The Link-15- The One With The Diary

22 Mar

“Oh… so… she doesn’t want to know about the guy?” Kriti’s mother was surprised.

“Ya… she is saying that she wants to look upon what she was upto on her blog and then care about other things..”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to share the things with us… maybe she is again turning to the girl who never spoke of things she was upto.”

“Even when she never used to tell you about her endevours… you always knew so don’t tell me that you will not know what she is up to.”

“I did that only once… and after that i lost her… so you don’t have to bring that up again and again… I never forget that”

“Well obviously… you shouldn’t…” Mr. Roy left the room.

But Mrs. Roy was left with past.

5 years ago :

Mrs. Roy was cleaning the room of Kriti. She opened her closet and found a red colored diary hidden under the last drawer of the almirah.

She drew out the diary from that place and opened it. The first page of the diary read “highly personal, you are not allowed to go beyond this page if you are not Kriti Roy”.

“What can be too personal… she tells me almost every thing…” Mrs. Roy thought.

She placed the diary under the covers from where she had discovered it. She went on to clean the other parts of the room.

But, the whole day, that diary seemed to bug her. “What is in that diary? Why does she need to write a diary? Is there anything that I should know?? But… she tells me everything… or maybe not… Is she doing something which is not worth telling me or worth concealing… She is only in 12th standard… i hope she is not getting into wrong things… but how would I know..”

The whole day these questions irritated her, surprised her. She decided to talk about the same to her daughter as soon as she returns from school and tuition class at around 5 p.m.

When Kriti entered the house, she shrilled for food. At the dining table, while she was eating the apple, Mrs. Roy came up to her and asked her about her day. Kriti started like a parrot right from the moment she reached school till she left her friend at her house in the nearby locality while returning from the tuition class.

Nothing seemed to be missing. The details she gave, nothing seemed to be hidden. But obviously, there was something hidden, that is why that diary exists and its existence was hidden.

The next day, after Kriti left for school, Mrs. Roy went to her room and took out that diary. She ignored the warning written on the first page.

She flipped through the pages. She read the previous day’s page.

17 August, 2009

“Today, I would have to tell you a lie, because this thing I cannot share even with you… I know you are my best friend, but there are things that have to be personal. Not because I don’t trust you that you would spread my secrets, but just that maybe you wouldn’t be my friend after knowing my secrets. So, the lie is that the day was good. That I attended all the classes and that I laughed a lot today. The lie is that I have many friends besides you and my life is going great and it cannot get better…”

Mrs. Roy was amazed to read that. What is going on in her life?

“I would definitely talk to her today..” She said to himself.

At the dinner table that night, Mrs. Roy had cooked Kriti’s favorite food and after many days, Mr. Roy was also there on the table.

Mrs. Roy started the conversation

“So… how was your day?” She asked Kriti.

“It was fine..” Kriti said without looking at her mother.

“Kriti, you can tell me the truth… I am not your diary..”

“Diary??” Kriti looked up with amazement.. “Which diary??”

“The same one which is being kept in the lower closet of your almirah.”
“You checked my almirah..?”

“That’s not the issue…”

“Yes… it is…” Kriti interrupted Mrs. Roy.

“What diary… what are you two talking about?” Mr. Roy jumped into the conversation.

“Dad.. I will tell you… I write diary and is there anything wrong in that??”

“I guess no..” Mr. Roy was startled at such prompt question.

“But you wrote that you lied to the diary and then you said that you are happy which means that the truth is that you are not… and i just want to know why…” Mrs. Roy tried to soothe down Kriti.

“Mom… I am glad that I lied… second… no one reads some other person’s diary, third, you are never gonna find out the truth… and I promise you that” She left the dining table and almost ran towards her room and locked it.

The couple was amazed at whatever happened. Mr. Roy asked his wife the whole story which she told him.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”He said after listening.

“But, I am her mother… I was just concerned..”

“She is not a two year old… she is a grown up  girl… she understands everything… and she has a right to personal life… you intruded in it and that is why she was so angry…”

“So, you think that it was my fault..”

“Your fault is that you are too concerned… for me, for her… give her some space”
“To concern… that’s my job…”

“It’s not your job… you have assumed it yourself…”

“Okay… tell me are you not keen to know why she wrote that stuff in her diary??”

“NO… one because she is not keen to discuss that matter with us… why… maybe because it doesn’t concern us or maybe she thinks that we can’t help… in both the cases i respect her decision… Meena… I want her to take her own decisions…”

“Even if they are wrong??”

“You can’t tell if the decisions are wrong… no one can… except time…”

And after that day, Mrs. Roy had shunned herself out from everybody’s life. Her husband is coming late, she never asks why… her daughter has a secret life… she never asks why… But today she was feeling that she should have known… now when her daughter asks her about her life… she has nothing to tell… maybe her husband is right.. Kriti will find it out herself.dairy


5 Responses to “The Link-15- The One With The Diary”

  1. sharmishtha basu March 22, 2014 at 3:42 pm #

    interesting story.

    • harshdamangal7 March 22, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

      🙂 just an effort to keep it interesting 🙂

  2. Sreejit Poole March 22, 2014 at 5:09 pm #

    oh, this is kinda sad to me. nice writing.

    • harshdamangal7 March 22, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

      sadness and happiness both are part of this story 🙂 I hope u would stick on to read the happy part 🙂

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