The Link- 9- The One With The Routine

20 Jan

The next morning, Kriti woke up at 10. She had troubles sleeping the last night. Not that she was thinking about the failed party or her mom’s burst out. She was thinking about the image. The only link she had from her past. And from that image, her attention was pulled over by Abhigyan. Who is he? Where is he? Were we friends? Why do I remember only about him? Was he important? But if he was, then why does nobody else knows him? She had questions, a lot of questions going on in her mind, but the answers, she even didn’t knew, where to find them.

Her nurse had helped her in getting bathed and dressed… after that she was marched towards the dining room to have breakfast. She saw Mrs. Roy who was quietly serving her bread and omelet.

“Mom.. I am really sorry about what happened yesterday… I shouldn’t have screamed on you…”

“It’s okay… eat your food..” She answered as if nothing happened.

Kriti didn’t stretched the topic further and asked where the dad was.

“He has an important meeting to attend… he has gone to office.”

“How is his leg…? ”

“He must be fine… and if not.. he would be.. he doesn’t like to be around the house..”
“He really loves his work, I guess..” Kriti said as she didn’t noticed the sadness on Mrs. Roy’s face.

“Well… I don’t know what I should do… but I think, as the doctor had asked me to try to catch up with my normal life… what do I do.. I mean what’s my routine?” She asked.

“Umm.. for the weekdays like today… your day starts at 7 a.m.. You go to your college and then you come back at 5 or 6 in the evening. Then, you restrict yourself to your room and laptop and that’s it…”

“Oh… that was not helpful” … she said smiling…. “I don’t spend time with you?”

“You don’t have time for me… I mean you are too busy with your social life and laptop…”
“What do I do in laptop?”

“Mostly your college projects and study and in the leisure time you chat with people on facebook and other sites…”

“So, you want to say that I don’t have time for you, but for people I barely know.”
“Ya.. that’s the kind of person you are..”

“Hmm… umm you imagesdon’t feel bad.. that your own daughter shuts out from you?”

“No… you are my daughter… I can’t feel bad because of you…”

Kriti just smiled as she didn’t knew what to say more. She was really pressing her brain to remember the person she was.

“So… i think I should start going to college from tomorrow… I will try to return to the routine… with some modifications.”

“What kind of modifications?”

“That instead of locking myself behind the doors of my room, I would come to you and talk to you for a while.”
“That sounds good… I like the idea..” Mrs. Roy smiled.

Kriti had finished her breakfast and she went to her room. She found a mobile on her bed.

What’s this?” She asked Pihu, who had accompanied her to the room.

“It’s your new mobile… the earlier one got damaged in the accident… the good thing is that it has the previous SIM… so all your contacts are intact.”

“Hmm…” she said trying to figure out how to start the phone.
“You may go… I think I have found today’s indulgence.” She said.

Afetr Pihu left, Kriti switched on the mobile and started going through the various apps and other like things.

She went into the contacts list and found Nidhin’s contact. It was the only person she had known after her parents. So, she called him.

Nidhin picked up the phone.

“Hello… Kriti??”

“Ya… Kriti… You are Nidhin.. right..?”

“Ya… is everything alright?”

“Ya… actually I just got a new phone with the old SIM. And in the whole contacts list, it is only you to whom I can talk at this moment..”
“Ohkay.. what do you want to talk about..?”

“Oh… i just wanted to tell you that I am joining the college from tomorrow,so can you pick me from my house? So, that when I reach there, I would know atleast one person.”

“Ya sure, I will reach your home by 7:30? If that’s fine..”

“Ya.. it’s perfect… one thing more I wanted to ask you… do you have any idea about my laptop’s password?”

“Umm.. no…But you bring your laptop tomorrow… we can try by logging in different words…

“Hmm… I hope that would help..”

“Don’t you think that you should get  rest in your home only? I mean you don’t remember anything… you would go crazy here.”

“Well.. i have to face the world.. sooner the better.. and i have noting to lose… so anything happens to me… i will definitely gain something.”


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