Republic Day ‘Preparations’

26 Jan
Many milestones achieved, many miles to go... :)

Many milestones achieved, many miles to go… 🙂

HI… Happy Republic Day to all the Indians. It’s the greatest festival of India. Before I start the actual post, what is Republic?

Republic is a form of government, wherein, power is held with the people or their democratically chosen representatives. Now, what is democracy? Democracy is a system wherein all eligible citizens of a country elect their representatives.

So, from the above two definitions, it can be clearly made out that this day is important. And thanks to this day, because if there would not have been this system, I might have not been writing this blog.

26th January…. the day when every Indian household’s TV set is tuned to National Television, everybody in the house watching the Republic Day parade. There is nothing special about it and having watched it every year, I don’t find any dissimilarity or innovation… but still there is something that inspires me to wake up early and switch on the tv.

Now, the real post starts. 😛

For many, this day is about holiday, but this time, those many people would have been disappointed because it’s already a Sunday. While people are appreciating and saluting the army men of our country who survive in minus degree temperatures, I encountered a child, who made me forget about the army’s sufferings and turned my attention towards some little great things.

Yesterday, I had to commute from Rajiv Chowk to Dwarka, availing the services of DMRC. I got the seat as soon as I entered in the train (lucky day!). I took out my earphones from the bag and turned on the music player of the phone for good music. (the radio in my phone doesn’t work 😦 ). A kid of about 9 or 10 years stood beside my seat. He was holding a seemingly heavy bag on his shoulder and had failed to grab a seat in the Metro rush.

I offered him some space in between the seat by moving and pushing the lady sitting beside me. This kid took full advantage and captured the seat like a King. He opened his bag and took out some papers. The first page was titled “Quit India Movement”.

This is where I started feeling bored, and this is when I ruined his plans to study.

Me: Which class are you in?

He: Class IV, ABC International School.

Me: Wow.. I have heard that name.

He smiled and absorbed himself in the papers again.

Me: So… this is your class assignment?

He: Actually no…it’s just for the Republic Day celebrations.

Me: So you are gonna deliver a speech on ‘Quit India Movement’?

He gave me a look that indicated, “Isn’t it obvious, if I am reading it?” But he had to maintain the reverence of his school, so a short answer in the form of “yup”, came decently.

Now, after this I was out of questions, and he was not asking any. I also didn’t wanted to sound too nosy (although I had already crossed that limit), I thought it better to shut up. But then, he opened his mouth.

He: “Is it just us, or even you had to go through this trouble?” His tone while saying the words ‘even you’ was disappointing. As if quit India Movement was held just so that almost after 70 years, kids like him would have to cram about it.

Me: Why do you say, it’s a trouble? It’s good that you would know about this movement.

He: What good? It’s just the beginning… I have to make this speech and then there is a short skit, where I play the character of Sukhdev and then two group songs and finally the march past.

I remembered my days… It was never this tough for us… instead we used to make it tough for the teachers.

Me: “Why have you participated in all the events?” I asked with surprise.

He: “These are not all the events…” He answered in despair.

Now the dejected look on his face was not really soothing, so I tried to divert the topic.

Me: “While you are doing so much, and your final performance is just tomorrow… what have you learn about Republic Day?”

He: “That to have a holiday, we have to pay in advance..”

Me: “And?”

He: “And that Sukhdev was more happening than Mr. Gandhi.”

Me: “Ugh… if you don’t mind… may I tell you something about it… I mean the brighter side?”

He: “Go on…”

Me: “That after all the troubles, the speech, the song, the boring lecture by Principal and the deadly and freezing march past, you would be given a Samosa, fruity and cookies… see that’s the brighter side.”

He: “First of all… we get chocolate, muffins and a burger… now I guess you were in some Sarkari school… and secondly… really?? this is what is Republic Day is about?”

Me: “First of all, I had thought that we could be friends, but you just lost the chance, and second… on your level, I was trying to turn your attention… I mean when I was your age, my Republic Day revolved around these things…”
He: “Okay… let me tell you what I learnt about it… that it’s a day when we can for a moment live in the illusion, that we are the greatest republic of this world. I know it as a fact, but in reality, i don’t see that happening. On this day, we can remember the martyrs who laid their lives for the protection of this country and we celebrate this day because we need to remind ourselves that we are a democratically spirited country… and one more thing…”
I was listening to him in surprise… I mean why the hell he needs to cram that Wikipedia article on Quit India Movement, when he can make a great speech himself.

Me: “Ya… go on…”

He: “That I definitely know more about Republic Day than you do…”

Me: “Ya.. I must say… that you do” .. I said smiling.

He got off the seat and walked out from the doors of Metro. We had reached his destination.

But, when will we reach ours’?


8 Responses to “Republic Day ‘Preparations’”

  1. sharmavarun210varun January 26, 2014 at 7:15 pm #

    Republic day is not a day to be celebrated as holiday or to remember those great sacrifices our people did. Republic day is celebrated to remembet what we have achieved till now and what we can achieve. I myself stopped celebrating Republic Day or Independence Day 3-4 years ago when I got the feeling that celebration doesn’t bring any good to country. Unless YOU participate in democracy and serve country, in any way, there is no point of celebration. And for that I appreciate that boy that he definitely knows more about Republic Day than many of us grown ups. Good post.

  2. Arindam Saha January 27, 2014 at 7:11 am #

    भारत मेरा देश है | हम सब भारतवासी भाई बहन हैं |
    मुझे अपना देश प्राणों से भी प्यारा है |
    इसकी समृद्धि और विविध संस्कृति पर मुझे गर्व है |
    हम इसके सुयोग्य अधिकारी बनने का सदा प्रयत्न करते रहेंगे |
    मैं अपने माता-पिता, शिक्षकों एवं गुरुजनों का सदा आदर करुँगा और सबके साथ शिष्टता का व्यवहार करुँगा |
    मैं अपने देश और देशवासियों के प्रति वफादार रहने की प्रतिज्ञा करता हूँ |
    उनके कल्याण और समृद्धि में ही मेरा सुख निहित है |भारत मेरा देश है | सभी भारतीय मेरे भाई बहन है | मुझे अपने देश से प्रेम है और उसकी संपन्न और विविध परंपरा पर गर्व है |
    उसके योग्य होने के लिए मेरा प्रयत्न ज़ारी रहेगा | माता-पिता, गुरु तथा अग्रज मेरे आदरणीय होंगे और उनसे मेरा व्यवहार सम्मानपूर्ण होगा |
    मेरी प्रतिञा है कि अपने देश और जनता के प्रति मेरी श्रधा अटल रहेगी | उनकी उन्नति और समृद्धि पर ही मेरा सुख निर्भर है |
    जय हिंद |

    I thought that is mantra kaa jaap karne se sab paap dhul jaate hain…

    • harshdamangal7 January 27, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

      :P… bachpan me ye morning prayers ka part hota tha in school… 😛

  3. rejistephenson January 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm #

    I like the post, especially some one is away from their parent country they look for what is happening in their own place.

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