Interviews- The One with a Computer Engineer {Part-1}

11 Sep

Hello Friends, I hope all of you are fit and healthy. I was missing from blogging, because of some serious and busy tasks to be done in the professional front. But, that can only delay the posts, not restrict them at all. 🙂 So, here I am, with yet another series, and this time its INTERVIEWS. Here, I will provide interviews that I would be taking with people belonging to different fields; like engineering, law, architecture, etc.

Now, you will wonder, what’s creative in that?? Well, in almost all the interviews which you would have read, you only get to know what the interviewee told to the interviewer, and not what he is actually thinking about. But, here in this series,  in brackets is written what the interviewee is thinking…

The first interview in this series is of a student of Computer Engineering. His name is Varun Sharma, and he besides being a very good friend, is crazy ( and maybe that’s what we share in common)

So, let’s see what he has to say and think when he is being  interviewed by the creatigentt :

Harshda Mangal (me) : So, Thank You for lending your precious time from your busy schedule.

Varun Sharma :No problem. My busy schedule was not so busy apart from 3 files, 5 assignments, 1 presentation and one report. And  you can count a seminar as well (grinning)..

Harshda Mangal : Ok …Thank u for that. Well I would like to first ask you about the general norm that says that engineers are very lazy and velle. What do u think about this??

Varun Sharma: Who told you about that! ( ye hamare secrets kaun leak kar raha hai …gaya wo toh). We are very hard working people. We work from morning to night ( well, mostly in night) just to make your life easy.

Harshda Mangal: Our life easy?? How??

Varun Sharma:  Yeah. All this technology, software, phones ( phone se yaad aaya interview ke baad iska no. zaroor lena hai), facebook ( aur frnd request bhi bhejni hai) and other things you use to make your life easier are developed by us.

Harshda Mangal: Hmm …thats great. So tell us something about your daily routine..

Varun Sharma: Okay.. ( uhh ye kya poochh liya) umm.. I get up at 5:30 AM ( jab mummy bed se girakar uthati hain! ). Then after getting ready and having breakfast I leave  for college at 7 AM ( kisi din zaroor 7 baje niklunga) and reach my college at 8 AM ( bas aadhe- ek ghante late hota hoon) and after attending all my classes ( sote hue) I rush for home ( raat bhar jaaga hoon neend toh poori karni hi hai) and complete my homework ( that’s sleep)

Harshda Mangal: wow…

Varun Sharma :So you see how busy we are? and you think  engineers have nothing to do… (emotional kar deta hoon impress ho jayegi)

Harshda Mangal: That seems to be very busy schedule. But we have heard that after a person gets into engineering college all he or she does is roaming around , bunking the classes ans setting a girlfriend…

Varun Sharma: Ok ok ( yaar badi khadoos hai ise toh mere farishte bhi nahi pata sakte). but that’s not entirely true. ( tu bas uska naam bata jisne tujhe ye bataya). yes I sometimes bunk classes but only to complete my task list ( har hafte nayi movie aati hai use kaun dekhega). and yes I roam with my girlfriend ( bhagwan is jhooth ke liye maaf karna) but it doesn’t affect my studies. ( bas roz class me assignment poore na karne par jhaad padti hai mann karta hai breakup kar loon usse)

Harshda Mangal :Hmm… that was a diplomatic answer …so moving on to your girlfriend, is she also studying engineering??

Varun Sharma : yeah she is in my class. She is intelligent and then she moved on to some geek intelligent lad…

Harshda Mangal: Oh… I am sorry… shouldn’t have raised this issue.. okay so what are your future prospects?

Varun Sharma: ( future prospects? ye kya hota hai? ) well I am thinking to crack GATE exam ( kahin is chakkar me mera sir na crack ho jaye) and if somehow I couldn’t I would join a software company ( dar dar bhatakne ke din aa jayenge.)

Harshda Mangal: Any particular company you would like to join?

Varun Sharma: (haan mera bas chale toh google khareed loon) umm… Infosys is a good company which regularly recruits students from my college ( par angrezan back walon ko nahi leti is baar back clear nahi ki toh laat maarke baahar nikaal degi) so I would give interview for it.

Harshda Mangal:  Wish you luck

Varun Sharma: (khaak luck!!) Thanks 🙂

Harshda Mangal: Any body from your family is an engineer or you are the first one?

Varun Sharma :(yaar dukhti rag par haath rakh diya) yeah my elder brother is also an engineer and works as an analyst for a software company ( aur roz taane maarte hain. abe aapne karli theek hai ab bachche ki jaan loge kya)

Harshda Mangal :Hmm… he must be the guiding force for you in this field.

Varun Sharma: yeah obviously ( itne force se guide karte hain ki kamar me dard ho jata hai aur gaal laal ho jate hain). He is my ideal.



After, this answer my phone rings, its my younger brother. He is also a student of computer engineering. When he gets to know that I am interviewing a studious engineer, he is surprised, first of all, that such breed of engineers too exist. and Then he asks me to fix a meeting, if i could with this person, so that he may ask about his doubts from him.

I asked Varun to guide my brother in the said direction and he accepted the proposal.

So far, this engineer has given quite subtle answers. In the second part, we will see if he is able to answer the queries of my brother or not… Till then… keep waiting for the next post… 🙂


4 Responses to “Interviews- The One with a Computer Engineer {Part-1}”

  1. randomlyabstract October 1, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    Hahah this was great! 😀

  2. Arindam Saha October 18, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    Apne dost ki aise nahin lete… 😛

    Class ke baad part 2 padhunga 🙂

    • harshdamangal7 October 18, 2013 at 11:50 am #

      koi bechaara nahi hai wo… ye interview ke liye itne drame kiye hain usne… 😛
      glad that you liked.. but i think you are so empathetic towards him because you come from the same academic background as him…

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