Ye Hai Sabki Kahaani

15 May

This post is dedicated to one of my presentations of a legal subject project (Yes i am a budding lawyer and that is how you know ki desh ghadde me ja raha hai) 😛

The following is description, based on real facts and you know that it has happened to you too, because ‘ye hai sab ki kahaani’.

One day before presentation, at 1 in noon:

My phone rang. It was my friend, S.

Me: Ya.. bol

S: Bolna kya hai yaar… project bana liya?

Me: Na yaar… abhi to fb pe hun

S: Hadd hai yaar tu bhi… kab banaegi fir?

Me: Haan yaar… most probably I’ll start by 2:30.

S: Accha… Chal then I’ll start by 3.

Me: (saali.. khud ka to bana nahi mujhe bhashad de rahi thi) Chal theek hai, will tell you!

I put off the phone and continued with my fb activities of liking and commenting on photos, status and comments too 😛

At 2..

I felt sleepy. I told myself  “Yaar half an hour so leti hun…”

I went to the sofa and fell asleep.

My phone rang. It was S.

S: Kuch kiya shuru?

Me: Nope… yaar i fell asleep..

S: Bhai… 5 baj gaye

Me: O teri… yaar shit… ab kya hoga… tera to ban gya hoga??

S: Abbe main to tere hi phone ka wait kar rahi thi ki tu jab start karegi tab main kar lungi… but tera koi phone nahi aaya to i called  to ask.

Me: Chal koi nahi… ab dekhti hun…

I put off the phone and opened my laptop. I started searching for the judgments delivered by Khanna, J. in 1973. I got Keshavanand Bharti case… “O, teri… ab to bus yehi 1 case karungi… after all this is a landmark judgment.

I searched for some articles related to the same and luckily got what i wanted.

So, all in all my project was ready by 9 at night. Now, i had the problem to get it printed, so I called S.

S: Haan bol

Me: Yaar project to ban gaya ..print kab karwaegi??

S: Saali… itni jaldi ban gaya?? mere to abhi 5 pages hi hue hain… kal college jate waqt print karwaungi…

Me: Ok… I’ll mail you mine… and please get that printed too.

S: No probs yaar..

Next day at college:

Here, we have S, A who is an  intelligent geek and me, waiting for our turn to give the presentation.

S: Kya yaar, he is taking 10 minutes per person.

A: Ya… that’s sad… I don’t think he is even seeing our projects.

Me: That’s good..

A: What are you saying… we have put in so much efforts in this.

S: Not we, only you!!

A gave a  ‘chal na, hawa aane de’  types look. Teacher called A for presentation He took almost 35 minutes in there. As soon as he came out everybody asked.. kya hua?? is he asking to many questions?? But A just said, “arre he is asking nothing… I had prepared so much… huh… “

He was disappointed that means the teacher is not grilling on the subject. On seeing him disappointed, every body relaxed.

After 1-2 students, it was my turn

Me: Good Afternoon, Sir.

T: Ya.. come… sit…

Me: (Hmm.. AC is working and he is doing some job on computer… good.)

T: So??

Me: (smilingly) SO??

T: Tell me about your project…

Me: Okk… so its on judgments given by Justice Khanna in the year 1973… and i have included the landmark case of Keshavanand Bharti and blah… blah…. blah….

T: Good, Well what did you learnt from the project?

Me: ( That Supreme Court site will never work when you need it the most) Sir, i learnt that Justice Khanna was a man of values. He was very true in saying that blah… blah… blah…

T: Very good… so… this is you have done.. impressive,( he said flipping through my file)… Ok… thank you… and send the next person in.

Me: Thank you Sir…

So, this is how my project faired. I don’t know how much marks I’ ll get but a blogpost on it, should get good reviews 😀






2 Responses to “Ye Hai Sabki Kahaani”

  1. sharmavarun210varun May 15, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    Definitely ye hai sabki kahani. Or just opposite happens. When I am too confident about a subject and don’t dive it much time, then teacher treats me as if I am perfect in that subject. And when I prepare hard, ……………………… happens.

    • harshdamangal7 May 15, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

      hmmm… well tabhi to sabki kahani hai and jo exception tha wo bhi mention kar diya maine post me… the intelligent geek A

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