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Interviews- The One with Madhura

9 Nov

Happy Diwali week to all. The repeated questions on “Have you stopped writing?” intrigue me. Either the people want me to write or they just want to confirm if I have stopped writing so that they can be assured of their mail box not filled with crazy blogposts. Whatever the case may be I am stubborn on writing. And when the stubbornness would fade away or become weak… instances happen… instances that need to be shared.

So, on Diwali we basically worship Ganesha and Laxmi. But one other story of Diwali is that on this auspicious day Rama came to Ayodya after 14 years of exile in the forests and after killing Ravana, Ravana who had abducted Sita, the wife of Rama.

This Diwali as Rama comes home, a person would follow him. This person is one who, in the fight of right and wrong, lost even when all the duties were obeyed, even when every karma which rightfully is to be done was done. This person would come to ask questions and answer the questions that sometimes linger. This person would be interviewed by me (the creative soul, of course :P).

Here is a hint about this person. Its a character from Ramayana and even after giving birth to three children she is one of the five virgins. Her role in Ramayana was very short but in other texts like Ramakein and Krittivasi Ramayana she has been described at length and her conduct is compared with water; pure, serene and pacified.

Guess this guest, share your answers on the fb page or comments section and see if you are right isas the first ever interview with a character from Ramayana would be published this Diwali. 🙂

Stay tuned.


Rang Gulaabi (The Colour is Pink)

15 Jul
Recently, I visited the heart of the king’s land. The land of palaces in abandoned mists. The city of Jaipur famous as the Pink City.

The purpose of visit was to take a judicial exam. The purpose was badly defeated and now let’s talk about the trip. As you know my trips are never descriptive of things for which the place is famous.

So, after reaching Jaipur, we stayed at Ramada Hotel. It is one of the best hotels in the city. After taking some rest we (my parents and I) went to meet one relative of my mother and then to other relative and then to some other one. On the way, I saw University of Rajasthan, the place where my father did his graduation, that library building where he used to study and that particular house where he lived for almost 3 years. And then we entered the actual pink city. The shops on both the sides are painted pink. Each and every shop… although it was not proper pink but magenta. Then from there, we went to the Govind Dev ji Mandir. The peculiar thing about it was that there was a small mosque in premises of the temple. In the evening, we went to a place called Choki Dhani. This is said to be an outing place for Jaipuriyas. Here you can find the whole lot culture of Rajasthan. They will welcome you at the entry gate in rajasthani style. The whole aura feels like you have entered into some village and various activities are going on; kalbeliya dances, magic shows, kathputli dance, mehendi and many many other things. We had our dinner at that place only and the hospitality was beyond expression. They would make you sit crossed leg on floor and then one after the other start bringing delicacies. It seems that the menu would never be over. They would start with water, then salad, then curd, then four types of vegetables and daal, then three types of rotis, then bajre ki khichdi, then two types of chutneys, then rice, then imarti and finally paapad. The food habits in Rajasthan are such that after they serve you the paapad, they wouldn’t give you anything, even if you ask for.

And so the next day was the tentative exam for which I had traveled to the beautiful land. The exam was pretty good than I had expected but bad enough to fail.

After the exam, I saw my parents  waiting for me outside the examination center. The first question that came out of my mother’s mouth was “Are you hungry” and my father’s mouth was “Will you pass?” I think that’s the difference. But I did not show any discrimination, and replied to neither. Well… we went to lunch after that… and back to Delhi by night.

The car driver had stories to tell. He is a Delhi driver who outsmarted one Jaipuri driver there. He advised my father on roads, routes and life. Yes… one of the gyaans being “life me na… bus khush rehna chahiye.. chahe kitna bhi dukh ho… (in life, one must be happy, even if there are ‘n’ number of sorrows surrounding you)”, he had a particular taste for pakoras and had a recipe to tell to every dhabawala where we wold have snacks.

So. this was all about the short visit to the old pink city. 🙂



On A Break…

5 Dec
Hello Friends… with utmost sorrow and grief, I want to tell you that my exams are starting from tomorrow. Now, that may not be so sad for you, but you can be empathetic towards me…
Now, I would not be able to write and publish any post till 26th of December. With this, my novel stands freezed to Chapter-4. I am really sorry for the same… but please I can’t afford to fail in my semester exams…
So, byei for the time being, but I promise that when I return, the novel would take a new turn of events and you would not be disappointed to wait for so long 🙂
Wish me luck for the exams 😛 and I wish you for a beautiful life ahead… 😉


Last Minute Drama…

26 Sep

Hi Friends and Co- Bloggers, this post is about a very important and current issue. In India, we have a private sector and the public sector. The public sector provides employment on the basis of various criterion prescribed according to the job. One such recruitment institution is the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).  There is another institute also called UPSC.  But, we are here to hear the story of SSC.

Now, this institute had conducted examination for the Combined Graduate Level Exam for the year 2013 as it always does. This exam is conducted in three levels; first two are exams wherein objective type questions are asked and the third level is interview. So, this time the problem started with the first level itself. Just before the exam had to start, there was a rumor that the said exam paper has been leaked. The information  was leaked on the day of examination itself. And many people didn’t knew about it. So, the exam was conducted successfully, but at the age we are living in, this information spread over twitter and facebook like fire. Many people didn’t gave heed to these and thought that once the exam has been held, this rumor will probably not affect them. But maybe they were wrong.

The result of this exam was out soon and the consequences of leaking of paper were apparent. The cut off which always revolved around 85 marks showed an increase of almost 10 marks. Many candidates were really distressed, especially those for whom this time was the last chance to give exam.

One of the candidates, Nitant, who was not able to clear the exam and blamed it to the leaking of paper, played a master stroke. He kept quite until the second level of exam was to be held. He filed a petition against the second level exam on the partiality exercised in the first level, only three days before the second level of the exam was scheduled. This created again a fire but fierce one against this person by those who had passed the exam.

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) after going into the issue ordered for the stay of second level exam and after this notification, people were frightened to think that the whole exam of this year may not get cancelled.

But, to every body’s relief the same tribunal vacated the stay and ordered for the exam to be held as per the schedule.

And after a high voltage drama of 2 and a half days, every thing is same as it was.

But this whole drama ( which is not yet concluded…) what it teaches?? What questions does it raise??

How far is Nitant morally right, in exercising his right just two days before the exam?

He could have filed this case after the result was announced. There was a time lag of 1 month between the announcement of result and date of second exam, did he chose this particular date deliberately to demotivate candidates??

How far was CAT’s action justifiable in imposing a stay order on the exam??

How far were people justifiable in abusing Nitant and asking for exam to be held knowing somewhere that this man is not completely wrong…


To know more about the issue You can visit the facebook page of SSc here:  https://www.facebook.com/SscCglExam2013?hc_location=stream

or the official website of SSC here: http://ssc.nic.in/SSC.html


A Wasted Sunday

21 Apr

HI…. Today, I wasted one more Sunday of my life. I went to give an exam. It was not connected to my academic curricula, but a time pass kind of exam, for which I had hardly prepared. Now, telling you about the exam will not make me happy, and I write to be happy, so I would rather talk about the experience.

I reached the exam center, well on time (half an hour early) and it took me about 5 minutes to cover a distance of almost 20 metres. I had to make my way towards the gate of the examination centre by asking to excuse me to about 15 people who were standing in the path of the gate and I as if it was trying to enter into a restricted area.

As the sun was scorching high, the authorities, preferred to take in people before time, before anyone starts falling because of dehydration.

I reached in the class and settled down at the designated chair. I trolled my eyes and saw two girls sitting in the first bench and 3-4 boys who were sitting in the last benches, gazing and to be precise, completely checking them out. The two girls got up after about 15 minutes and to everybody’s surprise, they were the invigilators. The boys in back were shocked, but tried to hide their laughter.

It felt like this

It felt like this

The girls turned into madams and they distributed the OMR answer sheet and after 10 minutes of the previous act, they gave the question paper. The exam started at the right time and I started feeling sleepy. Not because the paper was too easy, but it was exactly the converse of it. I started with my favorite section English and then reached Mental Ability. After that, I finished GK in almost 15 minutes and it took me accurately 20 minutes to solve 5 questions of Maths( yes, i attempted only 5 out of 50). The whole paper was finished half an hour before and I went through the paper once again. Tried to crack many questions which were left earlier and actually cracked few of them.

Its not funny when it actually happens

Its not funny when it actually happens

Well! the bell rang as a signal of time out. Everybody was in a hurry to reach their homes. I took all my belongings very diligently and came out of the examination hall. I saw my father, waiting for me with a glare of hope on his face, which disappointed me and my disappointed face, disappointed him, and we didn’t talked about the paper after that whole face recognition thing!!

Well! I don’t know if I’ll pass or not… chances are fair that i wouldn’t… but what difference does it make? It’s not necessary to pass every time… sometimes it’s ok to fail( this line helps when you know that you will definitely fail).

So, this Sunday was wasted this way… otherwise I would have ate my lunch and gone to hibernate for the whole afternoon, a better way to waste Sunday… 😛 😉

Exams… friek!!

1 Mar

This post is specially dedicated to the students of 10th and 12th who would be giving their board exams this year.

O, small child, what’s in your hand? It must be a bright future. A luck. Some dreams. The flight of dreams. The strength to make the sky small. But, I think, to achieve all this, there is a fear to be left behind. Isn’t there the pressure of career? Isn’t it depression?

Its so hot, child! These days of exams, are a burden on you. Syllabus books, guides, ten-years papers, model papers model test papers, notes, tuition lessons, maths, science, commerce, you have to cram it all this, oh.. Sanskrit too (I forgot it!). You have to face it all. This is a very stony, bushy, tensing road. Not a single question should be left. NO step should be wrong. Not a single mark should be deducted. It should be 100 on 100.


Its so hot, child! See, pleasure and laughs are nowhere to be found in the home. See, the television set is off. Your father is tense. Mom too. Friends have been asked not to visit as your exams are going on. This depressing situation has been created for you, so that you get good marks. For your bright future. School is also not behind. School teachers are there at exam center on time. They give you sweets to eat. They give you flowers and best wishes.

Its so hot, child! Exam time is so tough. You should not play or waste time. Don’t gossip. Don’t roam here and there with friends. Don’t do masti. Don’t watch T.V. Don’t worry about food. Don’t worry about sleep. You should study and only study.

Its so hot child! You are all alone in this exam. No parents, no friends, no siblings. There is no one with you! No school, no teachers, no coaching center, no tuition, no one is with you. All are judging you. Parents, teachers, relatives, school, tutor, the whole system, yess… the whole system is judging you.

You should only keep you future in your hands. Keep a good luck. Keep some dreams….

But not the sleeping pills and the rope…


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