Colors… sound good !!

24 Jul
Well, by the above title, you would think that creatigentt has gone crazy. Colors don’t sound good, they look good. I would admit that 4 days ago, I  thought like you, but an 11 minute video changed my thinking and I took a great leap from the usual technology based world to the more advanced one.

Colors can be heard and trust me, its beautiful.

But the first question which arises is that what is the need to hear them when we have got eyes to see them. Well, Neil Harbisson suffered from achromatospia,a condition which allows him to see things only in black and white. For him, colors didn’t existed and that created problems while learning because colors are something you can’t ignore or run away from. They are everywhere, they are on you. So, he after attending a lecture of Adam Montadon came up with an idea which was shaped into a project and then into a product. Now, with an eyeborg (a software) attached to his head, he can hear colors.

Now, a few facts about him of after he started using this cyborg, how his life has changed.

  • There are more than 360 colors of different shades and he can sense all of them.
  • He can percieve infrared and ultraviolet colors which enables him to percieve more colors than the normal human eye
  • He can hear that the cities are not grey
  • He found out that there are no white skins, and there are no black skins. Humans skins are of different shades of orange.
  • He is an artist and paints music
  • For him, music is colorful and paintings are melodious.

To know more about him, you should check out this:

Also see this video, it is worth your time and his effort

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