The Link-25- The One With The Shifting

3 Jul

“You are serious? That’s something…” Kriti said in disbelief.

“Unbelievable?” Abhigyan tried to complete her sentence.

“No… things have been worse… i mean it’s… thank you…”

“Well… you don’t need to do that… I will tell you about my plan in detail… when things get concrete… i will call you  back.”

Kriti puts off the phone and excitedly tells her mother about the whooping news.

“What did he said?” Asked her mother.

“He is shifting to Delhi. He asked his senior to transfer him to Delhi and fortunately there was one vacancy in the Delhi office of his company, so he is shifting..”

“And he is shifting for you?? I mean he made that plea for you… or he has some other reasons?”

“How does it matter? But he said that as soon as the news was confirmed by a letter from his office, I was the first one to know about it… so…”

“Hmm… he told you anything about his stay here? I mean where would he reside… where is his office, etc?”

“No… mom… I told you na… for now the only thing we know is that he is coming to Delhi.”

“Hmm…” Mrs. Roy smiled.

“I should probably call Nidhin and tell him the news. He would be happy.”

“Why do you think he would be happy?”

“Well… this person might help in my recovery… so…” She dialed the number and went out of the hall into the garden.

“Hey..” Nidhin picked up the phone.

“What were you doing?” She asked.

“Nothing… just preparing the assignment we have to submit tomorrow.”

“You already started it?”

“Yes… you haven’t?”

“No…” she sounded worried.

“Then… I would recommend that you just leave it now… you would not be able to complete ii if you start now… just take advantage of your health…”

“Of health..? how?”

“Just tell the prof that you had an appointment with your psychiatrist and that it took time… simple…”

“Okay… well I had called you to tell something.”

“Oh… then spit it out.”

“Abhigyan is coming to Delhi.”

“Oh… wow… that’s too thoughtful of him to visit you..”

“He is no visiting me… he is shifting to Delhi..”

“Don’t tell me that he is shifting for you..”

“Seems so…”

“Man… kill me…”

“What… you are not excited?”

“Kriti… doesn’t he seem extra caring? Why is he doing all this? Shifting workplace for a person you don’t even know is highly suspicious.”

“Well… he didn’t said that it’s because of me… but yes he moved the application asking his transfer… he didn’t told me the reason.”

“This man gets mysterious.”

“How? I was hoping that you would be happy to know like I am… but I don’t see that happening.”

“Kriti… I am your friend… but that doesn’t mean that if you have completely lost your mind, I would have to follow you… well.. I think I have a work to complete… bye.” He puts off the phone without giving any chance to Kriti to stretch the conversation.

She came inside the house and went to her room. She traced down Abhigyan at every possible address, WordPress, facebook, gmails and even twitter. Nothing seemed wrong. She was unable to understand why Nidhin gets hyper every time anything related to Abhigyan comes up.

Abhigyan was scheduled to shift to Delhi after 14 days of the news. He took help of Kriti and her family to find a proper accommodation, get to know the city and shopping for some essential goods. He was invited to dinner on the day he shifted. Nidhin was not called. This was the first time that Nidhin was ignored and not even told that Abhigyan has already shifted. Kriti’s father was not present at the dinner, as usual.

So… Abhigyan… you are liking Delhi?” Mrs. Roy started the conversation on the dinner table.

“Aunty… it has been hectic… Delhi is too fast… much faster than Bangalore… but I hope to sink in soon.”

“You will… the city will teach you… by the way… you never told anything about your family… ”

“Oh… yeah.. maybe because I don’t have one… I lost my parents at 14 and then my maternal uncle took care of me… he died last year… so basically no one is left.”

“Oh… I am really sorry to bring that up…”

“”Why are you sorry… it had to come out later or sooner.”

“Hmm… take that paneer masala…. I prepared it.” Kriti tried to divert the conversation.

“You have cooked it?” Abhigyan asked in surprise.

“I said I prepared it… pieced the paneer and made the gravy…”

“I appreciate..” He said in a sarcastic tone, while munching a piece of it.





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    Next part please 😛 🙂

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