not a LovE story- the last one !!

22 Jun

After the disastrous date (of Nisha and Surya, coz what happened with Vidhi and Vidyut, cannot be even called a meeting), all ties were broken.

That day when everybody reached their rooms in the hostel, it was quiet. It was mournful. Nisha and Surya had a fight after the real fight ( which you all enjoyed :P) and they were blaming each other for what happened.

Scene of Surya’s room:

Vidyut: Bhai, why are you breaking up with her?? I know it’s because of me… I am sorry, but her friend is unbearable, she is just… well ! why should we talk about her? It’s okay, you tried your best to do good for me, turned out bad, not your fault…

Surya: No, it’s not about you!! You know what, when I asked Nisha to tell her friend to shut up, she said “Who am I to talk like that to her??” I mean you believe that?? She said that and of all that she said straight on my face… You should have seen her face then…

V: Man!! you are underestimating that law expert who was gazing right into my eyes, saying thousands of unworthy things and yet thinking that she is making me happy… I tell you bhai… everyone out there is like that only… it’s not particular about Nisha or that Vidhi… I mean every girl is like that…

S: kya nahi kiya maine uske liye ?? left that cricket match for her, left food for her that night when she called, you know that day I ordered pizza at 11 p.m., that delivery man even didn’t got the coke saying that it was finished… You are the understanding the pain na bhai?? Bina coke ke kaise pizza gatka hai mai hi janta hun…

V: hmmm….

Now lets walk towards the girl’s hostel and see what’s happening in Nisha’s room

Vidhi: Nisha, I am really sorry, I mean may be it was my fault… I mean you know how I get carried away when someone brings about some legal question in front of me.. but that should have been my problem and it should not cause problems in your relations so I think that I should just call Surya and tell him that I am sorry and that you don’t need to break up.

Nisha: No, you don’t need to do that… you are not the problem, I mean you are the cause but I think it happened for good…

V: What?? Why do you think so??

N: You know after I told him to get his friend in control and stop saying bad things to you, you know what Surya said??

V: (how would I know) What??

N: He said ‘tumhari hi friend ne kuch kiya hoga’ .. I mean this is him… He has no guts to even ask for once to his friend as to why he was screaming on you… I mean he has more faith in that wire than me…

V: Ya… but I am really sorry…

N interrupted V and said:matlab kya nahi kiya maine?? uske liye classes bunk ki, canteen ka bill diya 2 baar, 20 wali ice- cream ma nahi khati par use khilayi,  par kisi cheez ka koi ehsaan hi nahi hai… huh…

V: hmmmm…..

After a few days of the break up, Vidhi and Vidyut encountered each other in the canteen. They settled down at a corner table and started the end of this story

Vidhi: So… how is Surya??

Vidyut: You are concerned??

Vidhi: I was just trying to be polite

Vidyut: Doesn’t suit you… kaam ki baat karein?/

Vidhi: hmm… so, these are the gifts which your frined had gifted to mine… she has returned them… and I also wanted to say thank you…

Vidyut: it’s okay… I mean it was not all for your good

Vidhi: Can i ask you one thing??

Vidyut: Anything but law…

Vidhi: Do you think we have betrayed our friends?? I mean we pulled them apart… we did all that drama of going to date, that fight, that was whole a plan designed by us…

Vidyut: Are you not happy to be with your friend again?? I mean after they got committed they just forgot us… Totally ignored… I remember… no hooting in the class, no night outs, no cricket matches, no video games, nothing… seemed like my life was taken over by  Nisha…

Vidhi: Man!! You know your parents are not paying the fee for any of that…

Vidyut: Okay tell me, what did you missed?? After all you were the one who came up with this whole idea….

Vidhi: I just missed my friend… she is my only friend… I mean agar wo love baazi karegi to notes kaun bnaega?? Group project ka kaam kaun karega?? saari classes attend kaun karega?? mujhe pass kaun kraega?? 

Vidyut: Seriously?? and I thought you were intelligent…

Vidhi: Well, she is intelligent, I am the smart one… 😉

Vidyut: So, we made a plan which led to break up of our friends… that’s what we wanted and it doesn’t make us … make us…ummm… make us…

Vidhi: Selfish??

Vidyut: No… No… we are that… I mean it doesn’t make us bad people… it just proves that we are humans… humans… and why the hell is this shit not helping to feel better…

Vidhi: Maybe we should tell them?

Vidyut: really??

Vidhi: No… I was just checking how easy you are to break… keep this to yourself…

They both vacated the table and walked out of the canteen

Vidyut: So.. this is it?? Nothing actually can happen betwwen .. you know…??

Vidhi gave a ‘ye muh aur masoor ki daal’ type look…

Vidyut: Ya… totally got you… have fun all the best!! 

So, this is how, here the story would now end… I am not sure if it was an appropriate or much awaited kind of climax… but this is it… I know you are definitely surprised and that is what i was looking for.. 🙂 

Thank you for joining me in the series Mayank Gupta, my co- blogger, a cousin, an employed engineer (ya, that’s rare) and a friend indeed. 🙂


4 Responses to “not a LovE story- the last one !!”

  1. sharmavarun210varun June 22, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

    By god what a shocking end! Earthquake hi aa gaya. and best part was “kaam ki baat karen”. that totally changed whole mood. ye kahani tere dimag ki upaj nahi lagti. totally rocking and shocking indeed.

    • harshdamangal7 June 23, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

      ye kahani mere hi dimag ki upaj hai… aur hamesha demotivate mat kiya kar waise glad that u liked it 😛 🙂

      • sharmavarun210varun June 26, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

        o demotivate kahan kiya. maine kaha ki ye teri nahi lagti iska matlab hai tu kaafi high level ka lokhne lagi hai jo maine expect nahi kiya tha. its hidden motivation.

      • harshdamangal7 June 27, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

        ohho… dhanywaad

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