not a LovE story!! -2

16 May

In the law school, in room no. L-420, the conversation between Vidhi and her friend Nisha who is going for a date with Surya, an electrical engineering student from the same university.

N: Yaar…I am so excited about… you know…

V: About…. what…??

N: About my date…

V: What is there to be excited about it… it happens almost every month…

N: What?? oh… umm… i was not talking about that one… about my date with Surya… the engineering guy… i had told you na…

V: Ok… why are you singing that song near my ears…??

N: Because maybe I am giving you a treat…

V: How??

N: He is coming with one his friends this time… and his friend is single.. like you and he is also looking for a girlfriend… so I thought that…

V: What?? what did you thought? that you will help me?? I am such a scrap that i cannot afford to make a boyfriend myself??? This is what you think about me??  Well… when are we going??

Vidyut and Surya are there in canteen, watching IPL and managing a talk between the overs….

Surya: Which game are you wasting your time with these days?

Vidyut: Yaar I’m playing that new game NFS Most Wanted 2…are graphics to god level hain…

S: “Abe champak”…get a life…video games are for loosers…don’t you want to have a girlfriend

V: Bro…say anything but don’t disrespect video games…and yeah I don’t want to mess up my life by getting a gf….

S: Beta… everyone feels this way before…but when you will meet someone you’ll realise that it feels good to have someone besides you in this evil world.

V: Whatever…you are going for a date…ahem!…( mene suna apna bhai date pe ja rha hai)

S: So, you don’t want to have a gf at all…you don’t even want to try..??

V: Yaar, I think you are right….your date might be having some friend??

S:Exactly…turns out, she said she is going to bring with her a friend of her because she can’t come along….soooo…if you are free.. God knows if you happen to like her… “tub hi set ho jaega”

V: hmm…let’s see.. when did you say is your date…Saturday?

S: Yup!!

V: Chal OK…I’m free anyways

S:Cool…but don’t flirt too much… “baaki to tera bhai hai”


On the Date:

Surya and Vidyut are waiting for the girls to come. Suddenly, Surya kept his hand on Vidyut’s shoulder with force and almost screamed…

” There she comes.”

V: Relax bhai… bandi hi hai… and wait meri wali kahan hai? I just came here to meet this gal…

S: have patience… saale…

V: Bhai… patience rakh ke hi to ye haal ho gaya hai ki ab koi dekhti bhi nahi…

S: (saala waise to keh raha tha ki gf nahi chahiye… ab aa gaya aukat pe)… bhai bus 1 baat ka dhyam rakhiyo… don’t be yourself…

Girls reach towards them by that time…

Nisha: Hi… Surya…

Vidyut (huh… completely ignoring me for this bulb)

N: And this is my friend , Vidhi, I had talked about…

Before Surya could answer, Vidyut came forward and greeted, “Hi” to Vidhi. Vidhi was also just longing to know as to which one of them had came for her and got to know by the behavior.

S: Ok.. Vid… Ummm… Nisha and I are going to that ice- cream parlor, you just stay here, we are coming in a while…

N: Ya… Vidhi… I am just coming…


Nidhi and Surya went away and after a miute that they left Vidhi’s phone recieved a message. It was from Nisha, saying, “Don’t Be Yourself”

Now, Vidhi and Vidyut are all alone… but they don’t know how to start the talking…

Will they start the talking?

Well I can promise here just one thing… something really dirty is gonna happen in the next post… 😉


does this seem like a blind date??

does this seem like a blind date??



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