Independent India@70

15 Aug


Chale the badalne nazare sheher ke,

Nazaron ko aisi nazar lag gyi…

Nazar me hum apni swantantra ho gye,

Khayaal-e-azadi nazar me utare!!

Today, India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day. The golden day on which Britishers officially left India, the bright day on which this country inhaled the air of freedom, drank the water of self-respect and dreamt of a new India. And today, after 70 years of this great day, we as citizens of world’s oldest civilization feel proud. But today, the dimensions of expression of this proud feeling have undergone great changes. I see people on facebook changing their profile picture to tricolour. I see people hoisting the national Flag which they got for a bargain and sleeping after the celebrations are over. Well, if that in any way patriotism, I don’t know what hypocrisy is.

But the real question is… are we really independent?

In my opinion, we are not. With times, the only thing that has changed is the way of slavery. New masters, but the same old slaves. During the British period, we worked under the rules made and implemented by an alien government. Paying them a big part of our income as a tax was a necessity and not choice. But, a large part of our misery was warranted by our own rulers. Rulers, who became secret and after that open allies of Britishers. The big and the small, all harassed this land and its common people. The land was barren and people were starving, this was the period when world’s golden bird was left featherless. Then, the struggle for freedom started and eventually, we got it too. But, in my opinion, although we got the independence, freedom is still left behind.

Coming back to this day of 15th August 2017, we are still paying taxes for everything. But this time, it’s not our necessity; it’s our duty. A duty imposed forcibly. And if you evade tax, you are definitely a traitor, but if some politically and economically powerful person evades tax, he lives a good life, flees to another country to never returns and that person is only a tax evader, not traitor. And if he shows himself at some international cricket match where India is playing, he may again become a patriot. Today, we are the slaves of religion, caste system, dowry system, regionalism, red-tapism, corruption, untouchability, black money, and many more. We are slaves of the system wherein we are born, live and die; we are slaves of our own weaknesses and faults and we are all same in the sense that we do not even want to get out of our misery.

A person employed any profession or employment faces harassment on a daily basis from his superiors. Those superiors are being harassed by their superiors and so the never- ending chain continues. It reminds me of Viper Chain Gang Jail. You might not have heard about it before. On the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, is a beautiful island called Viper Island. It was used by Britishers to keep the most dreaded criminals, freedom fighters and others as punishment. The peculiar and horrific concept of this jail was that all the prisoners were locked into a single chain and were forced to do work in such circumstances. So, if anyone would bend, others were affected. Excess bureaucracy in various departments has resulted in this similar condition, where any positive or negative act of one, affects the whole system.

The common man’s sufferings are still the same. People who go for some work in hospitals, tehsils, courts, police stations, etc, are still being harassed and are being forced to pay extra money as bribe in lieu of the work they should do as a duty. But, duties are meant to be fulfilled by starving bellies and naked bodies only.
In a country, where a two-hour movie is needed for people to understand the importance of toilets, it will take another 70 years to make them realize that “na to wo pagli aur na hi hansne se use pyaar ho jaega”.

A great man once said, “We are all, the prisoners of our own mind and creations of our own imagination”.

Happy Independence Day, by the way!

P.S. The post is co-authored with one of my friends Mr. Shubham, working in Ministry of External Affairs. He is one of my earliest and limited friends at the workplace and I am thankful to him for shaping this blogpost by giving valuable ideas. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Independent India@70”

  1. komal kumar August 16, 2017 at 2:42 pm #

    good job keep it up.

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