not a LovE story!!

7 May

This series is a co-authored one. I would just reveal the name of my co- author here, but not as to what relation we carry otherwise it would ruin the whole setup. He is Mayank Gupta, a blogger from Jaipur, pursuing engineering from MNIT.


Hmm… so this is a short- term love story of a girl and a boy ( ya.. in that sense its traditional). So, we start from a university. It has an engineering branch, law branch, and blah, blah, blah ( Blah..blah.. because others don’t matter here, and this is not the prospectus of that university). 


Well! In the law branch is a chatterbox girl, Vidhi, who would ask if you are on fb before she knows your name, is a stupid maniac who can probably discover or invent law violations out of anything. For ex- According to her in the movie  Hum Apke Hain Kaun, the dog was made to work against norms and some of the scenes were actually life- taking and so the film makers could have been sued on that ground and she wasted two hours of her IPC teacher to prove the point, using all the laws except IPC. She is a girl who doesn’t need a reason to laugh out loud. A girl whose God is Wikipedia and who has the skill to survive on maggi, all day long. She hates people who smoke and that was the reason, why she insisted her family to get her in hostel so that she can keep away from her own father who has the capacity to burn out Rs100 on a daily basis on cigarettes.


She has only one dilemma in life that she has no boyfriend, it pricks more when sometimes her classes are cancelled and she, like her other friends, has no one to go out with and have free lunch.


Now, talking about our engineering guy is Vidyut from the electrical engg. department who is rather chill about his life. Believes in taking one day at a time and apart from occasionally attending classes, he considers it right to invest his time sleeping. Nothing could please him more than a room with high speed net facility and a laptop with enough space to store his yearlong stock of movies and serials.


A typical engineer who fears losing the internet facility rather than facing semester exams. Who can survive on chai and sutta but fears mess food. But like any engineer fears the deadlines the most, still never does anything about it untill the penultimate day.


But he also has one worry in his life that even after passing one sem he still doesn’t have a girlfriend to brag about among his friends, who now either have started thinking that he is either gay or impotent.


So, we see, both  Vidhi and Vidyut  have one thing in common (although there are many, but lets restrict ourselves to the main common thing) and that is they are two single people, teenagers with raging hormones, dying to mingle.  They are desperate, but are they desperate enough to go out with people having totally different perspectives than theirs? We will see, in the next post. 



And to check out more about the real engineering guy, click the following link:


2 Responses to “not a LovE story!!”

  1. sharmavarun210varun May 8, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

    Vidyut from electrical! cool. lets see how much shock he can bear if vidhi becomes his girlfriend, like a passive circuit going to connect with a 440 V battery!

    • harshdamangal7 May 8, 2013 at 12:33 pm #

      hmm… quite impressive canvassing… i think i would use these lines in the next post of this series… 😛

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