana she has been described at length and her conduct is compared with water; pure, serene and pacified.

Guess this guest, share your answers on the fb page or comments section and see if you are right isas the first ever interview with a character from Ramayana would be published this Diwali. 🙂

Stay tuned.


Truth At Our Convenience

25 Jun

So a blog post after a long long time, and that does not mean that this one is good. 😛 I believe in maintaining the quality standards, so this one too is the same old quality.

Truth, is deceptive and we who speak it are the biggest lairs. Yes!! because the one who speaks truth would expect truth from the other side, without understanding his situation. People tend to judge others based on their position and so if they can tell a truth and the other cannot, they quickly judge that person without understanding the other side. Only a person who lies can understand you.
Also, most of the people treat themselves as an exception. When someone fails, they have a criticism to make, but if the failure is own then we have a lot of explanations and excuses to stand out. To show off that we were differently placed and that we didn’t fail but such and such situation lead to the failure.
Also, we expect only others to follow the path of righteousness and truth, but we rarely try to implement those good set goals on ourselves. Take an example!! While driving a car, we always whine over buses who take over and drive speedily. But when we are in the same bus, we never care about its speed and if it jumped the red light. We never ask the driver to be within the prescribed limits of speed nor do we ask what is the hurry to jump the red light. Instead, in our minds we thank him for being in a hurry as he would carry us to the destination earlier. And when we are on this topic of jumping red lighs, I seriously don’t get it. Why do people do it? What is the restlessness about? As in what would you achieve by saving those 30 or 40 seconds of your life.

Now , with this, I am reminded of one more issue. The way weddings take place in India. Every  parent want that their son should be wedded to a girl as beautiful as Aishwaya Rai totally forgetting the fact that they are not as wealthy as Bacchans. They want a handsome dowry for their not so handsome son. They want the other party to give a lavish party, spend heavily on ceremonies and a grand reception. And when its their daughter’s time to get married, they want to enforce anti- dowry laws.

Just imagine, one MBA graduate girl earning 18 lakhs per year has to marry a simple engineer holding a degree from an unknown private college but drawing 20 lakhs per year and on that pay him almost 25-30 lakh. I mean, ultimately, it all boils down to getting married to a person whom she would not have even befriended if they would have met in college. Ultimately, it boils down to pay grades and to number of digits in salary. Recently, one of my known persons got married. He was shown girl’s photo and he rejected her saying that he liked her only 80 per cent. The bride’s parents kept on increasing the amount of money ;they were ready to give as ‘gift’ and ultimately now after their settlement, that girl is his 100 per cent legally wedded wife. But, in future at the time of his sister’s marriage, this same boy would expect the other party to be polite and respectful. He would give his share of excuses and say that his case was different.

Everybody’s case is different. Everyone’s case is the same.

So, don’t stand out. Sometimes be a part of crowd. Don’t be an exception. Be general, owe up to what you did wrong. Don’t be an excuse.
So, the whole purpose of this post was to:
1. write something… anything 😛
2. Umm… ok I forgot… 😛

Jaanlewa Jaanu- V

21 Oct

So, Diwali is here. The festival of lights, festival of prayers, festival of holidays and above all the festival to shop. Shop endlessly, non- sensibly, extravagantly and if you are in a relationship (and a girl), shopping without spending even a penny of your own.

Now, its been quite sometime when we met the Jaanlewa Jaanu. And it is a fact that I might forget her but there are some characters and  families that occasionally come to meet me.

So, this time I spotted her at the market. Two days before the festival. Ultimate rush in the streets, shops and even the pavements were crowded with people loaded with ten bags in each hand on an average. People were shopping as if the market is going down and it will not see the light of the next day.

So, I was talking about our girl. She was shopping with a boy standing beside her, holding almost 7-8 bags in both his hands and without giving a damn to that fact, concentrating on the girl’s voice who was asking.

“What do you think would look better. Green or pink?” She asked holding the two identical shirts with different colours.

“Madam… we have almost all the colours for this shirt…” and he took out a pile from one side  and showcased different colours of that shirt and made a pile of those shirts on the other side. The girl very patiently held all the shirts and asked the boy about each and every shirt.

“How would this look on me?”

“Jaan everything looks fine on you… take any..”

“Just fine? And what do you mean by any?”

“I… i mean… you just increase the value of everything that gets attached to you… like me..” he said smiling while trying to control the situation.

“Oh… well… how is this grey one?” She said while looking intensely at the shirt.

“Umm.. ya it’s fantastic.”

“No… i have 3 shirts of this colour.” She took the black one.

“And how would this be?”

“I guess.. ya… it’s.. you would look amazing… and you should take it as you don’t have this colour.”

As soon as he finished the last line, he found the girl looking or rather gazing at him as if he had committed some crime.

“How could you forget? You gifted me a black colour shirt on our ‘The day we first talked anniversay’ I still remember that on the first hand you had forgotten the very important day itself and now you don’t remember what you gifted me for make up for that forgetfulness. I think you just don’t find me that important to be remembered.”

“Aah… that anniversary…” He said in nostalgia.

“Huh… I am the only one to remember everything… ‘the day we met anniversary’, the day we first talked anniversary’, the day you took me out for a walk anniversary’ and i am damn sure that you don’t remember the ‘ the day my sandal broke and you got it mended anniversary’.”

“There is that date too?” He thought.  But to avoid further embarrassment in front of the shopkeeper and other people around he said:

“Well i suggested black… because I think you look too good in black.”

“Huh… why are you always so concerned about me being looking good? What if tomorrow i don’t look good? Why is it all about my body to you?”

“My girl… its not… but you only asked ‘how would this look on me’… So… I was just suggesting…”

“Okay… well do you have any other designs in the shirt? She asked while discarding all the effort of the shopkeeper to please this girl. But he had to do his job. So he untied a pile of clothes and showcased her the so- called ‘New Arrival’.

“Hmm… well… i am just saying… but i am holding these 7 bags for the last 15 minutes… can you choose a bit fast? The boy asked in a perplexed tone.

“Why? You are tired already?  I have not even started the shopping yet.. I have to get decorations, sweets and some cosmetics and most importantly a present for…”

“For me?” The boy interrupted in excitement.

“No… for the house maid…” She said while looking at another purple colour shirt.

“Ya.. she is important.” The boy thought.

But with this last scene… I could not resist my laughter. The boy turned towards me but the girl was so lost in the shirt. The boy gave me a ‘jaisi bhi hai, jo bhi hai… meri jaanu hai ye’ look… in simple words… gave my an angry birds look.

imagesI, who had entered the shop just to get this instance to narrate to you, had gone alone for shopping and bought things that i really didn’t needed. (Yes!I don’t need a jaanu to take me to shopping, but i will consider someone to carry the bags :P)

So, this is all for this time… Happy Diwali to everybody. Have a safe and prosperous year ahead and never ever miss any episode of your HSI blogger’s series :p

The ‘Dumb’ Phone

5 Oct

In this new era of smartphones, its quite disheartening to see people going dumb. No… seriously… in earlier days.. we used to remember so many phone numbers, our retaining power was good. And now we don’t remember our own phone numbers. We can reach the world with internet connection, but without that, the phone seems to be the most useless possession. Okay… I am not in the mood of furnishing gyaan to you… but would just like to share as to how the actually smart people think of these so- called ‘smartphones’.

The post is about my mother’s first ever phone. Moto E! We paid a rupee more for the phone when it was delivered through Flipkart. The price to be paid was Rs. 6999, but we had the bad luck of not having the change and the other party never has the change. Now, that you know the name of the phone… browse about it yourself… this is not a tech- based site to provide you the info of this phone.

The story starts with the receiving of the phone. My mom was quite excited as well as nervous on the issue of handling it. Within one hour, we downloaded watsapp, Facebook, two or three games and some other apps. Our work was done. An hour later, a ping appeared on the phone. It was one Watsapp message.

“Oh… how to open it?” My mom asked.

“Put your thumb on the top of the screen and pull it down.”

She tried… she would not just rest the thumb there … just touch it and leave.

“You have to keep the thumb there for a second.” I explained.

I though that it is touch screen.”

“Yeah it is…”

“Ok…” she said in a disappointed tone, and ended the struggle of opening the message.

“Oh… it’s your aunt… this is an image of ‘Good Morning’… Good morning? Why would she do that?”

“She just… greeted you… you should send back a message.” I suggested.

“Why?? We don’t greet each other… We never have… what’s the use of starting such a practice now?” She asked in a confused tone.

“Ask her…” I answered in an irritated tone.

“Ok… how to call?”

“Don’t call her… use the same thing… message her on WatsApp.”

“How?” She asked again.

“Put your thumb here…” I indicated at the reply box.

“Now see that you have the letters to type… touch the letter that you want to type.”

She tries and wrote ‘HOW ARE YOU?’ in almost 5 minutes.

“Now how to send it?” She enquired.

“Like a very patient teacher, I told, ” Just tap on the arrow that you see in the right.”

And as an obedient learner, she did as instructed.


Seemed like ‘Now’ and ‘How’ were the words of that day.

“”It’s sent…”

“Sent? So fast?? Must be costly?”

“It’s almost free.. mom..”

“Nothing is for free… tell me how much balance is left in the phone?”

“Mom… see… we have wi- fi connection… so it’s all through net… and we have unlimited net pack… so even if you message the whole day… it will cost you not a single penny.”

“Oh… if that be the case.. I can also send a ‘Good Morning’ but I don’t have such beautiful images in my phone like your aunt sent.”

“We can download them.” I suggested.

“Huh… this phone has nothing… now we download them… and they would instantly charge money.”

“No mom… that also we will do through net.”

“Everything in this phone is through net?”

“Ya kind of… oh… you can call… but that is without net… as in like any other phone…”

“Such a dumb phone..!!” She exclaimed.

“Why?” I asked in surprise.

“It is nothing without internet. I mean N1100 is better than this… at least it’s body can be used effectively to kill a roadside romeo… and it has less features… but at least independent…”

I smiled and went into the kitchen as my mom had started browsing the internet and I had no patience left to take another class on that ‘dumb phone’. But… I guess there would be more posts on the issue as there are many things which my mother has to learn from the phone and you have to learn from my mother. 😛 🙂




The Link-25- The One With The Shifting

3 Jul

“You are serious? That’s something…” Kriti said in disbelief.

“Unbelievable?” Abhigyan tried to complete her sentence.

“No… things have been worse… i mean it’s… thank you…”

“Well… you don’t need to do that… I will tell you about my plan in detail… when things get concrete… i will call you  back.”

Kriti puts off the phone and excitedly tells her mother about the whooping news.

“What did he said?” Asked her mother.

“He is shifting to Delhi. He asked his senior to transfer him to Delhi and fortunately there was one vacancy in the Delhi office of his company, so he is shifting..”

“And he is shifting for you?? I mean he made that plea for you… or he has some other reasons?”

“How does it matter? But he said that as soon as the news was confirmed by a letter from his office, I was the first one to know about it… so…”

“Hmm… he told you anything about his stay here? I mean where would he reside… where is his office, etc?”

“No… mom… I told you na… for now the only thing we know is that he is coming to Delhi.”

“Hmm…” Mrs. Roy smiled.

“I should probably call Nidhin and tell him the news. He would be happy.”

“Why do you think he would be happy?”

“Well… this person might help in my recovery… so…” She dialed the number and went out of the hall into the garden.

“Hey..” Nidhin picked up the phone.

“What were you doing?” She asked.

“Nothing… just preparing the assignment we have to submit tomorrow.”

“You already started it?”

“Yes… you haven’t?”

“No…” she sounded worried.

“Then… I would recommend that you just leave it now… you would not be able to complete ii if you start now… just take advantage of your health…”

“Of health..? how?”

“Just tell the prof that you had an appointment with your psychiatrist and that it took time… simple…”

“Okay… well I had called you to tell something.”

“Oh… then spit it out.”

“Abhigyan is coming to Delhi.”

“Oh… wow… that’s too thoughtful of him to visit you..”

“He is no visiting me… he is shifting to Delhi..”

“Don’t tell me that he is shifting for you..”

“Seems so…”

“Man… kill me…”

“What… you are not excited?”

“Kriti… doesn’t he seem extra caring? Why is he doing all this? Shifting workplace for a person you don’t even know is highly suspicious.”

“Well… he didn’t said that it’s because of me… but yes he moved the application asking his transfer… he didn’t told me the reason.”

“This man gets mysterious.”

“How? I was hoping that you would be happy to know like I am… but I don’t see that happening.”

“Kriti… I am your friend… but that doesn’t mean that if you have completely lost your mind, I would have to follow you… well.. I think I have a work to complete… bye.” He puts off the phone without giving any chance to Kriti to stretch the conversation.

She came inside the house and went to her room. She traced down Abhigyan at every possible address, WordPress, facebook, gmails and even twitter. Nothing seemed wrong. She was unable to understand why Nidhin gets hyper every time anything related to Abhigyan comes up.

Abhigyan was scheduled to shift to Delhi after 14 days of the news. He took help of Kriti and her family to find a proper accommodation, get to know the city and shopping for some essential goods. He was invited to dinner on the day he shifted. Nidhin was not called. This was the first time that Nidhin was ignored and not even told that Abhigyan has already shifted. Kriti’s father was not present at the dinner, as usual.

So… Abhigyan… you are liking Delhi?” Mrs. Roy started the conversation on the dinner table.

“Aunty… it has been hectic… Delhi is too fast… much faster than Bangalore… but I hope to sink in soon.”

“You will… the city will teach you… by the way… you never told anything about your family… ”

“Oh… yeah.. maybe because I don’t have one… I lost my parents at 14 and then my maternal uncle took care of me… he died last year… so basically no one is left.”

“Oh… I am really sorry to bring that up…”

“”Why are you sorry… it had to come out later or sooner.”

“Hmm… take that paneer masala…. I prepared it.” Kriti tried to divert the conversation.

“You have cooked it?” Abhigyan asked in surprise.

“I said I prepared it… pieced the paneer and made the gravy…”

“I appreciate..” He said in a sarcastic tone, while munching a piece of it.




The Link-24- The One With The Conscience

30 Jun

“So… why had he called you?” Nidhin asked Kriti in the canteen.

“Who?” She asked.

“Abhigyan… you said he called you… this morning..”

“OH… yeah… whatever… I mean he just called to ask about my health… why are you asking this question again and again?”

“I don’t know… he just didn’t seem right… there is something wrong about this guy..”

Are you jealeous?

“Why would I be jealous?”

“No… I mean… before I met him… you were my only friend… and now maybe as I making new friends… you might be …”

“Jealous?? Stupid…anyways… after lunch we have the cost accounting class… do not create any scene then…”

“What did I do?”

“You are not suffering from short term memory loss… do not repeat the MM class”

“I will try..” she said smiling.

The life was again coming to the routine. It was less complicated now as Kriti knew what that image in her mind meant. Although she still had to find the  answer to why it stuck, but she was now pretty confident that it would also be revealed fast.

“He didn’t called again…”

Who?” Asked Nidhin, although knowing the obvious answer.

“Abhigyan… and who else… it’s been two days. Do you think I should call him?”

“And what would you say?”

“Umm… I don’t know.. I don’t have a topic in hand.”

“Then I guess you should probably drop the idea of calling..”

“I mean I just wanted to ensure if he is…” She flummoxed.

“If he…?”

“If he is okay… i mean safe… i mean well in health.”

“Kriti…. do you realise that this person was not in that life that you want to know… so why are you so concerned?”

“I don’t know…”

“Relax… he does not matter… why? Because I don’t think he can be of any help to you to recollect that past in which he was not even present.”


Well.. did you checked out your blog?”

“Ya… I don’t know how could I write that… in one of the posts I have written my own obituary… in a sarcastic manner..why would I write that?”

“You were pretty pessimistic… anyways… why don’t you try to write some new article or a poem… you are good at poems.”

“I don’t know… nothing comes up”

“I am sure it will”


“The day you would know that you are Kriti Roy”

“I know that..”

“No… up till now you are following what your parents and Nidhin has been telling you… you need to realise the things yourself.”

“You are telling me not to trust what you said?”

“I am asking you to trust your conscience… if they clash with what we told you… trust the former… Kriti would do that.”

“I will try..”

“Kriti I know you are trying… but you need to try harder… seriously.”


That day when Kriti reached her home, she opened her WordPress account. There were notifications. Some likes and many comments. Most of the comments related to questions like… “where are you”, “why are you not writing these days”… Kriti took out a notepad and a pen, determined to write something, anything.

But she couldn’t. It seemed to be the hardest task and Nidhin was saying that she enjoyed writing. She found it hard to believe, and then she closed the notepad. She had to follow her instincts. She would write, when she would enjoy it like before.

She came down from her room to the hall.

She found her mother on the dining table, peeling peas for the dinner.

“Mom… may I help?” She asked from behind.

“Why would I reject? Come.” Mrs. Roy said.

“How was your day?” She asked.

“It was good… no fine… you know what…  Nidhin is behaving strangely nowadays.”

“Why? What has he done?”

“He hasn’t done anything as such… but since the day we met Abhigyan… he is kind of changed. He thinks that Abhigyan is not a right guy and that I shouldn’t talk to him.”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know… I mean how can I judge a person whom I don’t even know… that would be unfair and at the same time… should I ignore the call of a friend who sailed through me when I was in the dark storm?”

“You should balance the two things… try to convince Nidhin that he is running too fast… that he should give at least one fair chance to Abhigyan and at the same time make sure that what you are trying to convince to Nidhin is not wrong. Trust nobody.

“Nobody?” She asked looking into the eyes of her mother.

“Ya…” Mrs. Roy was going to add something but Kriti’s phone rung.

“Oh…” she said, looking at the number.

“What is it?”

“It’s Abhigyan calling”

She took up the call and after a few mumblings and answers in positive given by Kriti, suddenly she jumped for once and screamed “Whhaaat?” with a big smile on her face.






Doesn’t Matter !!

26 Jun

Two conversations. ‘A’ is the girl who can be found in almost every girl. And ‘B’ is that every person in every A’s life for whom nothing more matters than A herself.


A: I am not pretty… I never have been… my entire life I was the studious girl… you can check the width of spectacle glasses for proof… the ‘good girl’… someone who, at times, didn’t wanted to be the good girl. In the school I was asked to tie up my hair properly and not to put kajal… other girls of the class rarely followed that… but I always did. In the college, girls used to come in shorts, skirts, mini skirts but I never got a chance… you see I travelled from a far place to reach college… I could not afford lusty eyes gazing at me in the public transport. No one ever said that I am pretty. They said I am cool, I am funny, and even an extensively interesting person to know… but “pretty”? Never.

B: You think that to be pretty you need to put on the kajal, untie your hair and wear a skirt?

A: Ya… maybe… girls who do all this are pretty… they look pretty… they get the compliments and the attention.

B: Okay… if that’s your definition… but… let me tell you that you are beautiful… and being beautiful is much harder than being pretty… what does it take to be pretty? What does it cost? Long shiny hair… maybe a shampoo plus conditioner Rs. 200, kajal Rs. 175, that dress you are about… at the most just a thousand bucks… but you cannot purchase beauty…”

A:”Ya… nobody buys that… and people do not see the beauty they see pretty faces.

B: Are those people that important?

A: Sometimes, they are.

B: Okay… but again I would say that you don’t need these things to look pretty… what you need is what you already have.

A: What is it?

B: Attitude… you have it… just wear it sometime and maybe that would work out.


Every Girl’s Ultimate Nightmare

A: Am I fat? I mean I know that maybe I am… but am I.. to the extent that people notice it?

B: No… you are not fat.

A: That’s not even an answer… I mean be clear.

B: How can I be more clear? I just told you… you are not fat… end of the story.

A: But… the trouser I purchased last year is not fitting me.

“Okay… so you gained some weight… but that doesn’t mean that you are fat.

A: Then what does it mean?

B: It just means that you have put up some weight… but that doesn’t make you fat… I mean there is a difference between the two.

A: Care to explain?

B: Okay.. Why do you care? Even if you are fat? What concerns you? I know you are not such a health conscious girl… I mean if you were… you would not have baked that cake for yourself…

A: Don’t bring that up…

B: Why shouldn’t I? You ate that whole cake by yourself.

A: Don’t change the topic… all I am saying is… I am not slim anymore and that might… you know… be an image spoiler.

B: Oh… so now… we know the real problem… you don’t have a problem with being fat… the problem is people noticing it… your friends taunting you about it… you have to be slim for people… I mean that’s your stand?

A: Hmm… thanks… I understood.

B: What did you understood?

A: That I am fat and it is to the extent that people would notice it and on the cake… I was thinking of baking a cake for you today… but now forget it.

B: What? You will not bake it now.”

A: Not for you… 🙂


The Link- 23- The One With The Routine (II)

24 Jun

“So… how was your trip?” Mr. Roy asked his wife at the midst of the night. He had attended a very important meeting in Malaysia, and had returned home two days after his daughter’s meeting with the random guy in Bangalore.

“How was you meeting… you got the deal?” Mrs. Roy asked in return.

“Oh… it was great as usual… and I cracked the deal as usual… it was easy… I don’t why that Mohanti is always so anxious and nervous… I am thinking of arranging a personality development session for this guy… he really never behaves like the Deputy Director to the Company… and…”

“You must be tired… ”

“The hell I am… and I would leave early for office tomorrow…so… I should sleep now…” He said and was drowsing within minutes.

Mrs. Roy saw him and answered… “About our tour… it was good.” She turned off the lights and came to her side of the bed. The sleep was far away from her eyes.

The next morning Kriti was woken up by the ringtone of her phone. She didn’t looked at the number and received the call.

“Yes… Nidhin… what is it?” She questioned in her drowsiness.

“Oh… I am sorry but this is Abhigyan..” The person from the other side confirmed.

“I am sorry… hi… how are you… Actually everyday Nidhin calls me at almost this same time.. so…”

“Okay.. Well I am fine… I just called to ask about your health.”

“I am good.. and I must tell you that I am really surprise to hear from you..”

“I hope it’s not that bad..?” He laughed.

“Oh.. no… i mean a pleasant surprise.”

“Well… so… I think I should just put off the phone now…”

“Hmm.. bye.” She put off the phone to see two miss calls from Nidhin.

She called him.

“Whom were you talking to?” He asked in a rude manner.

“To Abhigyan… why are you sounding so hysterical?”

“You called him?” He asked.

No… he called me… and how does it matter?”

“It does… well I had called to ask if you would be coming to college today?”

“Of course…”

“Okay… just wanted to confirm… see you in the college. ”

Kriti was waiting for his father to join her at the breakfast table. He came quite excitedly.

“Oh… Kriti… I am meeting you after so many days…”

“Isn’t that sad?” She interrupted.

Mr. Roy ignored her words and went on.

“So.. how was that Bangalore trip… I had asked your mom last night… but I don’t remember if she told anything.”

“Maybe you didn’t heard her…”

“May be I want to hear it from you…”

“Hmm… the trip was good… we met him… and today morning he called me to ask about my health… so… I don’t know… but so far so good.”

“How do you think he would be helpful in regaining your memory?”

“I have not worked that out yet… Dad… I am getting late for my college. I should leave.”

Kriti left the table without waiting for him to respond.

In the college, Kriti was still roaming around that Fort in Bangalore where she had met Abhigyan.

“Ms. Roy… Ms. Roy?” A voice was being directed towards her to which her brain was not responding.

Nidhin who was sitting beside her pinched her in the arm.

“Oh… what…”

“Ms. Roy… are you here?” The Marketing Management professor asked her.

“OH… Yes Sir.”

“You sure?”


“Then please tell me how I just now told the marketing strategy that can be used to sell the chalk powder?”

“Chalk powder?”

“Yes…I just told that..”

“Umm… chalk powder… we might use that for rangoli..?”

“Okay… first of all I was teaching something else… you proved that you were not listening… so get out.”

“Okay… what’s secondly… I mean you said ‘first of all’ so what’s the second thing?”

“Oh… thanks for reminding… because you told a lie… you are disallowed from sitting in my class for the next 5 days.

“Okay. I should leave.”

“Don’t you know the word ‘sorry’?” The professor taunted as she was leaving the class.

“I know Sir… but I don’t think I should use it now.”


“Yes Sir?”

“Has she regained her memory?”

“No… Sir…” He said smilingly.





The Link- 22- The One With Many Doubts

20 Jun

The next day, as Kriti, Nidhin and Mrs. Roy were getting ready to reach the Airport,  Nidhin’s phone rang.

“Hi… Abhigyan… how are you?” Nidhin tried to sound as casual as he could.

“The same as you left me… I thought over it the whole night… can I meet you people again?”

“Ya… you can.. we would be glad… but I just wanted to warn you..”

“Warn??  What did I do?”

“Yesterday, you made her cry… I don’t want that to happen again..”

“I will try..”

“Okay… so where should we meet?”

“Have you visited Bangalore Fort… its a nice place..”

“Not yet..”

“Okay… then see you there… at 12… if its fine with you.”

“It is..” Nidhin put off the call. He went to Kriti’s room to tell her about the change in plan.

“Why would he want to meet again?” Mrs. Roy asked in a worried tone.

“Aunty… I don’t know… he just called up and said he wanted to meet… maybe he realised that what we were bluffing, and maybe now he wants to listen seriously to our story..”

“Maybe? What do you mean by maybe… and if we are just going there on the basis of assumptions then ‘maybe’ he has invited us to make fun of me or to…” Kriti said in an anguished tone.

“Ya… you maybe absolutely right… but I may also be absolutely right… and we can only know who is actually right… by meeting him again… Kriti… maybe it’s the last shot and I know you don’t want to miss this shot.”

“Is this even worth a shot… I mean how does it matter at all… he is nobody… I know that… he is just a random guy I met on a stupid website… how would he in the first place help me in regaining my memory… it’s obvious that he does not know anything about me…”

“Kriti… the question is not what he would do or if he is important or not… the question is why do you remember him… and about the stupid website… I had told that to you a hundred times before you lost your memory and each time you would defend your writing and today when you are telling that it’s stupid… strange thing… but I would like to tell you that it’s not stupid… the stuff you write is not stupid…”

“Hmm… whatever… Mom what do you think… should we go?”

“Do you want to go?”


“Here I am missing the old Kriti, she never used to be too confused while taking any decision… well… you should go…”

“What do you mean by you should go? You are not coming along?”

“I think I should not. He was quite frightened to see me yesterday at the restaurant  and I don’t want to repeat that… I still remember how much baffled he was to see all new faces..”


At the Bangalore Fort:

Nidhin and Kriti met their host in the extended park of the historical ruin.

“So… how are you?” Kriti asked.

“I really don’t think you to be the appropriate person to ask questions like this…” He wanted to add more but his eyes fell on Nidhin’s plain face.

“Well, first of all, this is your bag… you had left it yesterday… we had no intention to carry it but the waiter thought that we knew each other and we would return it to the rightful owner.. so…” Nidhin handed the packet to Abhigyan.

“Oh… this was meant for Kriti… I mean as a co- blogger…”

“Why had you invited us?” Nidhin interrupted him.

“What are you? His spokesperson?”

“I don’t have to tell you…” Nidhin said.

“Fine… Kriti… I wanted to talk to you… see… I am very sorry for my behaviour yesterday… but I think you would understand that it was not completely my fault… and i understand that it was not even your fault… now… I am still amazed at the fact that someone in this world can remember a person whom he or she has never even met or known… but the interesting question that needs to be answered is why me… and since in the question I am involved… I would like to help you in finding the answer… if you allow me…”

“How would you help me?”

“I don’t know… I just don’t know… but you didn’t came here  just to meet me… you came here in search of a person who  has a connection with you… the connection is the mystery. And I think it would be easier to solve it  if both the people at their ends try to probe into it..”

“So… you want it to do for yourself?” Asked Kriti.

“Ya… absolutely…”

“Okay… That’s a good idea…what do you think Nidhin?”

Nidhin smiled and said, “I remember you asking your mom today about going or not going to meet this person and now here you just took a prompt decision… the old one is still there…”

Kriti smiled. She turned to Abhigyan and said, “So… I don’t know what I should say… We have to leave now… but I think we would be in touch now..?”

“Ya sure…” Abhigyan reposed confidence in her.

“So.. I guess we should leave now.” Nidhin interrupted.

“Umm… Kriti… Yesterday… I had brought this for you… please accept it now…”

“You really don’t have to do this..” Nidhin jumped into the conversation.

“No… I think I will take it.. thank you… would you mind if I open it here?” She asked, ignoring Nidhin’s words.

“No… not at all…”

She opened the gift wrapped object and it was a keyboard.

“Keyboard?” She asked with surprise.

“Ya… I couldn’t think of anything better for an online writer. The instruments of a conventional writer are diary and notepads and pens, but for bloggers like us, it is more of technology and these outputs that help us in getting published… so…”

“How thoughtful of you.. it is really… cool.” Kriti stammered.

“So.. I think we should leave now.” Nidhin reminded Kriti.

Kriti gave Nidhin a deadly look, but bid goodbye to Abhigyan and left the place.

“Why were you in such a hurry? Why were you so rude?” Kriti asked him in an angry tone.

“Because he was too sweet and so helpful… he was absolutely not sounding like the person we met yesterday…”

“So… you have a problem with everything… last night he was rude… you had a problem… today he was sweet then also you have a problem. What is your problem?”

“I don’t know…”

“Nidhin… any problem?”

“I don’t know…”

“Will you tell me when you would know?”





The Link- 21- The One With Orchids

2 May

“Umm… huh??” Abhigyan looked at the waiter in a lost state.

“I think… we would be ordering after sometime… we will call you..” Nidhin said.

“Umm… no… no… wait… okay just go..” Abhigyan said in utter indecision.

He looked up at Kriti, and asked.. “Why?? I mean… why are you playing such a prank… I know this is pure hoax and you can very well see that i have been fooled, so now you can reveal the truth and admit that I have been fooled.”

“We are not fooling you and this is not a hoax… actually we came all the way from Delhi… just to meet you… we have no project work…”

“So… there is some lie involved…thank God..” He said.

“See… Abhigyan… I know… you might be finding it difficult understand the situation…”

“No…no… I am not… she met with an accident… and then after she regained her consciousness… she forgot everything, but one image on WordPress… where unfortunately, my comment was posted… right?? Did I missed on anything?”

“No… you didn’t…”

“So.. it’s clear that you are messing up with me… but please now, enough is enough..”

“Abhigyan… why don’t you get it… we are telling you the truth… and we are not here to frighten you… just to let you know that there is someone… a person like this… who remembers you in the whole world… the moment she has woken up… she wants to know about you… she didn’t even remembered herself… but you… and we just wanted you to know this… that’s it..” A soft but balanced voice jumped into the conversation.

“Who is she?” He asked.

“My mom…” Kriti answered in a sulking voice.

“Why didn’t she joined us for the dinner?”

“We didn’t wanted to scare you..”

“Well… you did a really bad job in that respect…umm… I think I should leave…waiter… please bring the cheque…”

“Umm.. Abhigyan… We know that you might be puzzled, anxious, surprised, upset and really very angry… but it’s just the truth..that we wanted to tell you.” Kriti said in a low vice.

“I am just one thing at the moment… that you didn’t mentioned… I am just confused… maybe after that phase is over… I would move on to the things you mentioned.

The waiter came with the bill. Mrs. Roy grabbed it from his hands and paid it.

“So… I guess… I am sorry for the evening…” Abhigyan said this and left. He didn’t waited for any reply to come and the conversation to move any further.

“He must have been scared..” Nidhin tried to console Kriti.

“I don’t know… our plan… just blew off.” Kriti said in distress.

“I think we should also leave…” Mrs. Roy suggested.

As they were coming out from the restaurant, a waiter came running to them with a bag.

“Sir, I am afraid, but you were forgetting this on the table.” He said to Nidhin.

“No.. this ain’t ours.”

“But, Sir, the gentleman, you just had dinner with, had brought this with him.. so..”

“Okay… I will take it… thank you…”

The waiter gave him a hassled look.

“What would we do with this??”

“Let’s get to the hotel.”

They reached the hotel where they were staying, in almost 15 minutes by the taxi drive.

“Should I open what he brought for us?” Kriti asked her mom.

“He didn’t gifted you this… he just forgot to take this with him… we cannot accept what is not offered to us..” Mrs. Roy resisted her.

Kriti went outside to get some fresh air. She roamed in the garden of the hotel.

“What are you doing here?” Nidhin’s voice clashed into her ears.


“That’s interesting… because I saw you roaming here, looking at those white orchids… you know what orchids symbolise??”

“What?” She asked.

“Well… in different cultures they are symbols of purity, and there are also some healing, disease fighting and protective properties that orchids have… but the main thing is that they are very rare… it is very difficult to grow them and even the best  gardeners may fail to cultivate them. And do you know one more thing?”

“NO… what is that?”

“You like orchids… because you thought that you are like them… its difficult to understand you, to be with you… its rare that someone would actually understand you…”

“These were the thoughts I had about myself?? Nidhin, can you tell me one thing?”


“Did i hated myself or I loved myself??”

“You were just too possessive about yourself and you had that fear that you will loose yourself if someone would come close to you..”

“But it seems that you were very close.. I mean you really understand me…”

“The thing was that I was close to you but it was not same vice versa… so you actually never understood me and that’s why you never knew…”

“Kind of complicated… right..?”

“If you compare that to what happened today… I guess ya… a bit..”

“Today… today…it all screwed… very badly…”

“Don’t worry… everything would fall in place…”



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