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Rang Gulaabi (The Colour is Pink)

15 Jul
Recently, I visited the heart of the king’s land. The land of palaces in abandoned mists. The city of Jaipur famous as the Pink City.

The purpose of visit was to take a judicial exam. The purpose was badly defeated and now let’s talk about the trip. As you know my trips are never descriptive of things for which the place is famous.

So, after reaching Jaipur, we stayed at Ramada Hotel. It is one of the best hotels in the city. After taking some rest we (my parents and I) went to meet one relative of my mother and then to other relative and then to some other one. On the way, I saw University of Rajasthan, the place where my father did his graduation, that library building where he used to study and that particular house where he lived for almost 3 years. And then we entered the actual pink city. The shops on both the sides are painted pink. Each and every shop… although it was not proper pink but magenta. Then from there, we went to the Govind Dev ji Mandir. The peculiar thing about it was that there was a small mosque in premises of the temple. In the evening, we went to a place called Choki Dhani. This is said to be an outing place for Jaipuriyas. Here you can find the whole lot culture of Rajasthan. They will welcome you at the entry gate in rajasthani style. The whole aura feels like you have entered into some village and various activities are going on; kalbeliya dances, magic shows, kathputli dance, mehendi and many many other things. We had our dinner at that place only and the hospitality was beyond expression. They would make you sit crossed leg on floor and then one after the other start bringing delicacies. It seems that the menu would never be over. They would start with water, then salad, then curd, then four types of vegetables and daal, then three types of rotis, then bajre ki khichdi, then two types of chutneys, then rice, then imarti and finally paapad. The food habits in Rajasthan are such that after they serve you the paapad, they wouldn’t give you anything, even if you ask for.

And so the next day was the tentative exam for which I had traveled to the beautiful land. The exam was pretty good than I had expected but bad enough to fail.

After the exam, I saw my parents  waiting for me outside the examination center. The first question that came out of my mother’s mouth was “Are you hungry” and my father’s mouth was “Will you pass?” I think that’s the difference. But I did not show any discrimination, and replied to neither. Well… we went to lunch after that… and back to Delhi by night.

The car driver had stories to tell. He is a Delhi driver who outsmarted one Jaipuri driver there. He advised my father on roads, routes and life. Yes… one of the gyaans being “life me na… bus khush rehna chahiye.. chahe kitna bhi dukh ho… (in life, one must be happy, even if there are ‘n’ number of sorrows surrounding you)”, he had a particular taste for pakoras and had a recipe to tell to every dhabawala where we wold have snacks.

So. this was all about the short visit to the old pink city. 🙂




Answers- 7

14 Feb

So, the Valentine Day… and I am still posting…. second proof that I am still single… 🙂

So the deal was my question, your answers…

The question was

“If there was no concept of love in the world… what do you think, would have happened?”

And your answers are:

sharmavarun210varun: Log zyada practical hote aur bematlab ki problems nahi hoti jaise Environmental problems

Kev: It would be a very sad place to live. The poor would be left poor and desperate. There would be no free health systems, no provisions. Everyone would be out for themselves with no thought for others at all. Relationships will be built upon convenience.
Gaurav Dutt: Hell yr
Kartik Maurya: MoNeY sAvInG
Prafful Goswami: love nahi hota to war hi hoti…

Aki Juneja: War, hatred and there would have been self centered people…
Love gives a happy way a cute n lovely direction a beautiful feeling and also respect i mean love is friendship ….pyaar lo aur pyaar do lol

Abhilasha Singh: People would be living a selfish animal like life.
Arindam Saha: Is tension bhari duniya mein thodi tension kam hoti

Question- 7

2 Feb

So, you thought that this question- answer series is gone… well… It’s back… with the question of this month…

Your answers… unedited and every answer would be published… 🙂

February! the most important festival of this month that is celebrated worldwide is Valentine’s Day… the question relates to the same… and that is…

“If there was no concept of love in the world… what do you think, would have happened?”

Hope to read your answers soonimages and all the answers would be published on 14th February.

Thank You in Advance 🙂


31 Dec

Hey.. friends… Today is the last day of this month as well as this Year… So, first of all,here are the answers of the question that I had asked you, in the beginning of this month…

If Santa promises to grant your one wish, what would you ask for??

Your answers are:

Krishnan P Nair : A – 5 more wishes or B – Alladin’s magic lamp

Varun Sharma: To grant me enough strength so that I’d never have to ask for a wish and even would be able to fulfill others withes too. wahi ghisa imagespita purana dialogue but still of worth. Because as people say- “Old is Gold”

spaghettisquiggles:   The ability to always see the positives in any situation, because I feel that when I lose this I start to lose myself

Kamalpreet:  Carry me to God :D

And Now… Happy waapppy New Year to all my blogger friends and world at large. 2013 had been really good to me… no back papers, no boyfriends and no accidents… so I guess it was all good… Rest In Peace 2013 🙂

Now, I am not one of those who would take up some New Year resolution and then not follow it… i am one among those who never take up any resolutions… 😛

Party hard and don’t drink and drive…:P

And before I bore you more… 🙂 It’s better that I say Byei… or to talkin one of my friend’s style  who usesthe word  “ashchi” which means “coming” 🙂 .. that sounds hopeful 🙂

So… ashchi 🙂



2 Oct

The question of this month is :

What is that one thing, habit, feeling or the like, that is highly appealing, but not desirable at the same time…??

SO, what do you think, reply as soon as possible… 🙂

ques 4


Answer -3

30 Sep

The question of the month was:

What is that one thing, without which, communication is not possible?

And your answers are:

Varun Sharma : Intention

Arindam Saha: Communicatoranswer

Harshit Chauhan : willingness

Neha Kerketta : a heart willing to communicate

Shikha Ataria : Mutual Understanding

Saloni Agarwal : Language

Anshu Kumar : Without a friend Or a love ones

Harshda Mangal (ya.. that’s me..) : Time to hear the other person’s view

So, these were the answers… For this one 🙂 🙂



30 Aug

So, here are the answers to the question asked at the beginning of this month. Before we get to that, I would like to thank the blogger friends who wasted their precious time to type the answers. I hope you will all enjoy their answers. 🙂 The question was

What is that, one luxury, that according to you, you can’t afford.. ??

And the answers along with their respective creator are :

Varun Sharma: Well, completely satisfied and peaceful rest is one luxury today’s   human can never achieve. ( of course until he/she rests in peace)

Arindam Saha: Luxury is the Luxury I can’t afford… for sure… :)

Jackie: A Hasselblad Lunar camera.index

Mason: A girlfriend.

Harshda (That’s me) : I think trust is the one luxury i can’t afford


31 Jul

HI friends… this is the end of this month and today is the day to publish all the answers to the question(1) that I had asked some days ago. The answers are given by you on fb nd wordpress. So, all the answers are here, at one place now. But before I wite the answers, lets see what the question was. I had asked

“What do you think can be one self’s greatest disability??”

And the answers are give along with the name of the wise wo(men) who gave the respective answer:

Ashish Yadav : Lazinessindex

Nimish Agarwal : Attitude

Varun Sharma : inability to do right things at the desired time

Jackie : I think low self esteem is probably the biggest. If you don’t think you are capable or good enough or worthy you may not even try or you may constantly get in your own way when you do try which guarantees failure. As they say – we are our own worst enemy.

Gauri Sharma : i think its the fear inside ourselves which makes us coward at times when we should face any difficulty with courage n boldness.. dats the one’s biggest disability.. :D

So, these were the answers that I got and hopefully for the next question, the answers are gonna be more in quantity and varied in perspectives 🙂


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