The Link- 8- The One With The Party

18 Jan

“Pihu… get the flowers in the vase and have you prepared for dinner as I had asked you?” This was Mrs. Roy’s shrilling voice, directed towards her favorite and trusted maid, Pihu. This girl had been in Roys’ services for almost 2 years now, and was doing her graduation from an open university.

Kriti was still competing with the laptop. She had asked all about the password, but to vain. She also had no attraction for the family photos as they were instead of helping her, were more confusing.

She came out of the room and went to the big swimming pool area to find some peace. But, it was nowhere to be found, because the only noise she could here was in her mind, that she was not able to bring down.

She went to Mr. Roy’s room. He was doing some work on his laptop.

“May I come in?” She asked.

“Oh yes… How are you feeling?”

“Please… not again… I have started hating this question..”

Mr. Roy laughed… “oh you are already tired?… all my office people have really amused me with this question.”

“Where do you work?”

“Well… I don’t work anywhere… I mean… people work for me… I am a businessman… a rich one…”

“Ya… that I can figure out from the house we live in… what do we deal in…?”

“Umm… basically… we have retail chains and departmental stores… and also we deal in shares..”

“Ohkay… that’s cool… umm… this should be sounding really crazy? right? Your daughter asking you your name and job and all…”

“No… I mean yes… but… I am glad that you are trying… to getting to know yourself… that’s good… ”

“Hmm.. well i think I should leave now… I am feeling quite tired…”


That day… in the evening..

Guests had started coming over to the Roys’ Mansion. The lady of the house was still busy in making sure that it doesn’t seem too extravagant nor a condolence meeting of someone.

“Mr. Roy was busy with his business related guests. Friends of Kriti were eagerly waiting for her to come and meet them. Everybody knew that she doesn’t remembered anything, but still everybody was hoping to meet the Kriti, they knew.

Pihu was sent to her room to help her get ready and come down for the party. Kriti was observing her closet.

“Mam… you need to come down…”

“Why?” Kriti asked.

“Badi mam… has asked so…”

“Okay.. let’s go…”

“Mam… I think you should change..”


Pihu was told not to tell anything about the party… so…  “Actually there are some people… you don’t know them… but… you should look good..”

“Umm… okay…”

She wore a white dress… with emerald jewellery.

Pihu helped her with the light make up and then she accompanied her to the party.

Kriti was totally surprised at the unexpected shower of people. Faces,that she didn’t recognised, hands that were touching her hand, voices that were clashing through her ears and even the most delightful tone was sounding rude, eyes, that fell on her and were feeling sorry for her leg and brain, everything in that place was looking unknown, the whole environment was seeming to be full of people, just people. She didn’t uttered a word and not even glanced at people who had came there just to meet her.

After people realised that she is not reacting and not even interested to meet them , many of them pulled themselves aside and gradually the crowd surrounding her, started diminishing. Kriti was astonished and filled with fear to see the surprise.

As she was trying to find someone, who would help her to reach her room, a voice held her attention. It was Nidhin, her friend from the college.

“HI” He said smiling.

“Hello… who are you?”

“I am Nidhin… we study in the same college.”

“Which college and what do we study?”

“Well.. we are in XZX College of Management and we are in our second year of MBA.”

“Okay… that’s enough for today..”

“I am sorry… but am I disturbing you?”

“Well to say the least… lately… everything is..”

“Hmm… do you want anything? I mean anyway you think I can help you?”

“Umm.. maybe… do you know which way is my room?”

“Yes… I have come here a lot of times… with other friends…”

“Okay… can you help me in reaching there?”

“But.. this party has been thrown for you…”

“First of all, I was not invited, second, I am not interested and third, I am not feeling good.”

“Okay…” He said.

They went up to Kriti’s room. He helped her to get into her bed. As he was leaving..

“Umm.. excuse me.. what…what’s your name again?”


“Nidhin… it was nice meeting you.” Kriti said with a smile.

“I am glad…”

“Umm… well do you know… anything about WordPress or Abhigyan?”

“Yes… wordpress… You have a blog there..”

“What’s a blog?”

“Well… that’s difficult for me to define.. but simply… umm… a platform for talented people to share their ideas with the world… mainly the like minded people..”
“Ohkay.. what kind of talent do I share..?”

“Well.. you write.. articles, poems and such sort of things…”
“Hmm… I am getting interesting… Well thank you again…”

“Save your thank yous… You are gonna need them.”

“Hmm.. ”

Nidhin left Kriti’s room.

The party was over after an hour or so. Mrs. Roy came in Kriti’s room to find why she had left the party.

“Are you awake?”


“That boy… your friend… he told me that you were not feeling good… everything alright?”

“That was an hour ago …but why had you arranged this party… and you even didn’t told me..” Kriti asked trying to suppress her anger.
“You didn’t liked it?”

“How can you even expect that… I didn’t knew anyone in that room… I was surprised and felt like a complete idiot while everybody was greeting me. I was .. I was… Mom.. see i know that you wanted me to meet people and you may be expecting that I would recognise some of them and maybe my memory will come back. but, it’s not happening. You would have to give me sometime… and some space..”

While Kriti was shrieking on her mom, Mr. Roy came to her room, after hearing the voice.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Kriti is not happy with the party.” Told Mrs. Roy.

“But.. why?”

“You can ask her yourself…”

“Mom.. I don’t have the stamina to go over it again… you can tell dad… and please I am feeling sleepy..”

“Why don’t you tell me what’s happening around?” Mr. Roy was becoming impatient.

But, instead of an answer, he heard something else.

“Kriti… i know that you are going through the worst phase of your life, because you don’t remember anything… It must be tough… but… it’s tough for me too. You don’t remember me… that’s tough for me. I don’t know if you would be able to, but please I am telling you and I want you to remember this that I am not your punching bag… I am no ones’ ” She said the last line while glancing at her husband and left the room.

Kriti and Mr. Suresh were taken aback for a while.

“She is just… tired… don’t take it to heart… good night.” He said after a moment or

Kriti didn’t replied. Mr. Roy moved his wheel chair and left the room.


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