Jaanlewa Jaanu- VI

31 Jul

With actually no topic in mind, I start with my favorite topic, the Jaanlewa Jaanu. This one is the most appreciated and the most read post series on this blog.

So, this time the jaanu is in a mall with the guy to shop for a bag (that’s what she is looking for). Let’s see how it turns out!

Boy: Baby… we have been roaming for the last 35 minutes and we have not entered even a single bag shop.

Girl: I know… I was thinking to get these foot wears… aren’t they pretty?” She asked without looking at him.

Boy: “If you like them, they are definitely good. ” He said with a smiling face. (I know cheap line).

The girl bought that footwear. The boy was quite sure that now she would enter the bag showroom, but to his despair, there were Biba and UCB in the way to Caprese. So, the girl enetred Biba. (You see… absolutely not her fault, she is a girl, so she will shop, the person with her is a boy so he will pay).

Girl: Look… how pretty this dress is. You think I should try this?

And before the boy could exercise his right to speech and expression, the salesperson came and spilled “Oh sure… Ma’am the fresh summer collection is here. You will absolutely fall for the new designs. Let me help you.”

The boy now knew that his lady love is gone with the salesman. He knew that he would not see her for almost two hours now. He knew that she would be trying every new dress that she could grab on and ask for the salesperson’s advice rather than his. And knowing all this he was happy.

As he turned his mobile data, to check out the world happenings on watsapp and other social networks, his phone pinged. One after the other messages were coming from his love, showing him dresses that she had selected. He zoomed the dresses to see if the price tag was visible. But the girl seemed to be a clever photographer. He was thinking of calling his boss and applying for a loan as it seemed that whole of his salary would be spent in the next some hours or so.

There was a time when he eagerly used to wait for Sundays and now is the time, when he has to meet his girlfriend on Sunday and sometimes has to lie that he is working on Sundays too.

He was deep engrossed in his thoughts while at the same time looking at his Facebook wall aimlessly. He was just going to comment on his best friend’s vacation photo when his phone rang. He looked at his watch. It was 7 p.m. One hour had gone by. “Good time passes fast.” He thought. He picked up the call.

“Where are you?” A commanded voice asked him.

“In Biba only… you were trying the clothes na… so I just…”

“Come fast to the cash counter.” She said and put off the phone immediately.

He started walking with heavy feet and came close to the counter. He saw two more men like him who very having the same expressions of despair on their faces which were being completely ignored by their girls.

He pulled out his wallet and gave his Maestro  Card. The girl came out happy and the boy came out with a little less balance in his bank account.  Money can’t but love, but it can surely make lover, a beggar.

“So… now?” He asked.

“Now… we will eat something and go to home.”

“But… your bag? No need now?”

“How can there be no need… I just changed  my mind at not buying them now. I am too tired now.

(I wish she changes her mind and does not replace it with anything.) He thought.

After that, they went for the dinner in the Mall’s Food Court and heeded home afterwards. After the shopping, the girl was exhausted and the boy was extorted. 😛




Rang Gulaabi (The Colour is Pink)

15 Jul
Recently, I visited the heart of the king’s land. The land of palaces in abandoned mists. The city of Jaipur famous as the Pink City.

The purpose of visit was to take a judicial exam. The purpose was badly defeated and now let’s talk about the trip. As you know my trips are never descriptive of things for which the place is famous.

So, after reaching Jaipur, we stayed at Ramada Hotel. It is one of the best hotels in the city. After taking some rest we (my parents and I) went to meet one relative of my mother and then to other relative and then to some other one. On the way, I saw University of Rajasthan, the place where my father did his graduation, that library building where he used to study and that particular house where he lived for almost 3 years. And then we entered the actual pink city. The shops on both the sides are painted pink. Each and every shop… although it was not proper pink but magenta. Then from there, we went to the Govind Dev ji Mandir. The peculiar thing about it was that there was a small mosque in premises of the temple. In the evening, we went to a place called Choki Dhani. This is said to be an outing place for Jaipuriyas. Here you can find the whole lot culture of Rajasthan. They will welcome you at the entry gate in rajasthani style. The whole aura feels like you have entered into some village and various activities are going on; kalbeliya dances, magic shows, kathputli dance, mehendi and many many other things. We had our dinner at that place only and the hospitality was beyond expression. They would make you sit crossed leg on floor and then one after the other start bringing delicacies. It seems that the menu would never be over. They would start with water, then salad, then curd, then four types of vegetables and daal, then three types of rotis, then bajre ki khichdi, then two types of chutneys, then rice, then imarti and finally paapad. The food habits in Rajasthan are such that after they serve you the paapad, they wouldn’t give you anything, even if you ask for.

And so the next day was the tentative exam for which I had traveled to the beautiful land. The exam was pretty good than I had expected but bad enough to fail.

After the exam, I saw my parents  waiting for me outside the examination center. The first question that came out of my mother’s mouth was “Are you hungry” and my father’s mouth was “Will you pass?” I think that’s the difference. But I did not show any discrimination, and replied to neither. Well… we went to lunch after that… and back to Delhi by night.

The car driver had stories to tell. He is a Delhi driver who outsmarted one Jaipuri driver there. He advised my father on roads, routes and life. Yes… one of the gyaans being “life me na… bus khush rehna chahiye.. chahe kitna bhi dukh ho… (in life, one must be happy, even if there are ‘n’ number of sorrows surrounding you)”, he had a particular taste for pakoras and had a recipe to tell to every dhabawala where we wold have snacks.

So. this was all about the short visit to the old pink city. 🙂



Honey- Positively Sweet

9 Jul

Have you ever wondered what goes into your tummy when you take a cup of tea? Almost 43 units of calories. And that is just one cup. Now you would be wondering, why the always giggling blogger bothered about your cup of tea. Well! Frankly I am not. I am writing about this issue, because I am trying to shed off some extra fat from my belly. The reason being the approaching dates of engagement. Engagement is a function to create first impression on a lot of strangers. It is a social gathering to let people know that you are going to be screwed and that your good days are left less. The engagement is within one month and I have to perform the herculean task to get the belly in shape. To drape a saree, you need confidence that you are looking good and  that the saree is not revealing your good taste for butter and other fattening delicacies.

So, for the accomplishment of the mission, I started using stairs (when escalator is not working 😛 ), avoided oily food at home (just to eat them outside), started running in park (to chase the cute guy 😛 ), but all in vain (and you know the reasons 😛 ). After trying to try these ideas, I stopped and told myself that I don’t have to push myself to do things which I don’t like for impressing people who don’t matter. I don’t need to be slim or in shape so that I look good. I look good anyways if I think so. But… i need to be healthy. (And that is how… you play the game of diplomacy with yourself.) So, to be healthy I need to stick to healthy diet. And that is when I surfed the internet to find out how much calories I was taking. And a very small research revealed that I did not need to do the vast one, as overall I was (am) taking the calorie intake of 3 people combined. Now… don’t blame me, it’s partly mother’s love, partly Indian food habits, partly the nature of job I am in and largely the awesome chole bhature that I eat (:D). So, all in all, if I need to look gorgeous… oops… healthy on that particular day, I need to do something.

And while I was facing all this dilemma, I found a very easy way to make things work. Just one spoon of honey with lime water in the morning and substituting honey with sugar in every sweet delicacy. Now, that is not tough and guess what, it not only worked in the way it was intended but many other ways. It refreshes me and keeps me active. Where previously I could eat only one plate of chole bhature, now I can eat two (honey helps in generating hunger), but it also keeps me active enough to run in the park (and now the cute guy chases me 😛 ), keeps me active enough to opt for stairs even though the escalators are working. It actually keeps me glowing and I feel healthy.

To calculate your calorie intakes per day and to know the ways to bring them down for starting a healthy diet, you can visit this Honey Diet on http://www.daburhoney.com/. @DaburHoney_Ind  #HoneyDietIsHere.

I don’t know much about how much weight I lost or if my waist line reduced a bit. Again, how does it matter? It’s just an engagement, and that too my cousins’,  not mine. Oops.. I didn’t tell you that right?? :p


Truth At Our Convenience

25 Jun

So a blog post after a long long time, and that does not mean that this one is good. 😛 I believe in maintaining the quality standards, so this one too is the same old quality.

Truth, is deceptive and we who speak it are the biggest lairs. Yes!! because the one who speaks truth would expect truth from the other side, without understanding his situation. People tend to judge others based on their position and so if they can tell a truth and the other cannot, they quickly judge that person without understanding the other side. Only a person who lies can understand you.
Also, most of the people treat themselves as an exception. When someone fails, they have a criticism to make, but if the failure is own then we have a lot of explanations and excuses to stand out. To show off that we were differently placed and that we didn’t fail but such and such situation lead to the failure.
Also, we expect only others to follow the path of righteousness and truth, but we rarely try to implement those good set goals on ourselves. Take an example!! While driving a car, we always whine over buses who take over and drive speedily. But when we are in the same bus, we never care about its speed and if it jumped the red light. We never ask the driver to be within the prescribed limits of speed nor do we ask what is the hurry to jump the red light. Instead, in our minds we thank him for being in a hurry as he would carry us to the destination earlier. And when we are on this topic of jumping red lighs, I seriously don’t get it. Why do people do it? What is the restlessness about? As in what would you achieve by saving those 30 or 40 seconds of your life.

Now , with this, I am reminded of one more issue. The way weddings take place in India. Every  parent want that their son should be wedded to a girl as beautiful as Aishwaya Rai totally forgetting the fact that they are not as wealthy as Bacchans. They want a handsome dowry for their not so handsome son. They want the other party to give a lavish party, spend heavily on ceremonies and a grand reception. And when its their daughter’s time to get married, they want to enforce anti- dowry laws.

Just imagine, one MBA graduate girl earning 18 lakhs per year has to marry a simple engineer holding a degree from an unknown private college but drawing 20 lakhs per year and on that pay him almost 25-30 lakh. I mean, ultimately, it all boils down to getting married to a person whom she would not have even befriended if they would have met in college. Ultimately, it boils down to pay grades and to number of digits in salary. Recently, one of my known persons got married. He was shown girl’s photo and he rejected her saying that he liked her only 80 per cent. The bride’s parents kept on increasing the amount of money ;they were ready to give as ‘gift’ and ultimately now after their settlement, that girl is his 100 per cent legally wedded wife. But, in future at the time of his sister’s marriage, this same boy would expect the other party to be polite and respectful. He would give his share of excuses and say that his case was different.

Everybody’s case is different. Everyone’s case is the same.

So, don’t stand out. Sometimes be a part of crowd. Don’t be an exception. Be general, owe up to what you did wrong. Don’t be an excuse.
So, the whole purpose of this post was to:
1. write something… anything 😛
2. Umm… ok I forgot… 😛


24 May

I lost a pen and a pencil

The hair clutcher and the flower clip

The loss was minor, but I cried like a baby

As those were the things to make me a fairy


I lost my marks, important things at time

I lost my car keys along with the subject file

I lost a bird to that cat in the backyard

I lost one relative in the emergency ward


Then I lost the memory to forget these things

And my mind blew away, I lost my wings

It seemed I lost everything I had

And so lost the sanity, that I once had


I lost the fairy and the bird

But I had you there, you became my world

I had lost you too, but you never did

You were the one I could laugh and sing with


But, today I lost you, the greatest loss of life

The cream- smoothed world now cuts me like a knife

I will bear the pain, but it’s not easy

As now I am truly lost, when you left me!


Na Bhooli Hun, Na Bhoolungi…

4 May

College ki bus mein thus-thus kar jaana

driver ke “peeche bohot jagah hai” keh jaana

pehle din dean ka “this is the best college” btana

humara bhi majaak mein haskar, mann mein proud ho jaana

lekin ragging ke darr se jaldi ghar bhaag jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi.


Crimes ki class ke liye subah 9 baje aana

har class ko attendance ke liye attend karna

Saloni ka classes me Dan Brown padh jaana

har semester ke shuru me AC class ko hathiyanana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Contract law ke lecture mein “doosri” class me jaana

Ritu ma’am ka “shaant rahiye” kehkar halka sa smile kar jaana

1st semester ka finally result aana

result aane ke time pe paper kaun kaun se diye the, ye bhool jaana

champu hairstyles se step cut  ka daur aana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Dean- students ke protest mein, semester kya hota hai ye bhool jaana

VC office, kabhi library, kabhi playground ke saamne dharne par baith jaana

fourth -semester ke baad third-sem ka result aana

aage ke semesters mein teachers ka “protest mein gye the aap log?” puch jaana

humara bhi haan bharke poora lecture tapaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


har project viva mein next student ka “kya poocha, kya poocha” question uthana

Rahul- Digvijay ke saath woh silent vivas dekar aana

Apurva ka har exam se pehle “fucked up” keh jaana

Nidhi ka har semester exams mein ek nya tv-show start karne ka exam ritual nibhana

na bhoooli hun, na bhoolungi


Tez baarish me sneh ke saath bheegte hue jaana

Saloni ko har semester me detention ka darr dikhana

Shikha ka “tujhe pta chala?” style me gossip sunaana

humaara bhi interest lekar doosre din bhool jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Saloni ka “At 8 at RC… don’t be late” message karke 8:45 par aana

Abhishek se har paper se pehle photocopy karwana

Sneh ka “2 saal baad pata lagega tumhe ki main kya kar rhi hun” keh jaana

Kanika ka “yaar mera kya hoga” soch ke yuhin tensioniyana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


Varun ka har serious baat ko majaak banakar keh jaana

Kokila ka cute cute cheezon ka pradarshan kar jaana

pen kho jaane par gham manaana

par kisi aur ka bhi pen ghum hua, ye jaankar usi ke saamne hans jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


CrPc ke viva me Ma’am ka “beta padh lo” keh jaana

mere viva ke reaction se sonali ka darr jaana

exam time me metro me chakkhallas karte hue aana

college aakar lunch aur coffee gatakane ka prime motive poora kar jaana

na bhooli hun, na bhoolungi


aansoo to nhi, khushi hai

koi gham nhi, sirf hansi hai

kuch peeche reh jayega, aisa koi darr nhi

kyunki jiye hai aise, jiski koi umar nhi…


IF I have offended anyone or made anyone happy, I am truly sorry for both because that’s who I am and that’s how I want you to remember me. You guys can add lines if you want. I know this is not the way it should end, but it should begin.

I wouldn’t complain because if what we were wanting to happen would have happened then what actually happened wouldn’t have happened and what happened was more beautiful than we could ever thought of happening.


Lonely Crowd

1 Mar

“How dare you touch me? Can’t you sit properly?”

A shrilling voice in the midst of routine murmurings  turned the attention of every single person present in that coach. It was almost 9:30 in the morning. The city folks were rushing to reach their workplaces. That Metro was witnessing the usual crowd, the daily passengers, the daily musings and the boringly routine passage of stations. But, the voice turned everybody’s attention. The young brigade pulled out the earplugs from their ears and the ‘grown ups’ rested the Candy Crush Saga for a while. That shrilling voice which halted everything was a girl. A girl in yellow suit and black sweater. Seemingly in her late 20s, she was screaming over a man who must be in his early 40s.

“There is so much rush… I didn’t intend to…” The man tried to explain.

“Oh, everybody is standing in the rush…  this man behind me… is also standing… he didn’t touch… you are comfortably seated…” The girl shouted.

“So what?? Huh… why are you creating a scene? First of all, I didn’t touch you… and even if you felt it… I am sorry for the mistake…”

“Oh mistake? Just because I am pointing it out to you… You feel it’s a mistake… otherwise…” A man who was standing beside the lady now interrupted.

“What is the problem?” He asked the lady.

“This man is continuously touching my legs with his feet… not once but thrice he did so… and I know its not co- incidental.”

The whole coach was listening to the details. They wanted the voices to be raised, so that they could get the audio clearly. There was a consensual silence and the only voices that could be heard were coming from that side.

“You are seeing the crowd na… maybe he is right and by mistake…”. The man tried to put off the matter.

But the lady continued… “If you again touch my feet, you will be solely responsible for the consequences.” She warned the man in the seat.

By this the so- called framed accused also started shouting and warned the girl that if she does not shut her mouth he would do so by slapping her.

Now, the dumb but definitely not deaf crowd came into senses and tried to peace out. There were voices from all over the coach.

“Someone hand over both of them to the police.”

“Someone just shut them off.”

A teenager commuting along with his friend told him, “This is the first time I am witnessing such ‘interesting’ dispute in the Metro.”

Some were giggling over the issue, while some were advising everybody to do this or that so that peace could be restored. Some were talking to themselves as to why ladies travel in the general coach when they have a ladies compartment (Not realising that about 10,000 lady personnel were recruited by DMRC to keep the men out of the ladies compartment and even after that, a fine of almost Rs. 25,000 is received every month by DMRC by way of men’ travelling in ladies coach).

Well, it’s not an uncommon sight. It’s not an uncommon incident. The only reason I shared this incident was (a)to applaud the girl who voiced up. As i read somewhere in this regard, Its their shame not ours. Instead we should be proud of ourselves to voice up at the right time for the right cause and (b) to ask a question (to myself too) that ‘would you be the uncommoner to step up and help in reducing such common incidences’?Now, you would ask HOW? What can we do? If nothing more for example in this case, the people who were occupying the seats could have offered one to that lady… pretty simple… right?Now, you would again argue.. “the lady might be acting”. Sure… she might be.. but what if she is not? It was 9:30 in the morning… I guess everybody was not tired.

Anyways, the incident is over or might be continuing in some other Metro, in the presence of a different crowd, with different type of shrills, everything different except the common tragedy.

But the question remains, would you give an answer or become one yourself?


That crowd where you stand alone !!


The Doom And Despair Of Walls And Dustbins

22 Jan
It is said… that you can judge the level of civic sense of any society by the manner in which people conduct themselves in the social life. According to this, India is the only country where, let alone people, the public walls and dustbins try to conduct themselves in the most subtle manner. They, very clearly, ask people to use or not to use them. Its a very common sight to find a wall on which, in bold letters, it is clearly written that “Peeing is not allowed here.” If it would have been some other country, people might have got offended. How dare someone write such a warning on the wall… are we insane… or so mannerless? They would ask. But… In India… our citizens will take it up as a  challenge and with days of dedication and focus erase the “not” from the warning by peeing and spitting on the particular word. Also not uncommon is the sight of people peeing on bushes. Now, anyone would call that filthy… but please… you have to understand the mentality of that person. According to him, he is watering the greens… and that is a good job he is doing. I would like to ask those people who regard this ‘watering’ as littering… do you come with a bucket everyday to water that plant? No… you don’t… then you don’t have any right to object on the efforts of others.
And if, by the above you are not impressed by the level of sophistication, visit the Metro. So clean and dirt free. The Metro announcer would shrill to the top of his voice announcing “Do not litter in the Metro or on the Metro station” and below that loudspeaker a child would throw his empty packet of chips on the floor. What can you do… its a child, you see! But grown ups don’t behave in such way. They would not litter around and make Metro a dumping place. They would cautiously keep all the packets of chips, biscuits and other things in their bag and dump them on the road outside the station or will fly them out of the buses which they take after the Metro ride. They are sensible and adhere to laws. Why wouldn’t they? After all, a fine of upto Rs. 500 can be imposed on littering in Metro while the same act can be freely done outside.
Likewise, India must be the only country where a dustbin almost screams out to people in a very helpless manner that “Please Use Me”. And the people are even greater who, whether its leftover tea or paan, would throw it everywhere but dustbin. Where would you find such a beautiful tableau of Indian culture? Where else would you find such citizen participation in social life?
On one side, there is this wall, that would weep and ask not to use it and on the other there is this duty bound  dustbin that would roll on your feet and ask you again and again to use it and increase its worth.
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2014 in review

31 Dec

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,100 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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TelanganAndhra visit

15 Dec
Hi friends!! Recently I visited Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh and I have a beautiful experience to share. I would say that this trip was different from any others that I had because this time, I met a local person, got to know their problems and saw the real Hyderabad. The city and its life. I did not visit the popular sight places like Ramoji Film Studio, Golcunda Fort, Chow Moholla Palace and others  but only two places.

It was a two- day trip. My flight reached Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at 10 in the morning. We were welcomed by two people who had the responsibility of taking us around the place. After we seated in the car, a 200 kms journey started towards Shrisailam where the famous temple of Mallikarjun stands. Its basically another name of lord Shiva. It is said to be one of the twelve jyotirlingas. The long drive was intriguing with a one hour ride inside the Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve which is India’s largest tiger reseve. We did not find any tiger but there were a lot of monkeys. This forest is said to be the same where Seeta of Ramayana had seen a golden deer, where Ravana came as a saint and took her and where Rama requested monkeys to go and find his wife. Monkeys!! Oh there were hell lot of monkeys we found on the road. People were throwing biscuits and other eatables from the moving cars. Strangely, Rama became God in that one life but the plight of the creatures who assisted him are still struggling. There is no improvement in their fate. Well moving on! we reached Shrisailam at about 6 pm , went for the darshans, went to the hotel, had our dinner and slept. We had to get up at 3 the next day to attend the aarti. And it was worth it. We attended the whole aarti, it was an hour long process and it was truly amazing. Not that I am a big devotee or something, but the whole aura, the aromas, the feel of it, was nothing less than divine. After attending the main aarti we rushed back to Hydearbad which was again a 5 hour ride. The way back didn’t seem to be repeating and again that drive was refreshing. Oh, here i would like to mention that this particular place now lies in Telangana.

Well we reached Old Hyderabad, saw the Char Minar and from there many places like Nizam palace, High Court of Andhra which is now the High Court of Telangana too, Taj hotel where recently Salman Khan’s sister was married. This Minar is situated in the heart of the bangle market, crowded with people from all sides. The driver told us that New Hyderabad is quite more impressive and that is called Cyberabad with malls, new buildings, etc. Its a totally different place and you would not believe that its part of the same Hyderabad that we were in. On the way, we saw the Hussain Sagar lake too which is spread over about 32 kilometres of land area. We had our lunch at the biggest biryani point in Asia. Its a very famous restaurant where personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bacchan and the like have dined. They have a wall of fame where they have put the photos of the celebrities who have visited it. I guess they missed the chance to have a new photo to be hanged there. I might not visit the place again. :P. Although I would love to 🙂 So, this was the whole journey. But hold on, I have not yet revealed the causes of my appreciation of this place.

First of all, I was impressed by the driver. Now please don’t take that statement otherwise. But I found him quite humorous, intellectual and having an open and neutral thinking. He reads Deccan Chronicle. He is from Telangana but was not happy with the bifurcation. He said that Andhra people are better. They would call others with respect like ” idhar aana ji…” however, Telangana people are rough in their way of talking and would not give a person the respect that every human deserves. They would see you down if you are less educated or not up to their status. He told me that he had not voted for that particular party who was promising bifurcation, but remarked ” maine to use vote hi nahi diya… fir bhi wahi aaya”. I asked him if he at least voted. And he told that he did. He added “vote to karna chahiye na… warna main ye jo abhi bola wo main kaise bola agar vote hi nahi deta”. It felt like he had earned the right to critise the government policy as he had voted. Also, he had very neutral views on Hindu- Muslim tension that prevails in some parts there. The way he was keeping his views, it seemed that he is a Hindu. But when I asked his name it turned out be the other way round. Mohommad Salaam, I know you are not reading this ( but I had promised you that I will tell my friends about you… 🙂 ) So… thank you for the random songs from your collection of CDs ranging from… “chikni chameli” to “vande mataram” , for telling me that Hyderabadi bangles are very famous “Hyderabad aake ye to lena hota madam” (this statement caused my father an unexpected loss of almost Rs. 5000) and for the “Irani” tea.

Secondly, there is a dam on river Krishna on the way to Shrisailam. It is a tourist view point. The interesting thing about it, is that it connects Andhra with Telangana. Krishna is a bone of contention between Andhra and Karnataka, but now one more State is added to the fight. The interesting part about this dam is that if you are in Telangana side the view that you are seeing towards the dam is Andhra and vice versa. Its like, A——B. Suppose the dotted line is that dam with river flowing under it. A is Andhra Pradesh and B is Telangana. And  you reach the other side, that is, Andhra in almost 15 minutes and the more interesting thing is that you can see that view point from Andhra. As in, fifteen minutes before you were in some different state and you changed the state but you can still see that place.

Thirdly, in the old Hyderabad, the roads have been largely acquired by mosques and temples standing besides the roads. There was this one road where a temple and mosque stand face to face acquiring almost the whole road. That is called unity in diversity.

So, this was all about the whole trip. There were many other moments that I had and I would rejoice in life, but they are too personal to be shared. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am not a travelogue blogger, but this long awaited trip was worth mentioning. Oh… one thing… if you like South Indian food as in sambhar be careful to order it if you are in Andhra or Telangana. The sambhar I had was sweet in taste and since everybody else around, was eating it with no bad faces, i guess that is how they make it there… So, if you like your sambhar spicy, refer to anything else in the menu, but delicacies which involve sambhar.
Thank You…
The four pillars standing since 1500s

The four pillars standing since 1500s

That Dam...

Srisailam Dam…

Harshda Mangal

5th year, B.B.A., LL.B. (h)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

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