The Link-7- The One with The ‘Home Sweet Home’

15 Jan

After, the doctor had screened Kriti and asked everybody to take time and try to return to their daily routines, the Royss were discharged from the hospital after a week. And then too, two nurses had to  accompany this family, till the time both the temporarily disabled persons were ready to go for a walk independently.

Kriti was gazing at everything, as if she was seeing them for the first time… the entrance to the house, her room, her cupboard… everything seemed new… but with the interiors of her room she had started knowing things about herself… for instance that she liked green colour, as the rooms of her room were painted green, she had 5 pairs of shoes of which 3 were green and out of her numerous dresses, most of them had some greenish color on them.

While she was looking or rather observing her things, Mrs. Roy came in with a cup of coffee…

“So, you are liking it…”

“Uh… I don’t know.. but it’s my room… I think I should like it…” she said in a confused tone…

“Maybe… so… how are you feeling…?”

“Oh.. the leg is still broken and I still don’t remember anything… so … I don’t know…”

“No.. you obviously remember someone called Abhigyan… so..”

“Ya.. actually I just remember that image… nothing more than that…”

“Hmm.. do you remember where that image is?”

“No.. and i don’t want to sound rude… but please don’t interrogate me like this…”

“Oh.. I am sorry… but I was just trying to make a conversation…” Mrs. Roy said in a dejected voice.

“Hmmm…” Kriti just didn’t wanted to continue the conversation.

While they were having their silent chit chats, the nurse appointed for Mr. Roy came rushing to the room and asked Mrs’ Roy to come with her.

“What happened?” Asked Kriti..

“Nothing he just wants to talk to Ma’m…”

“Okay… you came in like, if there was some emergency…”

“There could be..” The nurse said.

Mrs. Roy rushed to his room, leaving Kriti, in hers’, giving her some time to find a space of her own.

In their room…

“So, how is she?” Asked Mr. Roy.

“Oh… she is fine… I mean… better..”

“I have been watching you since I regained the consciousness… why are you so quiet?”

“I am not quiet… I am just trying to be calm.”

“Hmm… Umm… I was thinking that maybe we should throw a party or a kind of get together this evening, where we would invite Kriti’s friends and the relatives… ”

“You think it’s a good idea? She would not remember anyone..”

“We can try… maybe.. if she would meet people… she would recall something…and then we can ask her friends about ‘Abhigyan’…”

“Okay… if you have already planned the whole event… i think it would be good.”

“And… one more thing… don’t tell her… it would be a surprise for her…”

Mrs. Roy just nodded her head in approval and went outside the room. She knew, she had to start working on her husband’s evening party.

She went into the Kitchen… and saw her place. Her comfortable zone, she baked a chocolate cake for Kriti…

She knocked on Kriti’s room’s door.

“Ya… who is this?”

“Your mom…” replied Mr. Roy.

“Come in…” Kriti answered.

“Why do you need to ask me to come to my room… you are my mom… You can come in anytime you want…”

“No… you don’t like people coming right into your room without permission, intruding your privacy…”

“I am like that? Okay… well from now on you can… umm.. come into the room whenever you want… no need to ask… ”

“Are you sure..?”

“Ya.. atleast till the time… I don’t have my memory back …” Kriti said with a smile.

“Ohkay… ” Mrs. Roy was happy with the positive transformation.

She suddenly remembered that she had to make arrangements for the evening party…

“Okay… so I just came in to give you this cake… you eat it and I have to go… do some chorus…”

“Okay… umm… Bu the way… do you know the password of this laptop? I was just thinking that maybe I would get something about me in this. But, it’s locked…”

“No.. I don’t know the password…”

“This is my laptop, right?”


“And no one else uses it?”

“Yup… your father has his own and i don’t need one…”

“Then, why the hell would I put a password when there are no chances of others accessing it?”

“Dear… you had strict privacy issues…”

Mrs. Roy went outside and started with the ‘Project Party’.



2 Responses to “The Link-7- The One with The ‘Home Sweet Home’”

  1. Abhishek Dixit January 15, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

    it’s getting interesting…

  2. Arindam Saha January 18, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    Interesting… 🙂

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