The Link – 17- The One With The Call

13 Apr

Previously on  : After the accident, the only thing that Kriti remembers is an image,the most striking feature of which was Abhigyan. While, Kriti is trying to get back to the normal routine with her parents and one friend, Nidhin, a question always tickles her… who is Abhigyan? In search of this person, she accesses her WordPress account and finally gets the details of the man. What happens next? Let’s see…




“Ya am I talking to Mr. Abhigyan Sharma?”

“Yes ma’am you are… May I know…”

The phone disconnected.

Kriti could not hold up the phone any longer. Nidhin was sitting beside her. She was calling Abhigyan from her college.

“Why did you hanged off?” Nidhin asked.

I don’t know… I just didn’t knew what to say… I was completely blank…”

“Call again..” He said.

“No…i can’t… i shouldn’t… I mean what would I say… should I tell him why I called? would he even listen or trust that… I mean that’s too dramatic… and I mean…

While Kriti was blabbering in confusion, Nidhin took her phone and redialed the number.

A heavy but mild and calm voice answered,


“Ya.. is this Abhigyan?”

“Yes… but who are you?”

“Hi… I am Nidhin from Delhi… I have read your posts and I wanted to meet you..”

There was no reaction from the other side.

“Hello… hello?? Are you there??”

“Ya.. ya… I was just… I mean.. you found the posts so interesting? Which of the posts urged you to actually call?”

The phone was on speaker mode. Kriti could listen to each and every word that was being exchanged between the two…

Nidhin was in a fix. He had never read any of Abhigyan’s blog. He even didn’t knew what he writes about.

“Actually… it’s general.. I mean every post of yours is worth reading… Umm.. actually I am coming to Bangalore next week… and your profile says that you live there… so I was just wondering if we could catch up…”

“Ya… definitely… I would be so honoured… wow… I must tell you this is the happiest moment and that came from a stranger… really I am overwhelmed to know that a reader wants to meet…umm… are you also a blogger?”

“No… actually one of my friends is… and through her column.. i read yours… well she is also accompanying me to Bangalore..”

“Who is it?”

“Kriti Roy”

“Oh… Kriti… Kriti… she is a wonderful blogger… why didn’t she called?”

“Ya… she should have called… right?? Umm… umm…”

Nidhin was out of lies at this point but was thinking hard to get away.

“..Ya… actually its a surprise for her. We are coming to Bangalore for some professional work and I didn’t told her that I am fixing a meeting with you… I mean she would be surprised… I mean pleasantly surprised…”

“Oh… sounds great…please tell me the dates when you are coming… so that i can take a leave from office..”

“The dates are net yet final… I will confirm everything… very soon…”

“Ohkay… have a nice day… and again… it was really nice to talk to you… You made my day…”

The phone hung up.

“See… i fixed the meeting…” Nidhin said smiling.

“Umm… you just fixed the meeting… I guess we should have asked my parents about this…?”

“You are Kriti… Kriti never takes permission… once in the class you didn’t wanted to hear to lecture anymore… so you just stood up and went outside and when the professor asked what happened, you plainly told him that you were not interested to hear him.”

“I did that? I am that rude?”

“You have no idea girl…”

Hmm… but atleast i should tell them… and when are we going to Bangalore?”

“I don’t know everything…. it was just lie on lie piled up to get to the truth..”

“Will you please accompany me to home today and be there when I tell my parents about this?”

“Ohkay… Please ask your mom to make samosas for me… they are just awesome..”

That day when they reached Kriti’s house.

“Mom… where is Dad? I want to talk to him..”

“Mrs. Roy looked at Nidhin in disbelief and asked, “She re- gained her memory?”

“No… why did you asked?” Nidhin questioned.

“She is talking like the old one… Well your dad is not here.. but what is it… you seem excited..?”

“Ya… I am going to meet Abhigyan..”

“When, where, how…?”

She told each and every detail of how Nidhin fixed up the meeting. Nidhin was munching samosas in the meantime.

“So you are going to Bangalore to meet him and he has no idea… why?… I mean he would be having a totally different idea of the meeting..?”

“Yeah… but I guess… this was a way to meet him… I mean if I would have told that some girl has lost her memory and only remembers him… he would have either gone for a hear attack or be confused… in either case he would have been gone… changed his number or something…” Nidhin tried to explain his deed.

“Hmm… so you two would be going? Next week?”

“Dad would be angry?”

“Why would he be… he wouldn’t even realize your absence if you don’t tell him.”

“Hmm… but you should come…”

“I will…” Mrs. Roy smiled. She made a call and ordered for three tickets to Bangalore being made available for friday night of the next week.

“I will do the other arrangements also… and Nidhin thank you for doing so much… but coming to Bangalore… are you sure? I mean… your parents… wouldn’t they say anything?”

“I don’t think… they should be having any problem… I mean.. I will ask them… but shouldn’t be a problem…I think i should leave now…” He left the house in a hurry then. images




2 Responses to “The Link – 17- The One With The Call”

  1. Arindam Saha April 14, 2014 at 5:24 pm #


    Ja ja… Bangalore le ja bechari ko… 🙂

    • harshdamangal7 April 14, 2014 at 6:02 pm #

      tujhe kyu dukh ho raha hai… badi bechaari lag rahi hai… Kolkata nahi laayi isliye?? 😛

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