The Link-16- The One With Abhigyan

4 Apr

“You know what?? I read all my posts… from the first that I posted on March 23, 2013 to 27th November, 2013… the day that accident happened…” She was telling Nidhin every detail of what she explored on her blog, the next day.

“Hmm… and what about Abhigyan?? I mean this person …who is he??”

“Oh… well from all what I could gather, he is just a co- blogger… I mean I checked my mails… there was no correspondence between us there… I also checked that site… facebook… that you had told me… and I didn’t found that person there on my friends’ list.

“Ahaan… so you accessed facebook??”

“Ya… by the same method we accessed WordPress…”

“Found anything interesting on facebook??”

“Ya… people… whom I had met in college… they were there… there were so many groups I had joined…. facebook was more happening than Wordpess”

“It sure is…” Nidhin said with a sigh.

“So, what should I do next… I mean having explored these two sites also has not helped… i cannot recollect anything about past…”

“The thing is… whether you really want to know the past?”

“Sure I do… even more when these interesting things are coming up about me… I want to really know myself.”

“I don’t know… but I think there is only one person who can help…”

“And that is??”


“And why do you think so?”

“Because you believe it or not… he is the only link you had when you first woke up from your dizziness after accident…. i think it would be a bad idea to ignore him… we should get to him… and maybe knowing him would help you in knowing yourself… I mean that’s what I think….”

“Hmm… may be you are right… I will talk about this with dad… today…”

Nidhin smiled at  her.

That day, when Kriti reached her house, she went straight to her room and opened WordPress.

She went to her comments section and accessed Abhigyan’s wordpress site, the name of which was “gotaview’… She read The About page again which was as follows:

“Hi…I am here to make friends, relations that wouldn’t end and to talk about things that would matter. I am a Software Engineer currently working with Samsung in Bangalore. I love photography, travelling and reading… So, you can expect random photos, critical book reviews and instances of my travelling in this blog…

Hope you enjoy every time you visit this page… and hope that I have something or the other to offer to your intellect.. :)”

“Hmm… he sounds interesting…” Kriti thought.

Mr. Roy came home at 11 that night. Kriti was up, waiting for him as she had to discuss somethings with him. As soon as she heard his voice, she went downstairs and asked him if he was not too tired to talk.

“NO… I can talk… what do you need to talk about?”

“About Abhigyan…” she said in a sulking voice..

“What about him? I mean do you remember anything more than his name?”

“No…  and you know I surfed on my site and facebook and gmail and everywhere I found him it was somehow related to WordPress and you see there was no personal talk… I mean it seems everything we shared was on WordPress …publicly… so there was as such no interaction… ever… and his About page tells that he lives in Bangalore… so I am pretty sure that we might have not met as such… you see…”

While she was telling all this with sheer excitement she noticed a glee of tiredness and boredom on her father’s face.

“Dad… are you listening??”

“Ya..ya… i am just trying to figure out… what’s the purpose of this long speech..??”

“Well… the purpose of it was to contact Abhigyan… and tell him about what is happening with me..”

“But, that day you said that you might not need this person’s help.”

“But… now i think what’s the harm…”

“But… I am asking what’s the need?”

“I am not clear on that as such…”

“Okay… has he provided any contact no. there?”

“Ya… his mail id and phone number is also there..”

“Okay… we will call him tomorrow and talk talk to him..” He said smilingly and went to his room.images



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  1. Latoya May 15, 2017 at 4:11 am #

    Shiver me timbers, them’s some great inrofmation.

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