The Experience !!

17 Jul

Some would have been sad, and some would have been happy that I was missing from blogging for the last 2 week. But, now after attending 2 family weddings, completing a journey of almost 20 hours, and sleeping off while my brother- in- law was talking to me… I am back… with the same nonsense stuff that you like to hear!! 😛

Well!! By now, you would have had a fair idea of what I am gonna talk about. The wedding?? The journey or my one and only B-O-L?? No, none is the topic for today. (I mean these can wait).

I am gonna talk about a real life experience that happened to me. While I was in Kota, Rajasthan, to attend my cousin’s wedding, I along with my parents went to Kota Barrage. This is a kind of tourist place there. A barrage is a type of dam which consists of a line of large gates that can be opened or closed to control the amount of water passing the dam. The gates are set between flanking piers which are responsible for supporting the water load. They are often used to control and stabilize water flow of rivers for irrigation systems. (and yes, that came from wikipedia :P)

So, we went there and as most of the tourist places are, this one was also crowded by roadside bhelpuri wala, chana wala, bhutte wala, etc.

After we saw the thing and got our photos clicked in my 2 megapixel phone camera, my father suggested that we should try some snacks. And that is where the trouble began.

There were 3 cows there, two of them having big horns and the third one was calf. So, as soon as I held my corn cob, one of the cows started staring at me…

At this I was quite frightened, because she apparently had shifted all her focus on me or to be precise on the corn. Her facial expressions were telling that she can attack me any moment for that corn cob. I finished that cob as fast as i could and threw the leftover on the road. She jumped onto that and it scared the crap out of me to the extent that I started running away from her. Now, I don’t know whether it was my reaction or the perfume, but she started chasing me. Literally, imagine a two horned cow chasing you and you running around traffic, people watching you and having the fun of their life while you are out of your guts.

Well, the trail ended, when a man in his 50s controlled that wreck and saved me.  Thanks to him and to hell with him at the same time, because it turned out that it was his animal, and he had left that unattended to go to the nearby shop to buy gutka.


Well, this one ends here, but it was quite an experience to face death and to run around a city you barely know, and watching your parents laugh at it while everything is under control. And when you ask how the experience was, I would just say”NO COMMENTS” 😛



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