The Link- 6- The One With The Psychologist

13 Jan

Kriti and her parents reached Mr. Bhagwat’s office on time. They were waiting for the doctor to call them in. After a minute or so, doctor’s assistant came out and asked the three of them to follow him. The doctor’s room was completely different from the usual ones. One the right side, a big model of human brain was placed, and on the left, a chart was depicting the nexus of brain with different body parts. The doctor’s room was quite spacious and the light was low. Unlike other doctors’ rooms this one had sofas, instead of chairs to sit, and the doctor was sitting on one of those sofas. The whole environment was warm and it was seeming that they had not come to meet a doctor but some acquaintance.

Mr. Bhagwat asked Kriti to come in front of him. He asked her parents to be seated on the other sofa which was placed at some distance. Mrs. Roy, first helped Kriti to position her wheel chair and then her husband. After they all settled, the doctor kept the file on the side table and encountered his new patient.

“So… how is your leg?”

“Umm… It’s fine… I can’t feel anything … so I guess it’s either really bad or just fine..”

“Hahaha… seeing you in the wheel chair, I guess it’s the first option…”

Kriti smiled at this.

“So… coming to your brain… what do you think?”

“At this moment, I am just trying to figure out the things, to think about…”

“See… first of all… do not worry and do not take any kind of strain… that would be bad… I have treated many cases like this… but let me tell you one secret… I never do anything… my patients just walk in through that door, we have a light conversation and a nice cup of tea, sometimes… and that’s it… they get cured by their self determination and patience… my job is just to channelize it properly and give them a direction…. It’s not me… who would tell you who you are… nobody knows you better that you yourself… just try to remember yourself and forget about the world… ”

“Well… doc I have already forgotten about the world and that’s the bone of contention here”… she said with a smile… “But I am understanding.. what you want to say… I will try…”

“You had told the doctor that you do remember something… when you were talking to your father… mind telling me about it??”

“I don’t understand it… so…”

“It’s okay… tell me whatever you remember… maybe I would be able to help you in understanding it…”

“okay… umm… I remember this image… very clearly… on the right, two things are written “New Post” and to the right of it is written “Kriti”. Then on the left, a capital letter W is written and then “stupidwinetalking” , then on the main text in the middle, “1 Response to “I AM NOT THAT” and then below that one the left side there is one pic of a boy and on it’s right is written Abhigyan… and below this these lines… “I am so moved by this post. It has deep meaning, quite depressing but at the same time beautifully written. The best and at the same time, the worst thing about this post, is that it’s reality. We live in such a world and may have even encountered this situation. I hope to read more such articles from you and mind it, now the expectations when you write something on social issues have risen… :)”… that’s it…

Ohkay… that’s quite impressive… you do not even remember your name… but exact lines by this person… good… very good… now I would ask you to go out and wait for your parents…

“Doc… it was nice meeting you…”

“Oh.. for a doc… that’s really a compliment” He said with a light smile on his face.

After Kriti went out of the office… Mr. Bhargava… went to her parents and asked them if they knew anything about what she just told.

“I have no idea… wordpress? Abhigyan… ?? I don’t know…” Said her father.

But, Mrs. Roy had heard this name;Wordpress, “But doctor… every time she was doing her work and I would ask about it, she would reply that is doing something on WordPress… maybe WordPress is in her laptop…”

“And anything about Abhigyan?” The doc asked.

“No… I don’t know anything about it… “. She said, while trying to remember the names of Kriti’s friends.

“Okay… Sir… Madam… I would advise you not to think too much about it… I mean what had to happen has happened… it’s time that you move on in your life mentally and be prepared for the things that would take place now on…”psycho


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