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Interviews- The One with Madhura

9 Nov

Happy Diwali week to all. The repeated questions on “Have you stopped writing?” intrigue me. Either the people want me to write or they just want to confirm if I have stopped writing so that they can be assured of their mail box not filled with crazy blogposts. Whatever the case may be I am stubborn on writing. And when the stubbornness would fade away or become weak… instances happen… instances that need to be shared.

So, on Diwali we basically worship Ganesha and Laxmi. But one other story of Diwali is that on this auspicious day Rama came to Ayodya after 14 years of exile in the forests and after killing Ravana, Ravana who had abducted Sita, the wife of Rama.

This Diwali as Rama comes home, a person would follow him. This person is one who, in the fight of right and wrong, lost even when all the duties were obeyed, even when every karma which rightfully is to be done was done. This person would come to ask questions and answer the questions that sometimes linger. This person would be interviewed by me (the creative soul, of course :P).

Here is a hint about this person. Its a character from Ramayana and even after giving birth to three children she is one of the five virgins. Her role in Ramayana was very short but in other texts like Ramakein and Krittivasi Ramayana she has been described at length and her conduct is compared with water; pure, serene and pacified.

Guess this guest, share your answers on the fb page or comments section and see if you are right isas the first ever interview with a character from Ramayana would be published this Diwali. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned.


Jaanlewa Jaanu- V

21 Oct

So, Diwali is here. The festival of lights, festival of prayers, festival of holidays and above all the festival to shop. Shop endlessly, non- sensibly, extravagantly and if you are in a relationship (and a girl), shopping without spending even a penny of your own.

Now, its been quite sometime when we met the Jaanlewa Jaanu. And it is a fact that I might forget her but there are some characters andย  families that occasionally come to meet me.

So, this time I spotted her at the market. Two days before the festival. Ultimate rush in the streets, shops and even the pavements were crowded with people loaded with ten bags in each hand on an average. People were shopping as if the market is going down and it will not see the light of the next day.

So, I was talking about our girl. She was shopping with a boy standing beside her, holding almost 7-8 bags in both his hands and without giving a damn to that fact, concentrating on the girl’s voice who was asking.

“What do you think would look better. Green or pink?” She asked holding the two identical shirts with different colours.

“Madam… we have almost all the colours for this shirt…” and he took out a pile from one sideย  and showcased different colours of that shirt and made a pile of those shirts on the other side. The girl very patiently held all the shirts and asked the boy about each and every shirt.

“How would this look on me?”

“Jaan everything looks fine on you… take any..”

“Just fine? And what do you mean by any?”

“I… i mean… you just increase the value of everything that gets attached to you… like me..” he said smiling while trying to control the situation.

“Oh… well… how is this grey one?” She said while looking intensely at the shirt.

“Umm.. ya it’s fantastic.”

“No… i have 3 shirts of this colour.” She took the black one.

“And how would this be?”

“I guess.. ya… it’s.. you would look amazing… and you should take it as you don’t have this colour.”

As soon as he finished the last line, he found the girl looking or rather gazing at him as if he had committed some crime.

“How could you forget? You gifted me a black colour shirt on our ‘The day we first talked anniversay’ I still remember that on the first hand you had forgotten the very important day itself and now you don’t remember what you gifted me for make up for that forgetfulness. I think you just don’t find me that important to be remembered.”

“Aah… that anniversary…” He said in nostalgia.

“Huh… I am the only one to remember everything… ‘the day we met anniversary’, the day we first talked anniversary’, the day you took me out for a walk anniversary’ and i am damn sure that you don’t remember the ‘ the day my sandal broke and you got it mended anniversary’.”

“There is that date too?” He thought.ย  But to avoid further embarrassment in front of the shopkeeper and other people around he said:

“Well i suggested black… because I think you look too good in black.”

“Huh… why are you always so concerned about me being looking good? What if tomorrow i don’t look good? Why is it all about my body to you?”

“My girl… its not… but you only asked ‘how would this look on me’… So… I was just suggesting…”

“Okay… well do you have any other designs in the shirt? She asked while discarding all the effort of the shopkeeper to please this girl. But he had to do his job. So he untied a pile of clothes and showcased her the so- called ‘New Arrival’.

“Hmm… well… i am just saying… but i am holding these 7 bags for the last 15 minutes… can you choose a bit fast? The boy asked in a perplexed tone.

“Why? You are tired already?ย  I have not even started the shopping yet.. I have to get decorations, sweets and some cosmetics and most importantly a present for…”

“For me?” The boy interrupted in excitement.

“No… for the house maid…” She said while looking at another purple colour shirt.

“Ya.. she is important.” The boy thought.

But with this last scene… I could not resist my laughter. The boy turned towards me but the girl was so lost in the shirt. The boy gave me a ‘jaisi bhi hai, jo bhi hai… meri jaanu hai ye’ look… in simple words… gave my an angry birds look.

imagesI, who had entered the shop just to get this instance to narrate to you, had gone alone for shopping and bought things that i really didn’t needed. (Yes!I don’t need a jaanu to take me to shopping, but i will consider someone to carry the bags :P)

So, this is all for this time… Happy Diwali to everybody. Have a safe and prosperous year ahead and never ever miss any episode of your HSI blogger’s series :p

Happy Diwali ??

3 Nov
Happy Diwali to all the co- blogger friends.. May this Diwali bring prosperity and happiness in your life… because from my house it is somehow gone… so if you catch her… bring them back to my house…
Now, you would wonder, why am I saying so?? To know more. read the following ๐Ÿ™‚
This post is written by me, but from the point of view of an Indian home maker. This homemaker’s character is inspired by my mom… and this is a true account of what happened with her this Diwali…
Not This Time...

Not This Time…

“Madam JI…..”

This was my maid. Yes, she “was”… she left my home one day before Diwali, the day of lights, but with her leaving, my house was in chaos and my mind… despaired.
Now, you would ask, why did she left? If you are a female, you know how important maids are, and if you are a male, You get to know how important she is when she leaves ( because then you are honoured to do her job)…
So, this started 3 days before Diwali. She was doing her usual job of cleaning, when I went up to her and humbly asked:
“Will you wipe those door panes??
She gave a terrified look and said, “Where do I have the time??”
I looked at her. Yes, where does she has the time… she is 10th fail, her husband working in a factory, an illiterate women is more busy than me, a M.A. degree- holder in Sanskrit, wife of a government officer, but dependent.
But, with her plain reply, I made a decision that if she is not ready to work extra for Diwali, why should I pay her any kind of bonus or ‘bakhshish’.
The second day, when she came, she had a huge basket with her. Out of curiosity i asked,
“What’s this??”
“This is the Diwali gift, Gupta madam gave me… She bought a saree for me and a big toy for my kid.”
“Oh.. good”, I wanted to avoid any further discussion over this, but the topic was all out…
“waise.. madam.. what are you planning to give me this year?”
“What is there to plan about it… the sweets and one saree…”
“Ohho… you are saying as if this is some tradition… you can raise the standard…”
“If you want me to raise the standard, then first raise the standard of your work…”
“Why… I do such great job… what problem do you have about it..?”
I knew, she would never understand, because she already knows… but when the things had come out, I asked her…
“Waise… by what gift would you see the standards raising?”
I think she was ready with her answer,
“Maybe a mobile phone would do…”
What??… Well this is what my mind said, my tongue asked another question
“I mean, mithai aur saree to hoga hi…
Then she started off with her work, giving me no chance to defend my side…
After she finished her work, she came up to me in Kitchen and asked…
“So, what have you thought??”
“About my phone..?”
‘See.. I am not gonna give you any phone as gift… you never did any such work with which i was happy… and gifts are given when you are happy with someone”
She didn’t replied and went away…
Maybe she took me and my stupid philosophy so seriously that the next day, she sent her oral resignation through one of her friends reasoning out that my home was so messy to clean…
Well… I don’t know if that’s true… I hope my husband would have known by this time ๐Ÿ˜› (just kidding)

You know she is important... when she is gone... :P

You know she is important… when she is gone… ๐Ÿ˜›

So, this is the gift my mom got for this Diwali… waise what have you got??ย  ๐Ÿ˜›ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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