The Link-14- The One Where She Meets Herself

12 Mar

On the right side of the Reader Page was the notification icon, which was blinking in orange colour.

She remembers the image that she remembered from her past. Some part of the image that she remembered and some part of the image that was before her were similar. She clicked on the orange blinking notification icon. There were 8 bloggers who had liked the post “I AM NOT THAT” and 2 had commented.

The first comment was from a guy named Jeremy “I think the problem and the issue you have raised in this story is really a big one but a very small one to identify… so congratulations on your keen observations… Good day”

The second comment was from howdoyoudo and it said “Nice post”

She clicked on the link to that post.

The whole post was before her. She read the whole of it and wondered if she was the one who wrote that all. In the end she found that actually 11 people had liked the post and three had commented. And the first one to comment was not Jeremy, but Abhigyan.

“Abhigyan…” she shrieked out. Her mother came running to the room.

Nidhin who was sitting beside her the whole time, moved away as soon as he realised that Abhigyan has been traced, at least to some extent.

“Where is he? Who is he?” Her mom asked.

“I have only seen his name here… I have found that image that I remembered… I … I have got it… I have unveiled the mystery… now I know from where do i remember that image…” she was talking and blabbering as she could no find the way to express the emotions that were quarreling amongst themselves in her mind.

“So… what is this?” She asked.

“you.. you… know i write… I write stuff… I don’t exactly know what and why… but I just read something that I had written… and you know… I liked it… i liked reading it… and see Abhigyan has commented…” she was still blabbering.

Her mother got quite tensed about her behavior. She called her husband and told about it to him.

“Okay… I am coming” he said and put off the phone.

He reached his home after about half an hour.

“Where is she??”

“In her room… she has gone crazy… I mean she is over excited about the fact that she has got the guy… I don’t know… she has never behaved like that…”

“Hmm… let me see…”

He went to Kriti’s room. Nidhin was still there, but sitting quietly in the corner.

Mr. Roy saw him and asked him in gesticulation about the situation.

Nidhin just shrugged his shoulders indicating that he does not know anything.

Mr. Roy saw his child totally absorbed in the laptop, she even didn’t realised that someone has entered into her room and someone else was sitting there for almost an hour.

“So, i heard that you find the guy?”

“Which guy??”

At this counter question, both the men were surprised.

“The man you have been talking about since the time you woke up…” said Nidhin.

“Oh… ya… I kind of traced him… not found him…”

“By this time you must have got his details through his blog…” Nidhin asked in a tone of displeasure.

“Um… well no…”

Why?” This was Mr. Roy.

“Umm… well I was just checking out about myself… I mean i finished reading the “About Me” and ‘Hello World” of myself and then I read these very early posts… “The Thing that Happened”, You know me better” … you know I am quite funny and humorous and quite depressed as well.. i mean all the shades in one post… seems like i am kind of incredible… and you one of the commenters even said that…and …” she stopped telling as she noticed a kind of amazement and distrust on her father’s face.

“Dad… what happened..?”

“No.. nothing… i am just wondering as to why wold you write in the first place?”

“Ummm…. In the About Me page I have said that I am starting this blog because writing gives me happiness and i feel contended.”

“ohkay…” he said gulping the word “whatever” in his mouth

“Umm… maybe I should leave now…” Nidhin said.

“Oh… ya… maybe you should… but… stay for some snacks na…” Kriti said.

“No… i will prefer that at my home… Byei… Bye sir…”

“Ya… if you wish the chauffeur will drop you at your place.” Mr. Roy extended a help.

“No thank you Sir… Bus stop isn’t too far from your home.” He left having said this.

“So… what do you plan to do now?”

“I am not really interested in Abhigyan yet… I mean I can know about myself from the world that I have created that maybe I wouldn’t need Abhigyan… you see… I have just started realising that he is just a very small part of the  virtual space I have created… so when i have access to the whole space… why should I be concerned in the bits of it…”



2 Responses to “The Link-14- The One Where She Meets Herself”

  1. Arindam Saha March 14, 2014 at 7:21 pm #

    The Girl seemingly has a point… Which you are soon going to disprove… right? 😉

    • harshdamangal7 March 15, 2014 at 10:21 am #

      u never know… i mean who am i to disprove any fact….

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