Letters of Pappu and Champa- 7

14 Apr

After Champa’s previous letter, Pappu has taken a considerable amount of time to reply. Maybe, because he now knows that his love story is not going to be as smooth as he had wished and its time to take the matter seriously for the sake of his and Champa’s life…

Tune ab tak  jo darr dikhlaya

uska kissa ab samajh me aya

tune mujhko ab tak nahi jaana

saccha hun main tera deewana

tu auro ki baat chhor de

apne mann ki pehle sun le

saath agar tu hogi mere

sab cheezon se lad jaunga

pyaar agar hai mera saccha

tujhko, pakka main pa jaunga

apne dil se kar le yaari

chinta chhor ke apni saari

jo bhi ho faisla tera, bta dena

par pyaar ko duniya ke darr se haraa mat dena…

Now, here seems that Pappu has not said anything unusual, but if he stick to his words, then that would be somehow, unusual….




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