The Link-5- The One With The Disbelief

11 Jan

Mrs. Roy was still in a state of shock and grief. Kriti’s doctor had fixed an appointment of Kriti with Mr. Bhagwat, the chief psychologist of their hospital.

“How is her leg?” She asked.

“It has been plastered… don’t worry… we are taking care of that…”

“Will she never recognise me?” She asked in despair.

The doctor didn’t wanted to deject Mrs. Roy by any of his answers. He had been watching this lady right since the moment, the brutally injured bodies of her family members had came for operations. He knew that she has throughout been successful in holding her emotional turmoil, bu now she can break very easily.  He tried to construct a careful answer.

“Mam… the damage is already done… we are here to find out what is remaining of that damage… and before we reach to any conclusion… I can’t jump to the consequences…

“Hmm..” she mumbled.

Her husband regained consciousness after an hour or so… Mrs. Roy went inside his room. She didn’t uttered anything. She just went up to him and sat on the chair that was kept besides him. Mr. Roy was hoping that his wife would tell something or ask maybe, seeing that she is not ready to talk, he asked…

“How is Kriti?”

This came as a surprise for Mrs. Roy. All her life, she had seen her husband talking about statistics, his company’s market value, his company’s turnover, his company’s goodwill… She remembers one incident when Kriti was 10 years old. She had severe fever rising upto 103 degrees. But, that day also her husband left her alone at the hospital as he had to attend a crucial meeting in his office. That day, when he returned home, the first he had to say was that his company had got the deal. He was happy, while his daughter was burning with fever. There were many such incidents where he had chosen to be called a successful businessman over a caring father or husband.

“She is good… she has major injuries on head and the right leg… the leg has been plastered… and… and…” she said in a low voice.

“And??” He asked.

“… she has lost her memory..” she completed the sentence.

There was complete silence for a moment, except for the noise created by the wall clock.

“Okay… this is not true… and I know it… you can’t fool me… tell me the real position…” Mr.Roy broke the silence with calmed disbelief.

“I wish it was not true… i wish … but she doesn’t recognise me… she doesn’t even remember herself…”

“Maybe… maybe… she is just kidding… trying to bring out some fun out of this accident… how can she loose her memory… she is the one who would laugh her guts out when someone in any movie or tv serial would play such a character…

Mrs. Roy was not in a mood to argue.. ” Well… the doctor has referred her to the chief psychologist of this hospital… she has to meet him after two hours. ”

After this, Mr. Roy sensed that his wife was not joking and the thing about amnesia is true.

“Take me to her… I know she would not be able to lie before me…” The nurse and Mrs. Roy helped him to get on the wheel chair.

Mrs. Roy slowly opened the door of Kriti’s room so that her husband could get in… She remained outside the room.

Kriti was trying to read a magazine. It was the latest issue of Outlook. Mr. Roy called her name. She didn’t reacted promptly, but looked out for the direction from where the voice had come.

Mr. Roy reached besides her… He didn’t knew what to say..and how to start the conversation.

“Hello…” said Kriti, trying to recognise this person.

“Hi… do.. do you remember your name?”

“NO… but the doctors told me.. my name is Kirti .. right?”

Mr. Roy watched his daughter getting confused about her own name… No my child it’s Kriti… and I am your dad… Suresh Roy… you remember anything?

“I am sorry… but it’s too much to take in…”

“It’s okay… you would slowly remember everything… not a big deal… it happens…”

“Actually, there is one thing that I do remember…. but I am not able to figure it out as to what exactly is…:

“Ohkay… maybe the doctor would help you with that…” Mr. Roy couldn’t hold his emotions any longer and burst out in tears.

“Dad.. dad… I ..i don’t even know what to say and how to react… but please don’t cry…you were the one who just said that it would be fine… please… ”

“Ya.. I know it would be fine… but that’s about future… ” he said, trying to control his tears.

“Where is mom? the last time I saw her.. I didn’t recognised her and I was myself so blank that I repelled her off..”

“She is outside… she would not be able to see you again like his… plus we have to meet the psychologist in a few minutes who would be better able to diagnose your problem…. till then… we all wouldimages have to wait..”


6 Responses to “The Link-5- The One With The Disbelief”

  1. sharmavarun210varun January 12, 2014 at 1:03 am #

    Wait hi karwati rahiyo. Well then…lets wait and see what happens. Till then…

  2. Arindam Saha January 12, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    “Actually, there is one thing that I do remember…. but I am not able to figure it out as to what exactly is…:

    Iske baad I think the most natural continuation would be…

    “Can you remember what was it about?… Even the slightest bit?….”

    Anyhow, jo tune likha hai wo bhi sahi hi hai…

    Overall achchha tha 🙂

    • harshdamangal7 January 13, 2014 at 9:59 am #

      I think, he was more grieved by the fact that his daughter is unable to remember him, maybe for him, he is the only important person in his daughter’s life…

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