31 Jul

HI friends… this is the end of this month and today is the day to publish all the answers to the question(1) that I had asked some days ago. The answers are given by you on fb nd wordpress. So, all the answers are here, at one place now. But before I wite the answers, lets see what the question was. I had asked

“What do you think can be one self’s greatest disability??”

And the answers are give along with the name of the wise wo(men) who gave the respective answer:

Ashish Yadav : Lazinessindex

Nimish Agarwal : Attitude

Varun Sharma : inability to do right things at the desired time

Jackie : I think low self esteem is probably the biggest. If you don’t think you are capable or good enough or worthy you may not even try or you may constantly get in your own way when you do try which guarantees failure. As they say – we are our own worst enemy.

Gauri Sharma : i think its the fear inside ourselves which makes us coward at times when we should face any difficulty with courage n boldness.. dats the one’s biggest disability.. :D

So, these were the answers that I got and hopefully for the next question, the answers are gonna be more in quantity and varied in perspectives 🙂



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