The Holiday Homework!!

30 Jun

Hey!! I am not a school girl who will whine over my holiday homework which i have not completed and i have to submit that tomorrow.

Here I would be talking about my neighbor who is a little girl of the above kind. She didn’t finished her homework well on time and now she is worried about the scolding she would get from Sharma mam.

Well the reason, I am posting about this is because I find it funny. If you are given a time which is said to be your holiday, then why and how can you be still made to do what you don’t want to. This little neighbor was given a project to make a model of solar system. And what she did?? She ordered for the same from the nearby stationary who would get her an amazing working model of solar system for Rs. 700 or so. I mean, even the teachers know that the same model has not been made by this girl (obviously who would believe that a D+ grader would know the meaning of big bang in 2nd class??).

But this is not what should concern me. Well, it seems Hindi holiday home works don’t sell in the market yet, and for the same purpose, i was remembered. She came over to my house with a bag on her shoulders. As to prove that I am not a bad neighbor I had to let her in and ask, “So, your school is opening tomorrow.??”

She: I don’t think they were closed anyways… I still had to do homeworks.

Me: Ya, but this homework is fun, you apply your creativity

She: to be frank, hell with that!! well, would you help me with my Hindi homework, I have to submit it tomorrow.

Me: Well, I can, but its Sunday, your parents would be more happy to teach you…

She: No… i don’t think so… I mean they were the ones who suggested that I should probably take your help.

Me: Wow!! they trust me so much with academics?

She: No.. actually they know that you studied in a government school and they are pretty sure that you are not good with English…

Me:(@#*%) Okay… lets start.. what do you want to ask me?

She took out the pile of about 30 sheets from her bag and handed over to me.

She: I just wanted you to fill these for me…

I saw the sheets and those were hindi worksheets in which questions were given in the form of fill in the blanks, match the following, true or false, crossword and like, and after she handed me the sheets, i realized that she was hoping to get that work done exclusively by me.

Me: So, what did you not understand?? I can teach you about any part of grammar you want me to, but if you are thinking that i would be doing your homework then you would have to be disappointed.

She: Well!! If i would really be in a mood to learn these things, I have a perfectly eligible teacher for that task, but teachers don’t do homeworks, and that’s why i know you!!

I was completely speechless on this one. I mean a 7 year old child slapped me on face, and that too impressively.

Me: okay.. whatever… but your teacher gets salary for teaching you, what would i get to do this work?

She: Umm… let me see… I know that you bunked your classes last week to meet some guy in the CCD, and I also  know that your parents haven’t heard about that and i would like you to know that i have a pretty loud voice.

Me: (bitch) well… my sweet angel, you totally got me

I finished those worksheets in about 1 hour and god that quite reminded me of my school days, whatever, it sucked!!

Me: So, here are your worksheets and now we are even!!

She: Ya, we are… 🙂 thanks…

Me: Can I ask you just one thing before you leave..?

She: ya..

I hope this happens to her!!

I hope this happens to her!!

Me: Do you like your school?? and if yes what do you like about it?

She: Well, yes i kind of like my school, but i don’t like the teachers and the class and the uniform and the homework and my silly desk mate and…

Me: I asked you what do you like about it…??

She: I don’t know… there are many things, which i don’t like about that but i just love going there…

Me: Okay…

She: Do you miss your school??

Me: Sometimes…

She: Why?

Me: You know it would sound crazy, but i really miss those teachers and homeworks and the scoldings when you don’t do it right…

She: Ya, it sounds crazy…

Me: Well, i just thought that maybe we could be friends, but you just missed the chance.

She gave a sarcastic “huh” sound and went off to her home.

But, one thing she taught me before leaving was that, ‘man, i was really a sweet and a well disciplined girl when i was her age’ and when you realize that, it feels good 😛


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