A Wasted Sunday

21 Apr

HI…. Today, I wasted one more Sunday of my life. I went to give an exam. It was not connected to my academic curricula, but a time pass kind of exam, for which I had hardly prepared. Now, telling you about the exam will not make me happy, and I write to be happy, so I would rather talk about the experience.

I reached the exam center, well on time (half an hour early) and it took me about 5 minutes to cover a distance of almost 20 metres. I had to make my way towards the gate of the examination centre by asking to excuse me to about 15 people who were standing in the path of the gate and I as if it was trying to enter into a restricted area.

As the sun was scorching high, the authorities, preferred to take in people before time, before anyone starts falling because of dehydration.

I reached in the class and settled down at the designated chair. I trolled my eyes and saw two girls sitting in the first bench and 3-4 boys who were sitting in the last benches, gazing and to be precise, completely checking them out. The two girls got up after about 15 minutes and to everybody’s surprise, they were the invigilators. The boys in back were shocked, but tried to hide their laughter.

It felt like this

It felt like this

The girls turned into madams and they distributed the OMR answer sheet and after 10 minutes of the previous act, they gave the question paper. The exam started at the right time and I started feeling sleepy. Not because the paper was too easy, but it was exactly the converse of it. I started with my favorite section English and then reached Mental Ability. After that, I finished GK in almost 15 minutes and it took me accurately 20 minutes to solve 5 questions of Maths( yes, i attempted only 5 out of 50). The whole paper was finished half an hour before and I went through the paper once again. Tried to crack many questions which were left earlier and actually cracked few of them.

Its not funny when it actually happens

Its not funny when it actually happens

Well! the bell rang as a signal of time out. Everybody was in a hurry to reach their homes. I took all my belongings very diligently and came out of the examination hall. I saw my father, waiting for me with a glare of hope on his face, which disappointed me and my disappointed face, disappointed him, and we didn’t talked about the paper after that whole face recognition thing!!

Well! I don’t know if I’ll pass or not… chances are fair that i wouldn’t… but what difference does it make? It’s not necessary to pass every time… sometimes it’s ok to fail( this line helps when you know that you will definitely fail).

So, this Sunday was wasted this way… otherwise I would have ate my lunch and gone to hibernate for the whole afternoon, a better way to waste Sunday… πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰


8 Responses to “A Wasted Sunday”

  1. Sneh April 22, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    Gud one keep wastng sundays its realy worthy smtym:-D

  2. Sharmishtha Basu April 22, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    the url/link of the author’s blog is : theauthorsblogg.wordpress.com (note the double g- all good names are already taken in wordpress so…); you will see that they have contact details in the page – theauthorsblogg.wordpress.com/about/

  3. Sharmishtha Basu April 22, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    loved the post. your way of writing is very engaging!

  4. sharmavarun210varun April 24, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Dil ki baat keh di. but at least a better sunday than me. You wasted your sunday by doing something, I wasted my sunday by doing nothing.

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