The Link- 13- The One Where She Accesses It

22 Feb

Previously on THE LINK: Kriti, a blogger from Delhi, lost her memory in an accident. The only thing she remembers is an image, where the only striking thing seems to be one name ‘Abhigyan’. She starts a journey within, where she encounters herself as a rudely introvert person. One college friend, Nidhin, is helping her to trace the past as close as possible and in this venture, he had successfully cracked the password of her laptop, and now was the turn for her gmail account.


“So… he is going to hack it?” Kriti’s father asked in a casual tone.

“Yup…” said Kriti, munching the biryani at the dinning table.

“Well… I had also researched about WordPress in the office today… and it was quite strange.”

“What was strange about it…”

“I mean it’s a blogging platform…. where people write articles or share their photography work or cooking lessons…. you know… I mean you never told us something about anything like this…”

“Well…. I don’t know the reason…. but Nidhin knows a bit about it…. so I guess you must be knowing atleast something about it…”

“Well…. If you ask me… I just know that every time you would say that you are working on WordPress… you would be typing or smiling….”

“Ohkay…. so you never asked me what am i typing?”

“You never told…”

“What kind of person am I??”

“… ”

“Well… I hope Nidhin will crack your password tomorrow and we all would know what stuff you have over there…: Mr. Roy said to break the ice of silence.

The next day:

Nidin reached at the Roys’ Mansion at about 9 in the morning.

“why are you always late?” Kriti said in excitement.

“I am not late… but maybe you want me at your disposal at your call…” said Nidhin, sounding quite rude.

“So… you are him…. are you sure would be able to do it right?” Asked Mr. Roy.

“I will try my best, Sir…”

Kriti handed over her laptop to him. While he opened the site, the whole family was gazing at the laptop and at every key he was pressing, the watchful eyes of Roy family was doing its job.

Nidhin felt quite irritated by this.

“”If you don’t mind… can I do this work alone…?”

“oh … okay…. u need space… I understand…” Said Mr. Roy.

But Kriti and her mom were still there, gazing at every movement.

“Kriti… when I said alone… i meant it…”

“Oh… mom… please..” She said.

“Not only her, but you too…”
“But, that’s my laptop…. and you are already doing something which is called unauthorised, I can’t give you that much liberty…”

“Ohkay… the deal is… I don’t understand partial trust… either you have none or you have full… u decide…”

“okay… just get the damn thing opened…” she said while leaving the room

After an hour or so… Nidhin called her.

She picked up the call quickly.


“Come fast… I have opened your email account.”

“oh… wow… ohkay…”

“She came after 5 minutes or so…

“So… wordpress?”

“No… just your mail id…”

He opened WordPress on the other tab. He clicked at the “forgot password” option. The site asked for the email id as earlier. Nidhin provided the same, and within fractions of second a mail on Kriti’s id popped. It was from WordPress, it stated that the password of her WordPress account was “solace”.

“Oh… that was easy? What did you do??” She asked Nidhin.

“It’s a secret, girl..” He said smiling.

“Whatever… so… its solace…. why?”

“How would I know?”

“Hmm… so what do you say? I should open the account?”

“Why?? You don’t want to?? I guess, this is the only thing you wanted to do, since you have woke up from the accident.”

“Ya… but now i feel it… I don’t know what awaits… I mean…

“Get over it…”

Hmm… she took a deep breath and slowly typed her password on the WordPress bar.

It took about 20 seconds to open the site. The first thing that opened was her “Reader” page.hacker


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