Letters of Pappu and Champa- 9

22 May

After Champa shows her first positive response towards Pappu’s letter, what would be Pappu’s reaction? Is he amazed and thinking, “oh no, i was just joking.. ye to sahi me fas gayi,” or he is amazed and thinking,”god has finally heard my appeals” 🙂 Let’s see!!

Tere khat me hai jo tune likha

kya sach hai champa ka kahna

mujhe yakeen ho gya is baat ka

ki tujhe aitbaar hai mere pyar ka

silsila ab ye apna chal nikla

arre pyaar kab, kisse dara

tu chinta na kar gharwalo ki

sab dheere- dheere ho jaenge raazi

ab to bus tyari kar le

kal hi main ma ko bhejta hun

tere saath sagai karne ko

main aaj hi anguthi dhundta hun

Pappu as it seems is really very happy and has even jumped to engagement date, but would  Champa be comfortable with the rush or she has some other plans 😛 Stick on, because asli story to ab shuru hogi… 😛


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