The Link-12- The One With WordPress

10 Feb

After Kriti reached her home that day, Mrs. Roy saw a great transformation in her. She was talking, like she used to talk when she was in her early days of school. Telling about the people she met, their reactions and Nidhin’s wit that helped her in retrieving the password.

“You got it?” Mrs. Roy asked with surprise.

“Yup… he tried really hard to get to it… and maybe as you said that the WordPress thing might be in the laptop… i hope to retrieve that too…”

“Okay… but before all that… go to your room… have a bath and in the meanwhile, I will send something for you to eat.”

“No… I don’t have the appetite… I gave Nidhin a treat for cracking the password and that turned into who can eat more samosas… and he won… he ate eight… can you believe that…” she was saying.

“Kriti… I don’t mean to demotivate you… but I would just suggest that maybe you should not build up too much trust on anyone…IĀ  know he is your friend… but…”

“Umm… hmm… maybe…I am going upstairs..” She replied.

In the room, she opened the laptop and searched all her files and the folders to trace WordPress or Abhigyan. But she could not find anything. She called Nidhin for help.

“Hello…” She said…

“Ya… tell me…”

“Where is WordPress?”

“”Depends on where you are searching it..”
“Where my mom had said… she had told na… that everytime.. she would asking me about my activities on laptop, I would say WordPress.”

“Hmm… so WordPress is as such not exclusive to your laptop. Umm… okay… in your laptop, in the right down corner, what do you see?”

“There is this clock and then a symbol of battery, then a symbol of speaker, then a symbol of other icons and then a symbol of internet access…”

“Hmm… find mozilla firefox in the laptop.”

“Its an icon displayed on the desktop…”

“Good… click on it…”

She clicked on the said icon and the Mozilla Firefox page was diplayed.

Ohkay… now on the search bar… type wordpress…”

She did as directed. “There are so many links here… what to do…?”

“Click on the first link… ”



“Now it must be asking for your username and password?”


Click on the bar where you have to insert the username…”

She did that. “” came in result.

Click on it.

Now, the password would have been automatically filled in?”

“Umm… no…”

“What?? Everytime you login… you enter the password?? You never switched on to automatic user recognition thing?? Why?”

“I don’t know…”

“Oh my god… okay… try the password of your laptop…”

She typed… FINGERPRINT… but to vain… it was not the password.

“Bad luck..”

“Ohkay… go to the help button and try to retrieve it from there… There should be something called… “Forgot your password?.. Click on that…

Now it’s asking for my Email id.

“Oh no… it’s a chain… one after the other… even if you type your account name… the gmail would also ask for the password… and no one knows that… except you, of course…”


“Ya… but you don’t remember anything…”

“Hmmm… so what do we do?”

Turn off your laptop… eat something… talk to your parents and then get back to me…”

“What kind of solution is that?”

“My kind…”


Kriti put off the phone and tried to retrieve the password by entering different names, numbers and the combination of the two too…but to vain. She then, tried to work as per Nidhin’s advice and called Pihu to get something for her to eat.

After 15 minutes or so, Pihu entered her room, with a plate of poha.

“Madam…?” She said and knocked at the door at the same time.

“Oh… Yes… what is this?”

“Poha… it was your favorite…” she said.

Kriti ate one spoonful and said, “It still is…”

Pihu smiled.

“Okay… what is mom doing?”

“She is in the garden..”

“… Would you help me getting in there?”

“If you wish to talk to her, I can ask her to come here… your legs might already have taken a lot of strain.”

“Ya… but couldn’t beat my brain. I would like to go to the garden.”

“Ohkay…” she said.

They reached the garden in 10 minutes, although it was only a 3 minute normal walking.

Mrs. Roy was plucking dead leaves from the plants.

“Mom… what are you doing?”

“Just… trying to figure out, what I should…” she answered.

“Umm… well I was expecting a simpler answer, maybe like, I am gardening…” Kriti laughed at her own words, but finding that Mrs. Roy was not amused, she resisted it.

“So… ummm… why did you said whatever you said?” Kriti asked in a confused tone.

“You will know… yourself… well i forgot to ask… since you have access to your laptop… you saw what WordPress is?”

“Oh… it’s a trap…”

“A trap..?”

Kriti explained what she had understood, to her mother.

“So we are still where we began from?”

“Ya… kind of…”

Just then Kriti’s mobile rang. It was Nidhin’s call. She attended it hurriedly.


“To hell with ‘hi’… I have got an idea of how we can access to your account..” He was sounding quite excited..

“And that is?”

“By hacking your gmail account..”

“Hacking?? What does that mean?”

“Unauthorized access into your computer system..” He was still sounding happily excited.

“So… it’s unauthorized?”

“Well.. if you would permit me, the “un” would automatically go away.”

“And by that, I would be able to finally see my WordPress account.”

“Well, yours is a case really different, but yes… I am 90 per cent sure.”

“Okay… then you have my permission.”


“Why are you sounding so excited?”

“Well… for any hacker, getting a treat for hacking someone’s account on her own wish, is in itself a treat…”ha


4 Responses to “The Link-12- The One With WordPress”

  1. Kev February 11, 2014 at 5:20 pm #

    lol, great post…I’ve had to use the “back door” in the past myself. But only for myself…go figure! By the way, I checked into your indi blogs thing…that’s pretty cool…makes me wish I was Indi now lol

    • harshdamangal7 February 11, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

      Oh… thanks… šŸ™‚ you don’t have this kind of platform in your country?

      • Kev February 11, 2014 at 7:53 pm #

        I have windows 8 now so I wouldn’t know where to start as far as hacking goes nowadays. šŸ˜‰

      • harshdamangal7 February 12, 2014 at 10:17 am #

        šŸ˜› u will figure that out very soon šŸ™‚

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