Answers- 7

14 Feb

So, the Valentine Day… and I am still posting…. second proof that I am still single… 🙂

So the deal was my question, your answers…

The question was

“If there was no concept of love in the world… what do you think, would have happened?”

And your answers are:

sharmavarun210varun: Log zyada practical hote aur bematlab ki problems nahi hoti jaise Environmental problems

Kev: It would be a very sad place to live. The poor would be left poor and desperate. There would be no free health systems, no provisions. Everyone would be out for themselves with no thought for others at all. Relationships will be built upon convenience.
Gaurav Dutt: Hell yr
Kartik Maurya: MoNeY sAvInG
Prafful Goswami: love nahi hota to war hi hoti…

Aki Juneja: War, hatred and there would have been self centered people…
Love gives a happy way a cute n lovely direction a beautiful feeling and also respect i mean love is friendship ….pyaar lo aur pyaar do lol

Abhilasha Singh: People would be living a selfish animal like life.
Arindam Saha: Is tension bhari duniya mein thodi tension kam hoti

3 Responses to “Answers- 7”

  1. Krishnan P Nair February 14, 2014 at 11:56 pm #

    I see your point. People in a relationship are too busy with practicals to bother with theory, during valentine’s day… 😉

  2. Laxman Prajapati February 20, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    Wow!! very fantastic story… 😉

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