The Link-24- The One With The Conscience

30 Jun

“So… why had he called you?” Nidhin asked Kriti in the canteen.

“Who?” She asked.

“Abhigyan… you said he called you… this morning..”

“OH… yeah… whatever… I mean he just called to ask about my health… why are you asking this question again and again?”

“I don’t know… he just didn’t seem right… there is something wrong about this guy..”

Are you jealeous?

“Why would I be jealous?”

“No… I mean… before I met him… you were my only friend… and now maybe as I making new friends… you might be …”

“Jealous?? Stupid…anyways… after lunch we have the cost accounting class… do not create any scene then…”

“What did I do?”

“You are not suffering from short term memory loss… do not repeat the MM class”

“I will try..” she said smiling.

The life was again coming to the routine. It was less complicated now as Kriti knew what that image in her mind meant. Although she still had to find the  answer to why it stuck, but she was now pretty confident that it would also be revealed fast.

“He didn’t called again…”

Who?” Asked Nidhin, although knowing the obvious answer.

“Abhigyan… and who else… it’s been two days. Do you think I should call him?”

“And what would you say?”

“Umm… I don’t know.. I don’t have a topic in hand.”

“Then I guess you should probably drop the idea of calling..”

“I mean I just wanted to ensure if he is…” She flummoxed.

“If he…?”

“If he is okay… i mean safe… i mean well in health.”

“Kriti…. do you realise that this person was not in that life that you want to know… so why are you so concerned?”

“I don’t know…”

“Relax… he does not matter… why? Because I don’t think he can be of any help to you to recollect that past in which he was not even present.”


Well.. did you checked out your blog?”

“Ya… I don’t know how could I write that… in one of the posts I have written my own obituary… in a sarcastic manner..why would I write that?”

“You were pretty pessimistic… anyways… why don’t you try to write some new article or a poem… you are good at poems.”

“I don’t know… nothing comes up”

“I am sure it will”


“The day you would know that you are Kriti Roy”

“I know that..”

“No… up till now you are following what your parents and Nidhin has been telling you… you need to realise the things yourself.”

“You are telling me not to trust what you said?”

“I am asking you to trust your conscience… if they clash with what we told you… trust the former… Kriti would do that.”

“I will try..”

“Kriti I know you are trying… but you need to try harder… seriously.”


That day when Kriti reached her home, she opened her WordPress account. There were notifications. Some likes and many comments. Most of the comments related to questions like… “where are you”, “why are you not writing these days”… Kriti took out a notepad and a pen, determined to write something, anything.

But she couldn’t. It seemed to be the hardest task and Nidhin was saying that she enjoyed writing. She found it hard to believe, and then she closed the notepad. She had to follow her instincts. She would write, when she would enjoy it like before.

She came down from her room to the hall.

She found her mother on the dining table, peeling peas for the dinner.

“Mom… may I help?” She asked from behind.

“Why would I reject? Come.” Mrs. Roy said.

“How was your day?” She asked.

“It was good… no fine… you know what…  Nidhin is behaving strangely nowadays.”

“Why? What has he done?”

“He hasn’t done anything as such… but since the day we met Abhigyan… he is kind of changed. He thinks that Abhigyan is not a right guy and that I shouldn’t talk to him.”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know… I mean how can I judge a person whom I don’t even know… that would be unfair and at the same time… should I ignore the call of a friend who sailed through me when I was in the dark storm?”

“You should balance the two things… try to convince Nidhin that he is running too fast… that he should give at least one fair chance to Abhigyan and at the same time make sure that what you are trying to convince to Nidhin is not wrong. Trust nobody.

“Nobody?” She asked looking into the eyes of her mother.

“Ya…” Mrs. Roy was going to add something but Kriti’s phone rung.

“Oh…” she said, looking at the number.

“What is it?”

“It’s Abhigyan calling”

She took up the call and after a few mumblings and answers in positive given by Kriti, suddenly she jumped for once and screamed “Whhaaat?” with a big smile on her face.







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