When would it matter??/

10 Aug

Warning: This one is a serious post on a contemporary issue, so if you are expecting to get a humor out of it, i am sorry but this is not one of those.

A few days ago, an unexpected and undesirable incident happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Long story short, a male student tried to killed another students who is a girl with an axe, and after that he killed himself by poison. It is alleged that the said student was having an affait with the victim and the girl had probably turned down this boy’s proposal. And frustrated with that he took this step. Although there are many other stories about it, but this is the most prominent one that is coming out.

His death raises many questions. It raises many doubts on our so- called sophisticated and educated youth. It raises questions on the higher standards of living but small and so self- centered mentality. But to me the most important question is when would it matter??

A boy leaves a girl without giving any reason or giving a reason that is either too trivial or hilarious, then that doesn’t matter. But if a girl do the same to a boy then it matters. This psychic mentality which is very well projected and mostly encouraged in our cinema is not so synched with reality. I mean “hasi to phasi” and “ladka – ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”, these dialogues have actually preached a very wrong and unintelligible message.¬† Mere piche scooter mei baithna padega. Main break maarunga toh mujhpe girna padega. Mere saath naachna-gaana padega. Girlfriend na sahi..feel hi dede (You will have to sit behind me in this scooter. If I apply brake, you will have to fall on me. You will have to sing and dance with me. Doesn’t matter if you are not a girlfriend, give me that kinda feel) is the lesson which a very recent Indian movie teaches and guess what its a hit movie. You will say doesn’t matter, its just a movie. Ya, but it will matter, if that happens in real life, will it matter even then?

One more point here, if a boy doesn’t fall in love for a girl, the girl will not go and kill him or throw acid on his face or try to bring down his image in the society. But if a girl doesn’t fall in love with a boy, it seems he has all the rights to do all these things. Because he is hurt? Because his mental situation is not balanced?? Because it matters to him?

When will it matter the other way?? Should it matter the other way?


One Response to “When would it matter??/”

  1. Arindam Saha August 25, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    Face hung in shame…
    Each time such a news or issue comes up, I personally feel ashamed to be a boy…
    Although I also maintain that it is the mentality and not the laws that would make real difference. And that would take time… quite some time…

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